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  1. I gave twenty dollars for it back about 15 years ago. So $20.00 plus shipping. send me your email and I can send pictures.
  2. I have a new in the box a 1966 Buick Wildcat Two door Model car made by Hasegawa. It's a 1:24 scale model, comes with a new tube of testors cemet. It is molded in an off white color. Asking price $20.00 - shipping But will consider offers.
  3. I'm pretty sure have one that would have to be rechomed
  4. For your information the parts are from a Wildcat, I have other parts that may interchange.
  5. Still have them, I will need to check to see what other parts from a 66 LaSabre that I parted out would fit.
  6. I may be interested in the 58 upholstery book IF the price isn't too high' JBW BCA#35761
  7. The inner fenders are still here! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner! JBW BCA#35761
  8. I recently bought a 1958 Buick Special model 48. I will need a dash, also the bullnose that fits on the dash, that goes from door to door. I will also need a air filter for a four barrel, could use a newer one that uses paper filter. I'm trying to find some of the parts that I know I will need. It will be a while before I will have time to check the whole thing out.
  9. 31st edition Hollander Interchange list- 55 Buick Special std trans, ----681 55 Buick Special Dyanflow----- 682 with air cond.-------------------684 the same for 54 Buick Special. and when I checked on interchange there is NONE, only 54 & 55 Buick Special!!! So old tank is right on the money!
  10. Michael I have a 58 special model 48, that needs a headliner. What color is the material you have,and what would you charge for enough to do the job? JBW BCA#35761
  11. I have a 1958 Special, but I'm changing to a newer size battery, IF you want or still one just let me know!!
  12. I Have for sale a 1954 Buick Master Chassis Parts Book. The original cover was missing the back, so I repaired the cover, and had it professionaly laminated. I'm asking $95.00 here. IF I don't get a response, I will list it on ebay. I will be getting pictures!
  13. I have bought the 1958 Buick Master Chassis and body book. So now I can sell the 1954 Buick Master Chassis parts book that I have! It covers 1928 thru 1954
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