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  1. I stopped and looked at a 70 Century Gran Sport along the road today. If anyone is interested let me know and I can have the man that painted my 55 look at it for you and check how deep the rust is. He is only a quarter mile from the car. Here are a few pictures.
  2. Went to the poker run and cruise night in Canton SD tonight. While there I saw a very nice 72 Skylark Custom Convertible and a beautiful 73 Centuion 2 door hardtop. I had a very nice conversation with the owner of the Centurion and told him he should check out the BCA. I took a couple pictures of my cars. We drove the Skylark and my daughters and son were in the 55.
  3. Yesterday traveling on I80 in Indiana we were passed by a small SUV. The man in the passenger seat looked very upset and he had a fairly large suitecase on his lap. I couldn't see in the side windows but as they passed I could see in the rear window and it was stacked to the ceiling with suite cases. The wife must have had a complete change of clothes for each meal of the day.
  4. Thanks you learn something everyday.
  5. My 55 Special was bouncy in the rear and I filled the shock with shock oil and it rides very good now.
  6. I saw this on I80 in Ohio this morning and have no idea.
  7. If I remember right the Century's used by the CHP were built just for that purpose and not offered to the general public for sale. They were essentially a Special 2 door sedan with the big motor.
  8. Last week we delivered in Salisbury NC on Monday less than 100 miles from Concord NC this morning (Sunday) we are delivering at Food Lion in Dunn NC less than 200 miles away and we load in Durham in the morning. So close and yet so far away. We would have take a few days offIt and come down to Concord but we finally close on our New house and move in this Wednesday. Have fun and think about us moving while you bs with each other. Its supposed to be around 90 with high humidity all week at home.
  9. Sadly right now we are unloading in Salisbury NC just 31 miles from the host hotel.
  10. South Bend, I dont know why I was thinking Indy. We go through South Bend sometimes 4 times a week.
  11. I canceled my reservations and my wife and I have sadly given up any hope of getting to Concord for the Nationals. We still have not gotten into a house yet and it looks now like if we do finally get the job done we will be moving in while you all party like its 1954. Hopefully next year we can get to Indy with the 55.
  12. I was online this morning canceling reservations I had made for the trip to Concord this summer and I accidently canceled the reservation for the host hotel. I want to keep that until i know for sure we will not be able to show up in our truck for the meet and I immeadialty called the hotel to undo my mistake. Well they transfered me to what ended up being a call center in Asia and they were impossible to deal with. I called back to the hotel and talked to someone there and they were very helpful and got things straightened out. Yeah i think we should reward our corporations for shipping jobs overseas by giving them even more tax breaks-----NOT. Once we find out whether we can be there I will talk to Brian and let him know if we aren't and he can make sure a BCA members gets out room.
  13. Cant beleive he hasn't sold it yet. If we had our house bought and moved into and that all handled I would really be interested. If there is one car I would like to ad to the stable once we have some more room its a convertable and we get to Ga all the time so if its drivable we could easily pick it up. The price seems very good for a vert.
  14. Happy Birthday Roberta 39 again isn't it. Aint Facebook grand
  15. Not sure what shipping would be but check with Wheatbelt Auto. I got a good one from Ken for my 55.
  16. Well we have officially been homeless since May 4. We are staying in a extended stay hotel when we are home and have had a contract on a house not far from where we lived before. There have been some issues with the fact the home we are trying to purchase has 2 addresses and we hope we can get it all worked out. We were trying to close on or before June 1 but now that doesn't look possible. The house we are looking at has a one car attached garage but also has a 20 X 38 shop that is insultated, wired for a welder and tall enough to put in a hoist as well as up stairs storage. It also has another 28 X 36 garage so there is a lot of room for my fleet of cars. Hopefully we can get everything straightened out soon, unless Mr Earl gets his plan off the ground early so we can move in there.
  17. Nice to be able to talk to all the other cars on tours we used them on BDE tours and could chat amongst ourselves
  18. We moved the cars to new storage at a freinds home and moved out of our house Yesterday (Thursday). Closed on the sale of our home this morning and we are now officially homeless, the first time in 30 years we haven't owned a home, and the search continues. Here are a couple pictures of me gassing up the 29 for the move
  19. I swore I wouldn't miss this years nationals but (theres always a but) we just sold our home answer haven't bought another. We had offers on a couple but they were sold to other buyers. The problem is that we wanted to make sure our house sold before we bought and we want a home with storage for our cars or room and local laws that let us build it. Right now it it looks like things are going to tun right into nationals time. Even if we come out in the truck we will only be able to stay for a day so we will be giving up are room at Concord.
  20. I took my wiper control out the other day. As usual only home for a few hours so in a hurry, the center came out easily then I looked inside and saw the nut (I thought) and I grabbed my 1/4 rachet and a socket and promptly broke the end of the cable off where it hooks to the gear. THEN I looked in and saw how it really comes apart. I have a call into Ken at wheatbelt but he is on a well deserved vacation so I am asking if any one here might have one.
  21. The speedometer in my 58 works, kind of. It can stick at 10 or 20 mph when stopped then when you start to drive it will go up and then stick around 50, sometimes it will go up to the correct speed sometimes not and sometimes it returns to zero. I am assuming something is sticking and wondering if it is possible to lube it somehow rather that to remove it and send it in for repairs. This speedometer does have the speed minder options.
  22. I took off the wiper motor on the 55 today and it seems to be fine. The cable going to the switch is not working as far as I can tell. Is there a way to get the switch out of the dash. My speedometer is also making noise and bouncing when I drive so I was wondering how hard it might be to take out the speedometer and try to lube it and then maybe reach in through that hole to get to the cable and switch.
  23. I remember seeing the Wildcat at the Chicago Auto show in 2005 and meeting Joe Bortz in person. Wonderful man very happy to talk about his car. A freind and I were walking past the exhibit and I started to tell him what little I knew about the Wildcat and and Joe just kind of appeared out of no where. One of those events I will treasure as long as I live.
  24. We replaced the accumulator and it worked for a couple months then replaced the pressure switch and the light went out and the brakes worked fine for a day. Now the light will come on and go off intermitently and the brakes get hard also. Any ideas.
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