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  1. could also be switch for parking brake. It uses the same light. Set and unset the parking brake a few times.........that is, if you use it..........k
  2. As always my friend Padgett has the answer. After getting it to move with the punch it should come out like a splinter out of a finger. The owner stated he is getting over some health problems so maybe his garage guy can do it. I just let a perfectly good original balancer go with my 88 when sold....kennyw
  3. Kevin:> both built about 24,000 units. 88 Reatta $27,000 and the Ssr $46,000 list. Gm was in a money bind in 2000 and the engineers and bean counters battled over the SSr. They needed more funding to fix some glitches. THEN Gm told the dealers not to expect more than 3 the first year. So they added a 2nd sticker and raised the already HIGH PRICE. THAT sent potential buyer away in droves. Very little press. One reason, [WAS] you probably couldn't get one??? Just like the Reatta, few parts [now] are available for the things that break and or go bad. Guys are making some fixes and replacement items. Just like the Reatta it draws people and questions. You just have to TIMES IT BY 10.......Just as the Reatta convertible is much more sought after,,,,,,,,,,,consider if it had a 30 second button that opened the tonor cover, stowed a metal top and covered it all up. VERY SLICK. The SSr people call the look on your face:> PERMAGRIN. when you are driving with the top down. Two months and 3,000 miles and I still have it. My desire to own one was 10 years. My search was just over two years. My research told me to buy a 2005 in my color of choice, BLUR-BLUE, with the Corvette 390 HP motor and with a few options the 03 and 04 didn't offer. I considered price and fuel costs. Since most all prefer the 390 HP even the higher mileage ones don't go cheap. Premium is not .10 more as in my day but .40. OH, Anything past 60,000 miles is considered HIGH MILEAGE. Every SSr I considered was usually half a country away. I can't buy sight unseen. AND with the health of a 74 year old person most trips were out of the question. SO when a low mileage 2003 came up locally I drove the 40 miles to see it. It was brand new. I consider 5,300 miles brand new,,,,,or 4 months of use? It had every option available in 2003. SO I didn't get the chrome wheels or the center gauge package I would have liked to have had. BUT I think NEW was the better decision? I won't discuss price but it is said every SSr on average cost Gm 150,000 to build? The break even point was to be 65,000 units. Needless to say they never made it on the REATTA OR THE SSR. BEST CONVERTIBLE: With the windows up:>> AND they index into the windshield header, so no shake, movement or rattle:> AND with a factory or after market wind brake behind the seats your wife doesn't even get her hair messed up at 60 MPH. This works well with the A.C. on if it is hot or the heat on if it is cool. Just nothing to compare it too? So yes, there is a cure for Reatta fever. I would buy another Reatta if I had the garage space? There are usually 50-60 SSr's on ebay and 250 nationwide for sale. Find one close and drive it. Then comment on what I said above. David K. Watson Sr..KENNYW
  4. With some sadness I sold the Reatta today. [sold] gave it away. I didn't want to see it go to the crusher. New owner says he will get it painted and ready for the road. So I saved another Reatta. My new toy, a Chevy SSr made in the same craft center where the Reatta was made. The same place I trained for the then new A body cars for 1978. That was Gm's first down sizing of their larger cars. Guys it has been a good 12 + years. Still the best, helpful site on the net. And a thanks to Mr. Padegtte. I now need him to learn SSr........thanks, guys. David K. Watson Sr. Balto. Maryland
  5. cheap spray on oven cleaner if your not worried about the clear coat.......ken
  6. Very few know even among Gm employees and retires that we can buy parts at dealer cost. First we have to own the vehicle the parts are for. Then to buy the part it has to be picked up at what ever warehouses they are in. It worked well when I had a major warehouse 10 miles from my home. Now I use the service to find out what Dealer cost are. Then I can make the best buy on line. Many dealers are now discounting parts on line. Some as we know have a high shipping cost. I needed a piece of the plastic cladding for my Chevy Avalanche. The list price was around $178 for this part. Cost was around $111. I found this site below. A dealer who gave free shipping on [most] orders over $50 plus a handling charge of just $4.50. The part cost to my door was less than $130? $128 if I remember right. The search engine on the site is very user friendly. If you need Gm parts you should try it. Kennyw GM Parts Accessories for your GM Vehicle.Chevrolet, GM, Buick Cadillac Parts and Accessories
  7. kennyw

    a.c. code 448

