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  1. Mmmmm.... No, I for one certainly never noticed..... I wonder what purpose this serves and how it would be of any use to anybody??? I am sure a techy type can put us in the picture <img src="" alt="" />
  2. Well...... If <span style="font-style: italic">I</span> had a car with a motor such as this i would definately use one of the premium unleaded fuels with..... perhaps a fuel additive and i reckon it would run just fine.... <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> Oh......WAIT A MINUTE.... it <span style="font-weight: bold">IS</span> my old motor <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> I am glad you are enjoying the old gal Del and that she is getting out to the odd show or three??? Funnily enough i am off to Worthing sunny Sunday tommorrow, and it will seem funny going in another car!! You have found your way to a very good forum, in the AACA Del..and you will find a wealth of good information from these i did when i had her in bits <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> Enjoy.... Trevor.... '64 le sabre.... gone to pastures new!
  3. Joe..., Assuming that it is the same process as the B U I C K script across my Le sabre trunk lid, then you are correct.. as they DO push in <img src="" alt="" /> Each hole in the trunk lid (little square hole), will have a little plastic plug which...for want of a better description... is top hat shaped to prevent it going right through. In each plastic plug is a round hole to accept one of the two, or perhaps three, round pins cast into the back of each letter! After finding out this, i gently pried each letter out, keeping it "square" to the sheetmetal, with a very wide, and ground thinner screwdriver... I actually had to make a couple of replacements, and i made them out of aluminum, and spent a good while drilling and shaping to match, and if you have to do this, then drill the hole for the letter pin FIRST and then file and shape towards the hole as it is nigh on impossible to drill the weeny little block centrally!!! <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> One more thing...remember to make it JUST small enough to push in AFTER paint as you don't want to be chipping that new paint and perhaps starting a rust spot under the letter!!! They will be perfectly re-usable, Joe, as they have "smooth ridges" rather than mad barbs of any kind!! <img src="" alt="" /> I hope this helps, and good luck!!! Trevor..... <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> ( just to comment on 64 Wildcat's above post...he is right' as in the hood IS speednuts, but the trunk is as i have explained!!)
  4. Hi Peter..., Thanks for having a quick type... <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> I am fine..usual aches and pains.. 25 years of high level running does that to you!!!! I will always have my daily look around this forum, as there is always so much of interest and so much to learn and you guys have always come up with a solution to any problems of mine..... BUT.... i have sold my '64 le sabre to a deserving and enthusiastic new owner in Surrey... which is about an hour and a halfs drive from me so, i may see her at shows in the future, but i just did not have the time to enjoy her and get out and about in her as much as i would have liked!! <img src="" alt="" /> I got a good price, and i know that the guy is genuine and will not let her go to seed !! I also never had a garage and she had to live under a full tailored car cover...and with our climate and weather, this was never an ideal solution.. Thanks again for all everybodys help in the past and i am certainly not going anywhere!! Trevor.... '64 Le sabre(less)...... <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />
  5. Crikey Ethan...., It is a chuffin' small world. and that's a fact!!! <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> I nearly fell off of my chair when i read of your adventures!! If you delivered for Pizza Hut in Eastleigh, then i guess that you and your little moped often came over the bridge to where i live.... .... in Bishopstoke !!???? It Is horrifying to see the little metro..just one of the most nasty, horrid little cars ever devised by man, and they should become landfill or perhaps ships anchors!! I'd love to hear more about your stay here....and where are you now...?? are you in the US??? regards... Trevor... '64 Le sabre..... <img src="" alt="" />
  6. I enjoy posts like this... Your enthusiasm for your new toy is coming across in shovelfuls good luck with her Trevor..... '64 Le Sabre....
  7. Hiya..., Thanks for the input guys... my shift pattern is as follows... P - R - N - D - L I am guessing that this will help narrow it down!! The modulator (as you have your head under the hood, looking towards the back of the car)is on the left... (passenger side) It has a hard line coming up to connect to the carb Thanks a bunch... Trevor...
  8. Philippe..., It is a three speed auto.... what do you mean by the 400package??? There are no badges to signify anything at all, but it is indeed the 300CI...but the 355 wildcat high compression motor with the aluminum heads and 4 bbl carb!!( which ,i understand is unique to the '64 year, as an option) Everything is original to the car...and it is definately NOT a manual ( as if i would mix the two up!!!!!) I went through this with Mark..AKA "" who is a forum user and he concurred after seeing photos etc!!!! Just maybe the 355 motor which i have also had the manual box as an option and i got an unusual option mix....I dunno?????? Okee doke...gotta go to work... I'll be interested to hear more on this, but i KNOW what the car has!!!!!! Trevor..... Now i'm gonna be late!!!
  9. Thanks Carl...that is a pretty definitive answer!! Also thanks to the others for making the time to post Much appreciated Trevor... Off to buy some fluid!!!
  10. Thanks for the replies,guys..., Perhaps i should have worded it differently, as this is more for a top up to bring the level further up the dipstick, than a complete fluid change!! I know..... you are going to say i had best do a complete change, but right now i have so many other things other than this car i have to be doing, that topping it up is far and away the easiest for me right now!! The fluid that is in there right now, does not look at all tired or burnt and is a lovely pinky red color... and so i am pretty happy to top up!! Now that you know this and have reccomended dexron III will it mix with Dexron II if this is what exists in the trans right now???? Thanks in advance for your input!! Trevor.............
  11. Hi Guys..., This has maybe been covered before, but i couldn't find anything relevant in using the search option!! Simply...what fluid do i put into my ST 400 three speed auto transmission I am figuring that you will say Dexron two, but i would like a cast iron YES or NO to that before i start pouring!! And on the subject of pouring, and this is going to sound a lame question....but where do i put it?? Down the dipstick hole would be the easy solution, but maybe you will have other info on this??? Thanks in advance... Trevor..... '64 Le sabre....finally out of storage and ready to go
  12. Hi paul...., I have never chimed in on this thread before, just thoroughly enjoyed watching the progress of your old gal!! I am sure your dad would be puffing his chest out with pride, and i too congratulate you on what you have achieved, and your maiden voyage!! keep up the good work!! Trevor..... '64 le sabre, and just about ready for spring!!!
  13. Sorry Randall...., I have to take issue with your comments! You make it sound as though the UK is absolutely running rampant with "yobbos" and nutters, and that a state of anarchy is present Is your example of a chained up gnome,from fact or...fantasy.).?? But it does present a funny image!! The UK, like the US has it's ..hopefully.. larger percentage of decent honest citizens and the lesser percentage of "lowlife" Have you ever been to the UK?? It is a gorgeous country to see, and i would have no hesitation in recommending many many lovely holiday has it's nasty spots, then i am sure the US has it's nasty spots too????? I also did hear that some of the perpetrators of this carnage have indeed been caught, and hopefully set alight in a public place somewhere, with liberal use of a good powerful accelerant to get things going!! OK... a bit extreme, but i, like you Randall, despise vermin like this!!! OK....i have said my piece !! Trevor... '64 Le sabre... and looking forward to spring!!
  14. I had not heard about this Tell you what though...the only tragedy i think, is the fact that the perpetrators are still breathing in and out and taking up space on the face of the earth... My two cents... or i guess that should be pence!! Trevor..... mystified ... just like you!!
  15. How many days left then, i wonder, 'til the auction is up Bill.... We wait with baited breath.... Go on....just a weeny clue!!! Trevor.....