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  1. I had a 62 Ford station wagon in the late 60s. It had a round decorative piece with the handle to crank down the tailgate window in it. One day a gas station attendant had flipped the handle down and was wondering why he couldn't get the pump nozzle into it. Another time I was showing my 50 Austin A40 at a local nursing home.The leather seats were really ratty so I had covered them with K-Mart seat covers. A resident of the home commented that they dont make seats like that anymore.
  2. My 56 Ford backfired and started my oilbath aircleaner on fire as I was leaving the field at Hershey several years ago. One quick shot from the Halon fire extinguisher put it out. It barely moved the gauge. However I had to crank the engine quite a bit before it would start. I think the halon had to clear the cylinders. Can halon extinguishers still be bought? I thought cloroflourocarbons have been taken off the market.
  3. I just don't understand why anyone would pay a "buyers premium". What services are they performing for the buyer besides pushing them to bid higher. When watching that circus on TV I wonder about the level of intelligence of some of those people who allow themselves to be manipulated like that.
  4. I couldn't see wheather the truck had a load in it or not. But it looked like it had been carrying dirt.
  5. I was riding behind a dump truck yesterday that had the new antique plate on it. It looked more like a working truck than an antique.
  6. Site looks great, now all we need is the music.
  7. Great discussion topic, Howard. I can forsee many administrative problems with a class for these types of vehicles. There have been quite a number of cars that might fall into this category and they are very diverse. I remember a Cord replica that was about 3/4 size. The very pricey Dusenberg replica. The modern iteration of the Stutz. The Cobras would present a special problem. How would you determine whether it was built from a kit or was factory manufactured? Some manufacturers sell them both ways. I do believe that they are part of our automotive heritage though just as Model "T" and American La France speedsters are. It would take a real King Solomon to administer this class.
  8. I taught Auto Mechanics for 28 years and have many stories that fall into this category. One time two students were checking for a leak on an engine. The car was on jack stands one kid under the other looking down from the top. The kid underneath called out "hey Bob I found the leak". Bob answered "wheres it leaking?" "On my chest" came the answer.
  9. I also own a 56 Ford. I don't know of any modifications that will change the shift pattern. I suspect that would take a new valve body if it is even possible. Starting in second isn't really a problem unless you're trying to embarass someone at a stoplight.
  10. I think a Marquette was a car introduced by GM as a companion make to Buick.
  11. I drive all my cars everywhere. I put 60,000 miles on my 56 Ford Country Squire just doing shows and tours. My 67 Galaxie convertible has been on several 1200 mile tours and is a first junior winner at Hershey. I once took my 50 Austin A40 (50 mph, sometimes, lousy brakes etc.)on a 1000 mile tour. My 65 all origional T-bird is my current tour car. Actually every year the N.J. Region takes a 9 day tour and the only time I've ever seen a trailer in 24 years is if there was a serious breakdown that couldn't be fixed enroute. On this tour I've seen some very old cars. A 1919 Buick, model Ts and As several other cars from the 20s and 30s. Some of these cars are national winners. It can be done if you want to.
  12. I got mine on the 26th one day after my son got his. He lives 5 minutes from me on the other side of the hill. Actually I'm very happy to see the cover picture of my buddy Gene's car on the cover. The picture was taken in his front yard. He has a great view of the Green Mtn's in Vermont. I was also mentioned in the article inside as I did the wiring and some of the assembly on the car.
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