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  1. Quick rundown so far. Left yesterday at 5:30 pm from Sioux Falls. Got to Helena at about 6:30 this morning central time. 894 miles. The guy that had the car was very nice and even put the car on the hoist for me to look at. The manual transmission is a joy to drive and the little V6 really seems peppy with it. Right now I'm about 300 miles from home and its 8:15 pm central time. Going to grab a nap in the back and then head the rest of the way home. The car has been running great and I'm really happy with the gas mileage. The first tank was all mountain driving and we did a ppretty steady 70 mph most of the time. That tank averaged just under 25 mpg. The 2nd tank was still quite a bit of mountain but a little slower because of more 2 lane and the little 6 was right at 26 mpg. I'm curious what the rest of the trip will do now that we're out of the mountains. The car has the usual scars of a 51 year old but nothing major. I'll put my pictures in tomorrow.
  2. I like my Kia, its got the six speed manual transmission and I really like that.
  3. Here in Helena at the mans garage waiting for him to show up. 14 hours total. Hope the trip home goes as well.
  4. I'll be taking pictures when we pickup.
  5. We left Sioux Falls around 5:30 this afternoon headed to Helena Montana to drive the 63 Special wagon home. 895 miles each way. My co-pilot thinks I'm nuts but hoping to be there early in the morning and get a bit back this way before we stop to rest. Shooting to be home by Saturday noon. Got the tool box packed hope we don't need it. Will keep you posted.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Buick friends
  7. One thing I like a lot about the car is that its supposed to be original. And it will stay that way.
  8. I need to sell my 1990 Reatta. It has some brake issues hard pedal and lights on the dash are on and one of the headlight motors will not shut off. Very good tire Maui Blue Factory sunroof interior nice and clean. Car is in Southeastern South Dakota and I am asking $1000 for it. I simply do not have room for this car and hate to park it outside. I am not home but will try to dig up some pictures of it in the next few days. Anyone interested please contact me at roadmaster29@gmail.com
  9. Having just gotten rid of the 29 and feeling down about it and loosing the 55 and the skylark to my ex-wife you would think I would know better. I have always wanted a 65 Special wagon with a Fireball V6 in it. I grew up and learned to drive in one but they are nearly impossible to find. A few years ago there was one in Flagstaff Arizona in poor to fair condition but the price was right but the time was not. Well I found a 63 wagon with a V6 and 3 speed manual transmission and made the deal to buy it. NOW I have to get it home from Helena Montana. The guy swears its very original and all tuned up and ready to go so Thankgiving weekend my son and I are headed to Helena in my little Soul to pickup the car. Wish us luck I'm planning on packing up any parts I can scrounge up and maybe picking up a few. The man owns a shop in Helena and says the car was purchased new there and been there all its life. All the original paperwork is with it and owners manual and it only has 76,000 miles on it. If things work out I plan on bringing it to Springfield and entering it.
  10. Every time I look at that truck I like it more. But I keep thinking when I am I going to have time to polish. And yes there are a few chrome baubles I want to ad believe it or not. As far as Snowmans trailer in 1980 I owned a pretty nice truck and a man by the name of Red Hahn painted 3 murals on it for me. It was kind of a sand colored truck and on the rear of the cab he painted a picture of the Devils tower. On either side of the hood he painted a desert scene with a stage coach going full out being chased by bandits. Supposedly he was the same man that painted Snowmans tractor and trailer. I was never able to verify that. If I run across some pictures of that truck I will post them.
  11. I owned one of these. I bought it at a used car dealer in Sioux City Iowa with the idea of restoring it to go along with my 70 GSX. The one I had was white with red bucket seat interior and the console. It was mechanically sound but pretty rusty. I think I paid $1000 for it in around 1990 and ended up selling it to my dad. He drove it into the ground and after the turbo went out it went to the junk yard. Don't think they will ever be worth a ton of money but really wish I had preserved it somehow.
  12. Got a new truck a few weeks back. It has portholes not added on but from the factory 6 on each side. Here are a couple pictures
  13. I am having brake problems again with my 90 Reatta. Same problem as before hard pedal lights on dash are on. Got a used part from Jim Finn a few years back and at the time he said he was out of them. I don't remember what it was but if anyone out there has the needed part let me know. Also one front headlight motor seems to have shorted out and just keeps running until the battery is dead. I unplugged it and am opening it manually, anyone got any answers to this.
  14. My 1929 Buick has been sold. Its going to Sweden. I hate to see it go
  15. This car has been sold. Its going to Sweden. It will be missed
  16. I have posted my 29 model 27 in the buy sell forum as well as on eBay. If anyone is interested contact me at roadmaster29@gmail.com
  17. I did list this on Ebay with the $12,000 reserve. Will take less from BCA member. I'll be broken hearted if someone buys it to hot rod.
  18. Trying it again. I am trying to sell my 1929 Buick Model 27. It is a very good driver and I have put almost 400 miles on it this summer. Newer paint that's not perfect but very presentable, original interior. Rear carpet is good but front floor mat is gone. Very good wood on the body. The doors don't sag at all and open and close like new. One rear window has a crack and all windows except windshield work as they should. Starts like a new car even in the dead of winter. Everything works as it should except for the dim lights. Has working heater and master shut off switch. 2 of the 3 original window shades are working order the 3rd someone pulled down and off the roller but I think it will work. The rubber mats on the running boards have small holes in and it shows that some of the boards are getting bad in the front of the running boards. New rear tires and new tubes. The car is located in Southeastern South Dakota. Please do not send any messages to me at the BCA site. Use my email address and I will get back to you asap. roadmaster29@gmail.com I love this car and really hate to sell it but need to thin the herd. Asking $12,500 OBO
  19. Thinking of you Roberta. No one better showing the Buick spirit.
  20. I did put pictures on the prewar forum. Plan to ad some here also but we left Sioux city at 7:45 this morning got home with the 29 at 10:15 and were in the truck headed to Chicago by noon. Play today to pay tomorrow. :-)
  21. I drove the 29 on a tour this weekend and we had a great time. She ran like a top and weput on around 350 miles driving to and from the tour and the tour itself. She also won 2nd prize trophy in club votes for best car. We were pretty happy considering that in 37 years of owning collectable Buicks this is only the third trophy we have brought home. None of them came from any part of the BCA. Maybe I'm collecting the wrong brand of cars.
  22. The spare tire rim on my 29-27 is bent bad enough that I can not put it on the car. It looks to me like someone got carried away with a jack spreading the rim while changing tires. Does anyone have a rim to sell for this car. The tire size is 5.50 x 20 and it has wooden artillery wheels. I dont know if there is anyway to straighten these or not. I was told that this tire size was one year only?
  23. I drove my 1929 model 27 to Sioux City Iowa Friday for the Sooland Car Collector tour. We drove from Lennox SD to Sioux Falls then to Sioux City and on the tour then back to Lennox covering around 350 miles. She ran great all weekend without even a backfire. Saturday night we found out she had won 2nd place in the favorite car voting and she hauled the trophy home with pride. The weather was near perfect and as usual the car people were great.
  24. Thank you so much Lamar. Its always a pleasure.
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