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  1. Good afternoon, The Dodge diesel trucks with Cummings diesels, as I understand it, had some automatic transmission issues. This apparently was lessened when they acquired Allison transmissions. In what model year did that occur?
  2. Good morning, My understanding is that Ernie Petit passed away and the family may still have some of the Airflow parts he'd accumulated. Has anyone got contact information?
  3. I have a spare rear assembly from a 1934 Airflow. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. Hello Jim, I have the remains of a 1934 Chrysler Airflow model CU. I'll check tomorrow as to whether the front springs are still on the tubular axle.
  5. The latest comments from edinmass are a good summary of where my local support is. We are down to one machine shop who has been more than helpful on my projects. They do, however, need some specs before jumping in. I have obviously not disassembled anything to this point and am reluctant to do so without the fundamentals of a plan. The good news is that with the current Covid-19 situation I have plenty of "out in the garage" time.
  6. My thanks to edinmass for reminding me that I'm not an expert. I've had this 1931 Chrysler CM6 for a few years and have, one by one, been trying to correct activities from previous owners, such as incorrect battery cables, incorrect intake / exhaust / carburation, inoperative gauges, etc. Yes, I don't know squat about a front end so I've been through two shops that have both told me it isn't ready for king pins and such. Both of them di suggest a steering box rebuild. This is North Carolina where the standard thought process leads one to take a pre-WWII car and drop in a Chevy 350. That is exactly why I came to this forum with what I assumed was a straight forward request. I guess I'll still keep looking for a technical manual and calls Larescorp about parts availability.
  7. 😊 I find that there is no more adjustment left in my steering box and would like to do a rebuild. Has anyone done this before? Where did you find the technical information? Where did you find the required parts? Thanks in advance for the assistance. Rick Marsh
  8. Good morning, I would like to thank all who replied and offered assistance. I now have a 1931 Chrysler CM6 that has been returned to the correct updraft configuration. It has never run better. I look forward to driving it on the Glidden Tour later this month. Thanks again
  9. Time for an update. I just got off the phone with a guy who says the Carter BB-1 will not fit. He stated the Chrysler CM6 came with a Stromberg updraft carb. So, does anyone have one of these puppies?
  10. I'm trying to get my 1931 Chrysler CM6 back to the original setup. It should be a carter BB-1 updraft. Who has one that they would like to part with? Thanks
  11. I guess I'll look for a Carter BB-1 and get back to you Thanks, Rick Marsh
  12. The intake and exhaust ports appear to be the same as in the photograph offered by Keiser31. I agree that my 1031 Chrysler CM6 should look like the image you shared of the engine compartment. That is the original setup with an updraft carb. I no longer have that. My car was converted by a previous owner to a downdraft carb setup. I assume the 1931 Dodge setup you have requires an updraft carb. Do you have the carb that goes with the Dodge intake and exhaust? Do you also have the air cleaner? Thanks, Rick Marsh
  13. I have a broken beyond repair exhaust manifold on my 1931 Chrysler CM6. A previous owner "upgraded" with PN 603033 which is either an early 1930s Chrysler or DeSoto. I'm in need of a PN 603033 replacement or an intake / exhaust pair that fits the stud pattern. It is two parallel rows of mounting studs with 23 1/4" from front to rear stud. Thanks in advance for any help. Rick Marsh
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