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  1. There are many pictures on this forum under my handle sintid58 as well as detailed descriptions of each car.
  2. No questions no offers no one saying the prices are to high? I put the Riviera on eBay with a $3000 starting bid (higher reserve) not even one bid. Makes me wish I was collecting bow ties.
  3. Nada Guide shows average retail $21,200 high retail over $30,000. I am now asking $20,000.
  4. I finally got a chance to look at NADA Classic Car Guide and it shows average retail for the 29 is $11,900 so I am lowering the asking price to $11,000. Wish I could get my hands on a recent classic Car guide.
  5. The price on the Riviera is now $7,000 and the Skylark is 7,500
  6. This is a very unusual Special. It has all the Century chrome trim on the outside plus factory air conditioning, power steering, power brakes and speed minder. I purchased this car from the original owners grandson and he had never changed the title to from his grandfathers name. The car was purchased new in Guymon Oklahoma and spent almost its entire life in Liberal Kansas, no rust ever. There are a few issues, the A/C compressor will only turn about 1/4 turn, the front carpet was replace for some reason and there is an odd looking seem on the transmission tunnel. The windshield has a crack as does the right rear window, and it does need lower ball joints. The front fenders have some marks on them on the one side it looks like some ATF may have been spilled on it and the other has some scratches. The man who originally owned it also got in the back seat with a screw driver in his pocket and damaged the seat. I am asking $14,000 the car is in eastern South Dakota and I can store it for you for up to 6 months free. Talk to me about the possibility of help with delivery.
  7. This car has recently had major work done to the body as well as, new brakes, drums, wheel cylinders and master cylinder. Chrome was redone and stainless straightened and polished, engine replaced with a low mileage 264, checked compression and all cylinders were within 5 lbs of factory specs before it was run. Transmission was rebuilt by very good local shop. The interior is original and not in bad condition and the original trunk liner is in it. All the lights work as does the clock and the radio, the dimmer switch was replaced and I replaced and the inner and outer rear wheel bearings. Price $22,000 cars is in eastern South Dakota and I will store it for up to six months free. I may be able to help deliver but that will have to be worked out.
  8. The only wood I can find that is not very solid is on the running boards shown in the pictures.
  9. Asking $15,000 car is located in eastern South Dakota in good dry storage and I will store it for you for 6 months for free. We can talk about options for delivery. I will think about reasonable offers.
  10. 1958 Buick Special4 door sedan highly optioned car with factory air, 14,000 runs and drives great. 1965 GMC half ton short box step side pick. Has big window cab and 454 Chevy motor, run and drives good uses some oil, 6,500 1970 Skylark2 dr sedan factory air drive anywhere, 7,500 1970 Riviera 62,000 miles everything works drive anywhere, 7,000 1990 Reatta, Maui blue factory Sun roof, 173,000 miles, runs like a 3800 should drives great, 2500
  11. I would like to sell at least 2. I have pictures and better descriptions but am doing this on my phone. All cars are located in good dry storage in Southeast South Dakota and there will be no big hurry to move them. Also it may be possible for me to deliver them but that. Will have to be negotiated. 1929 Buick model 116 very good driver, 15,000 1955 Buick Special model 46 2 door Hardtop. Lots of work just done. Runs and drives great, 22,000
  12. The engine was rebuilt when I bought the car and has about 20,000 miles on the rebuild. The transmission was rebuilt about 2500 miles back. The rear bumper was rechromed but not the front. It is the original color both inside and out I do have the Build sheet as well as the protecto plate and some other original paperwork. The tach was put in by the previous owner and has never worked and the previous owner added gauges to replace the temp and oil pressure lights and they do work. Yes the gears in the rear end are stock and they are 2.73 ratio.
  13. Thank you Lamar, I thought a long time before posting this but know there are a lot of people on here that know both of us. I felt I wanted to let them know about our decision and hope to continue in the club.
  14. I have relisted the Skylark on Ebay and dropped the reserve $1000.00
  15. Well I will consider any reasonable offers at this time. Espescially on the Skylark. I think I am keeping the Riviera there doesn't seem to be much interest in it on ebay and I can't give it away. Didn't even get a bid at $5000 starting price.
  16. I have been trying to get on the Buick Forums from the regular BCA site an d can not access it for some reason. The only way I got on it today was by going to the AACA.ORG site and then accessing the Buick General.
  17. Many of you know my wife Tina and have met her at different meets. After 32 years of mostly wonderful married life and raising 3 great children we have decided to divorce. Although we care for each other we are not able to continue as a married couple. We have been working towards this for sometime and we are working very hard at keeping things as friendly as possible. In fact as odd as it sounds we plan on continuing to drive together as long as it is possible because we get along very well in the truck and do a very good job together. We have set up a plan for splitting the property fairly and each are going to keep some of the Buicks. She still wants to have her weight loss surgery which is why we were trying to sell the cars, although we have not had any luck selling them. She will keep the Skylark and is interesting selling it at this time. We both hope that all our Buick friends will continue to welcome both of us to events in the future.
  18. Doing the great race is a dream of mine. Not sure if it'll ever happen but think it would be great to drive my 1929 Model 116 in the race. Maybe you can help me out on that Mike.
  19. I have listed both cars on ebay with a lot more pictures. The Riviera is under listing number 290925841486 and the Skylark is at 290925817736. Got a lot of lookers no bidders so far. Maybe I'll have to try one of the other cars. It took us a month to decide on these 2.
  20. I don't know why but the pictures don't seem to be downloading onto the BCA website in the same order I am entering them from my computer.
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