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  1. I have a 1934 Lincoln hood ornament [radiator cap]. Its the grayhound dog. Its in perfect condtion, whats it worth? I might be selling it. Paul
  2. I have a mystery no. [694] on the wood under the front seat of my 1908 HC.Any help? Thanks. Paul
  3. How many degrees advance should I set my mag. for 1000 RPM.Thanks. Paul
  4. Can anyone tell me how many degrees advance timing I should have when running my engine about 1000 RPM. Thanks Paul
  5. For Sale: Sheet metal for 1914 Maxwell. Paul Jacobson re5s@yahoo.com
  6. Hi Tom, I am on the registry but have not recieved an invitation
  7. Thanks Guys, maybe the ACCA Library can help.
  8. Can someome please help me? The colors for the HC are Maxwell green,[dark green] with black mouldings and carmine and gold striping. Where is the gold and carmine striping? What color are the fenders and the wheels? Thanks Paul re5s@yahoo.com
  9. Hi, You may have to make them yourself, I have. Use an elbow, and drill a hole a little larger than a ball, then drill a hole for a cross wire.
  10. Paul Jacobson


    I have not yet got my HC restored and friends are asking.How fast will it go, whats the engine RPM? Is this close to right? Top speed about 30 MPH, engine RPM 1300, Tour at 20 MPH engine about 1000 RPM. I check this site every day hoping to see something new. Lets start to share does and donts. Successes and failures.
  11. I have a fender from a "A" truck dont know if it was a 30 or 31. Paul Jacobson Mn. re5s@yahoo.com
  12. I have a Maxwell Price List of Parts [with pictures]for two cylinder touring cars, Models H-Dr-O 1905 to 1909 inclusive. I would be willing to make copies if you have some two cylinder Maxwell stuff to trade.
  13. Tell me about the tail lamp. I hope it is brass, I need one for my 1908 Maxwell. Thanks
  14. Hi Poul, I'm trying to email you but your address is not working. Email me at re5s@yahoo.com Paul Jacobson
  15. Hi Guys, I have been working on a 1908 HC. I have new cylinders machined, also new crankcase done. I have just started to make new crankshaft.Hope to get the big twin running this winter. I like would to get email from you Maxwell guys. Paul Jacobson Mn. re5s@yahoo.com
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