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  1. First $1300 cash owns it. I just dont have anywhere for it.
  2. Hmm, i think Suzanne needs to keep an eye on you. I never even noticed that. :-)
  3. You can show her the pinup girl has pockets. Clearly visible. I had a nice chat with her and she seemed very nice and took a little extra time to visit with this old man.
  4. Getting ready for my annual trek to the bike eally in Sturgis South Dakota. I stay at the Buffalo Chip campground, not the nicest campground but the naughtiest and the best bands. I hate trying to leave after seeing ZZ top at midnight on my bike. Two weekends ago I was a a biker night in Sioux City and I ran into some of the Chipsters. 2 of them work at one of the full service bike washes and they all help out at the bars. The one alone with me is a calendar/pinup girl. Of course they couldn't resist my animal magnatism. Oh and a picture of my Harley.
  5. I've been slowly making improvements on my 65 GMC. I'm using it as my daily driver while working on it. It has a 454 in it that iI hope to replace with a Buick 455 or nailhead in time. The rear end was replace with a newer posi unit that is geared much better and I put taller tires on it and now it cruises easily at 70 mph running just 2600 rpm. I've been averaging 13.5 which isn't bad considering it has a big Edlebrock carb on top of that big block. I also mounted a 22 gallon gas tank on the rear of the frame getting the 16 gallon bomb out of the cab. Not quite sure why those ppictures are inside down. I even went into my picture gallery and rotated them and they still show up the same.
  6. Please sell details in buy sell forum
  7. The brakes are repaired replaced the relay on the fire wall and added some brake fluid (after pumping the brakes 25 times) and the lights are out and the brakes work great.
  8. Still trying to sell my !990 Maui blue Reatta. 173,000 miles runs good but has brake issue I am working on. $1500 cash as is. Had it out and drove it the other day and started right up after sitting over a year drives great. The car is in Southeaster South Dakota and it may be possible to deliver between South Dakota and Southern California. I did not get a chance to wash the car.
  9. March is the last month that I have so April until now would be what I need. Thanks
  10. I have sent 3 or 4 messages to the office using the email address listed and not received a reply or my magazines for several months. I am not sure why but it could easily be on my end.
  11. No, South Dakota not sure what's with the time.
  12. My 1990 Reatta has both the anti lock and brake lights on. The last time this happened it was an valve I got from Jim Finn. I'm pretty sure its the same problem again. Is there any one that has one of these parts or knows where or how to fix this so I can drive the car.
  13. Pretty sure the ball joints are original because they are riveted in place. Just wondering if I should be aware of any pitfalls before I tackle this job myself. Looks pretty straight forward and I was going to do it this weekend but needed a new wheel for my grinder and was thinking I may need a pickle fork and not sure what size.
  14. I am looking for an air conditioner pump for my 58. The one I have will turn about half a revolution so I am not sure if it can be rebuilt or not. If there is a possibility of getting it repaired let me know of someone that can do it. The Model number is 5911159. I am going to try and attach a couple pictures.
  15. Car is sold, going to a young man in Ohio.
  16. I need to sell my 1970 Riviera. I have had it listed last year and kept it but am losing storage so will try once again. This car is all original except for one repaint. Vinyl roof and interior in very good shape runs and drives very good also. The car has rim activated horn, rear window defrost, power window, seat, steering, and brakes as well as A/C and everything works as new. It has 62560 original miles new radial tires and al the fluids are up to date. The car is near Sioux Falls SD and you can fly in and drive it home, there are no issues with this car and there has never been any rust or major repairs anywhere. The only reason we painted it was because the original owner lived on a gravel road and it had a lot of chips in the lower half of the body. Any questions just ask. We drove it to the BCA National in Danvers Ma a few years back and the only issue was a burned out HVAC fan that we replaced on the show field. I am asking $8500 but reasonable offers will be considered. Email me at roadmaster29@gmail.com
  17. My parents bought a 2011 La Crosse and it just sits in the garage because they hate the headrests. I looked for a way to turn them around take them out or move them back but see no way to change this. I know this is a safety issue but does anyone know of a way to fix this. Even my Kia Soul has headrests that move ahead during an accident and lock so you don't have to be uncomfortable. I hate to see this nice car sit. Mom wants to sell it but dad has Alzheimer's and won't hear of it
  18. Of course I am on the road and just happen to be sitting in a traffic jam caused by a drunk driver. 4 ambulances so far. Everyone please be safe and courteous to others and have a great new years.
  19. The Kia was very inexpensive less than $150 per month for 3 year lease and I traded in a rusted out Focus that I only paid $1500 f0r 3 years ago. Enough about the Kia it seems to be a good car and I enjoy it.
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