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  1. FlyByNite

    Starting problem

    What year, and have you checked for error codes? Enjoy FlyByNite
  2. FlyByNite

    Bengal and Velite

    This thread has links to pix and info. If you back up to the Buick forum, there is a subforum for Reattas. Enjoy FlyByNite
  3. FlyByNite

    1989 reatta headlight problem

    Go HERE. it's probably bellcranks, Barney has developed a new improved replacement. Enjoy FlyByNite
  4. FlyByNite

    16 way not working

    Sounds like crud in the connectors. Break the wiring connections under the seat clean them up, reconnect. It will take less than half an hour and cost zilch. Enjoy FlyByNite
  5. FlyByNite

    Brake Test Results, Help Everyone

    Try swapping the relays around, you may have a bad one. An $8 relay is much better than a new ( rebuilt ) pump.
  6. FlyByNite

    2 items.....idle and door lock

    Cleaning the IAC will fix the idle a lot of times. Enjoy FlyByNite
  7. FlyByNite

    Help no brakes/no car

    I guess you have never performed the brake test at Enjoy FlyByNite
  8. FlyByNite


    Did you increase the search range to something more than 1 week? I would imagine just about any auto upholstery shop could come up with a real close match. Other than that, a fabric store would be a good place to check. Enjoy FlyByNite
  9. FlyByNite

    head lamp repair

    THIS is probably what you are looking for. Enjoy FlyByNite
  10. FlyByNite

    Poor Mileage

    I would try cleaning the IAC, did wonders on my Reatta. Enjoy FlyByNite
  11. Go here do the brake test and post results back here for diagnosis. could be a relay or accumulator. Enjoy FlyByNite
  12. FlyByNite


    Go here click brakes in the left frame and do the break test. Report results back here for expert diagnosis. Good possibility for the light is a bad relay. All this will be explained at the above site. Enjoy FlyByNite
  13. FlyByNite

    88 Reatta Brakes

    Go here click brakes and do the test. Enjoy FlyByNite
  14. FlyByNite

    90 convt. tale player

    With minimal talent you can do it yourself, look HERE . Enjoy FlyByNite
  15. FlyByNite


    Go here , do the break test. Enjoy FlyByNite