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  1. This is NOT a Stewart Warner speedometer. It is a Waltham unit, and they are extremely difficult to repair. Hopefully Russ can help you out, but if not, you can email me at, Bill's Speedometer Shop.
  2. My AC Speedo book lists this as 1954 Buick.
  3. Wrong. If it has safety first on it, it is a GM product. Maybe Pontiac.
  4. It can't just be a matter of taste. If you put wide whites on a 70's car that would be authentically incorrect. There needs to be more comment here about what the judges require, and I think that was the point of the original question.
  5. When I was a kid, I built a model like this from 2 VW beetles. It was pretty cool.
  6. I've gone from Junior Member to Member
  7. I should think that a Cosworth Vega would be highly collectible. Hope you can get new front fenders!
  8. Try Russ Furstnow in Flagstaff, Arizona. 928-526-1343
  9. I am looking for the speedometer driven gear that goes on the bottom of the adapter that bolt onto the transmission. Anyone know where I can get one? 1929-1931 Buick.
  10. I was a long time subscriber to Cars & Parts. I live in the town where they published it. I won't be subscribing to Auto Enthusiast.
  11. I'd like to offer my services. I've been restoring speedometers since 1962. Check out my website, or call me (Bill) at 937-492-7800
  12. The speedo in your pic is a Stewart, whereas the Packard uses Waltham. But it does appear to be about 1922.
  13. I love the Hershey meet and I vend there. But since I got my own spot, I am WAY back at the end of the Orange field. How do I go about improving my location?