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  1. more to come as I get time
  2. OK finally got the pictures downloaded onto the computer. They aren't super clear taken with my phone and they are in no particular order. I will try to match the information boards with the picture but no promises.
  3. Hope to get to the breakfast. Tina is doing well, no hurry or real worry at this time. Just going to have to happen eventually. Thanks for asking.
  4. Well we've been past South Bend 4 times in the last couple weeks but right now it looks like that might be as close as we get to the Nationals. Maybe ee can work it out to stop and see everyone on our way through
  5. Well after being on the road for a month we got home early Saturday morning. I had an appointment to get the 55 worked on this morning and when I left to drive to the shop it started to rain lightly. Well once I was a little over half way to the shop it turned to freezing rain and of course I can't seem to get the heater to heat. After stopping to clean the windshield 3 times I arrived at the shop. I took a couple pictures of the ice on the car and of the roads on the way home. I want to go back to California.
  6. On the road again. 6pm Tuesday finally out of the shop just west of Indianapolis now its time for me to drive. Headed to Kansas right into the winter storm. Oh by the way we have a load of New empty battery cases floor to roof front to back full.
  7. We are still waiting for our truck. Yesterday we were told it would be done by 10 pm so after sitting in the drivers lounge for hours (Webster's definition of drivers lounge, 4 hard chairs, a TV with 1 channel that is either too loud or you can't hear, and one over priced vending machine with nothing but candy) we were told they were missing parts. Back to the hotel, now supposed to have parts by 9 am done at noon. We'll see.
  8. We got to the AACA museum yesterday and took a lot of pictures. Had a great time but couldn't get the pictures downloaded that I wanted to. Will add some when I have more time to play with getting them done. I know a lot of members here are interested in Flixible and they have a Flixible bus on display.
  9. Will get some pictures if the museum. Going to have to let mother decide whats next. At the Plain and Fancy we ate family style with 2 other couple we didn't know and had a great time. We did get some kind of very good sausage with the meal and shoe fly pie for desert. Very good.
  10. Well our truck broke down Thursday and they still don't have parts so we are stuck in Harrisburg for the weekend. 2013 Freightliner and the radiator split open, I guess they just issued a recall on this part so its an ongoing problem. Anyway were are about 2 weeks to early for the big spring show at Carlisle but we did rent a car today and do a little antique hunting and stopped at Plain and Fancy and had a very enjoyable dinner. Tomorrow we will be going to the AACA museum and a little more touring of the area. Thank goodness the company we work for pays us for being broke down equal to what we would be making driving.
  11. I have listed the Skylark on Ebay. Its not the best ad I have ever put on but wanted to stick my toe in the water and see if there was any interest. I should get an ad in the Bugle but would like to get a picture ad and not sure I have any that are good enough. Here is the link to my Skylark. Buick : Skylark Base in Buick | eBay Motors
  12. Some not very good pictures of our 70 Skylark
  13. Not life threatening at this time but will need to be done this year. Insurance is exprensive and a crapshoot on what they will pay for.
  14. I am going to sell my 1970 Buick Riviera and 1970 Buick Skylark 2 door sedan (post) I don't have a lot of pictures of either car at this time but as soon as weather permits I will take more. I am asking $10,000 for each car. I would get in either car and drive anywhere. For complete information contact me with pm here. Both cars are in eastern South Dakota and I might be able to deliver to you depending on where you live.
  15. Most likely if its a Skylark and the original motor its a 350 Buick. For a few years they used the 250 Chevy inline 6 but not sure if that went as late as 72. Doubt its a 455 unless someone swapped it out or its a GS
  16. We get all over the trick is to have time to stop and smell the roses. Usually not but if I do I will always be glad to look up the best people in the world. Buick people. We go our new truck with 22 miles on it on September 1st 2012 and just turned over to 109,500 yesterday so we don't let too much grass grow under our feet. If we get to your area and have a few hours look for us to say hi.
  17. The top one was this morning near Cameron Missouri. The bottom was from Monteagle Tennessee yesterday on our way to Georgia.
  18. 35 years of driving and I have never taken any pictures. 6 months ago I started taking pictures of dawn each day we are on the road and its possible.I would like to share some with you when I can.
  19. We are just a few miles from his home and have a few hours to kill. Would really like to get in touch with him and buy him dinner. Just send me a private message if you do,
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