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  1. This is NOT a Stewart Warner speedometer. It is a Waltham unit, and they are extremely difficult to repair. Hopefully Russ can help you out, but if not, you can email me at wheidemann@woh.rr.com, Bill's Speedometer Shop.
  2. My AC Speedo book lists this as 1954 Buick.
  3. Wrong. If it has safety first on it, it is a GM product. Maybe Pontiac.
  4. It can't just be a matter of taste. If you put wide whites on a 70's car that would be authentically incorrect. There needs to be more comment here about what the judges require, and I think that was the point of the original question.
  5. When I was a kid, I built a model like this from 2 VW beetles. It was pretty cool.
  6. I've gone from Junior Member to Member
  7. I should think that a Cosworth Vega would be highly collectible. Hope you can get new front fenders!
  8. Try Russ Furstnow in Flagstaff, Arizona. 928-526-1343
  9. I am looking for the speedometer driven gear that goes on the bottom of the adapter that bolt onto the transmission. Anyone know where I can get one? 1929-1931 Buick.
  10. I was a long time subscriber to Cars & Parts. I live in the town where they published it. I won't be subscribing to Auto Enthusiast.
  11. I'd like to offer my services. I've been restoring speedometers since 1962. Check out my website www.bills-speedometer.com, or call me (Bill) at 937-492-7800
  12. The speedo in your pic is a Stewart, whereas the Packard uses Waltham. But it does appear to be about 1922.
  13. I love the Hershey meet and I vend there. But since I got my own spot, I am WAY back at the end of the Orange field. How do I go about improving my location?
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