    Reatta has been sitting for 6 to 9 months because of no A.C. Had both other cars in for hail damage repair. Why I had to use the Reatta for 2 days. On battery tender w/battery disconnected. I cleared codes on the touch screen as per one post. Disconnecting the battery would not have helped as that is where I started. I changed the sensor that does not let the freon out. Still no go. I will look at the fuse tomorrow. I still think no power to the compressor for what ever reason. When this all started I had a hard time getting one can in the system. Compressor was not running back then either. Why I believe the system is not low.... Driving it for 2 days made me remember why I bought it 10+ years ago. If the A.C. worked I might even think of painting it. With 161,000 0n the clock we all know it isn't worth much. I have fixed 80 percent of the usual problems over the years. Even 2 crank sensors. Even had both 110-inverters working at the same time. Nice to see everything lit up. Even had the light show working at one time. Got the Avalanche back today. Will either get the A.C. working and use it sometimes or back on the battery tender. To good to junk and not worth the cost of both A.C. and paint.....Ken
  8. cleared codes. a.c. compressor is now supposed to run. At least for a short time. Compressor does not engage. Thoughts are now it is not receiving power at any time? Padgett mentions code 447. What is the 448? Ken
  9. when you guys finish where can I come to have you fix my problem. I am from the generation when you had a clear glass sight tube. No compressor shut down. You just filled the system until the glass ran clear. I have replace the one sensor, top side of pass. The other sensor if taken out would let all of the r12 out. My compressor shuts down before I can get any r12 in. It used to take a can every 2 or 3 years. I did get one can in 2 years ago. I might even drive the car if the a.c. worked...........ken
  10. Indian Motocycle :> correct spelling used codes instead of names for parts. The reason back then was most parts order were sent by WIRE. codes were shorter then names and the WIRE cost less to send. A real mess now when going through the parts books. Some parts are just listed as codes with no descriptions...........Ken
  11. Radio is in the consul between the seats. Best to remove driver's seat. Your choice, 4 bolts holding the seat. or 4 holding the track to the floor. Since I did seats in a Gm factory I prefer taking the 4 bolts out of the seat. Do the 2 you can get to and move the seat with the button, [electric] to get to the next two. Most don't know this and remove the whole track assm.
  12. Remember you are probably still using 20 year old parts. The seals are 20 years old. Even a new rebuilt could be using old seals. My brother had a garage kept 84 caravan. like new. Every replacement parts was 20+ years old. like you, sometime 3 or 4 to fix one problem. ken
  13. I think it was Volkswagen that had a factory unit the used a solar panel that plugged into the cigarette lighter. I bought one at a motorcycle swap meet. He had it hooked through a meter so you could see the charging rate. Block out the sun and the rate went down. I was going to use it on the reatta but with the battery drain problem still not fixed I have not used it. A neat item for a car that has to be outside. No wires from the house......ken
  14. Glad I did:> in 2008 I bought the new Saturn Vue. In the manual it [said] that probably a factory remote could be added by the dealer. I only had a day left to get the large incentive. The car had every other option so I purchased it. After 3 weeks of going to the Saturn web page, dealer, Saturn support etc. I took the car back for their, [you can return it for any reason] in the first 30 days. The dealer could not believe I would not let his have an aftermarket system installed. Even for free as they didn't want the car back. I told them no, find me one just like this with the factory REMOTE START. The only one on the east coast was in New Jersey. I went up to personally view the car as I know MONDAYand FRIDAY cars are still made. That dealer said I could have the car only if my dealer called him. I told me dealer all of the above and actually asked him to call right then as I could drive the car back. I was trying to save him sending two people all the way up to N. J. He said no so I drove back to MD. My dealer called for 3 days straight. The Dealer would not return his calls. The dealer had no intention of letting me have the car. He did not have to as it was out of my area. I was now driving a loaner car as my dealer didn't want any more mileage on my Original car. He did not know what to do?????????? I typed all of the above, copied and pasted on the Saturn site and next morning my dealer called and said he didn't know what had happened but the N.J. dealer was on the phone the first thing next morning and begging him to come and get the car.....I guess sometime the squeaky wheel does get noticed. Note:> three weeks into the new Vue my Wife wiped out the front end to the tune of $7,500 in repairs. $15.000 + for the side of the truck she ran into. It took 6-+ weeks for the repair. Mostly because parts were hard to get. Then three weeks after getting the car back just as new she ran through a hail storm to the tune of $10,500. They even had to replace the roof along with [the] brand newly installed front fender and hood. The whole car except for the rear plastic bumper had to be repainted. Then the steering rack went bad and had to be replaced. Saturn went out of business and I am waiting for the 3nd steering rack to come in as the one installed is worse than the original. A German Opel design, U.S. Saturnized and built in Mexico.......Oh, the remote start feature works just great......Ken