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  1. Hmm, i think Suzanne needs to keep an eye on you. I never even noticed that. :-)
  2. You can show her the pinup girl has pockets. Clearly visible. I had a nice chat with her and she seemed very nice and took a little extra time to visit with this old man.
  3. Getting ready for my annual trek to the bike eally in Sturgis South Dakota. I stay at the Buffalo Chip campground, not the nicest campground but the naughtiest and the best bands. I hate trying to leave after seeing ZZ top at midnight on my bike. Two weekends ago I was a a biker night in Sioux City and I ran into some of the Chipsters. 2 of them work at one of the full service bike washes and they all help out at the bars. The one alone with me is a calendar/pinup girl. Of course they couldn't resist my animal magnatism. Oh and a picture of my Harley.
  4. I've been slowly making improvements on my 65 GMC. I'm using it as my daily driver while working on it. It has a 454 in it that iI hope to replace with a Buick 455 or nailhead in time. The rear end was replace with a newer posi unit that is geared much better and I put taller tires on it and now it cruises easily at 70 mph running just 2600 rpm. I've been averaging 13.5 which isn't bad considering it has a big Edlebrock carb on top of that big block. I also mounted a 22 gallon gas tank on the rear of the frame getting the 16 gallon bomb out of the cab. Not quite sure why those ppictures are in
  5. Pretty warm here for the time of the year mid 80's yesterday but the big news around here is the record flooding on the Missouri river. Big part of the reason for flooding is the Corp of engineers is more worried about a couple of endangered birds than the people the damns were built to protect.
  6. Walking through one of the larger truck stop chain stores the other night and there it was on the shelf. Spam in all its glory, 3 different flavors.
  7. and now for something completely different (Monty Python)
  8. I have thought about getting from 5 cars to 2 but can not decide what to get rid of. Then I usually find aomething else I want to buy and just give up.
  9. I got an Ipod for xmas from my wife. It is perfect for music in the truck and see a lot of use. Of course with the noise going down the road you wouldn't notice if it was perfect or not.
  10. I have 2 1970 cars a 70 Riviera and a 70 Skylark. Yes the shoulder belts are poorly designed and uncomfortable but I have found there are holders available that hooks the two belts together that doees help this have made it my habit to always wear my seat belts. My 58 does have lap belts but the 55 has nothing and I feel uncomfortable driving it. When I get the floors repaired it will get lap belts put in it.
  11. Hi I am Sid, my wife and I have one or two Buick of various vintages. I want some pie.
  12. I agree with Brian and have found this forum and the BCA members a source of parts and advice that would be hard to do without. I am paid up through 2012 and will renew again. Many people spend $50 a week on cigarettes and beer and think nothing of it, $50 a year is a small price to pay for everything this club has to offer.
  13. When I was first out of Vocational school I bought a 73 Kingswood wagon that had belonged to a school district. The car was not in real good shape but ran very well, but the time I had it I could never get the tailgate to work. It was pretty plain with a third seat and a/c with a 350 2bbl. I had been given some headers by a freind and had another freind that worked at an exhaust shop where they bent systems. One night we went there and put on the hearders and ran 3" pipes with thrush mufflers to the back bumpers and them put turn down on the end. That car really sounded great and we used to go
  14. As far as TV I have seen in at least a couple CSI shows where Detective Jim Brass is driving a Park Avenue.
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