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  1. Here you go, dei, tried on the original post but did not download.
  2. Here is a pair of very nice Fender Bulls Eye Ornaments ......... I no longer have a 58 so they are for sale. These are in very nice condition, some slight pitting on the reverse side. Price is $100 for the pair shipping included in the continental United States. Please contact me Paul through this posting, or text me 559 355-3551.
  3. I believe it has to do with whether it is a deluxe interior v/s a standard interior ... at least on 1963 and 1964 , not sure about a 65 as all I have seen are chrome.
  4. Nice for the price .......... like that model.
  5. Selling three v/s four will be tough ............I would never break up a set, but who knows? Good luck. Paul
  6. Very cool ........ will see if my bank offers them. Paul
  7. Add shipping, spinners and centers you would be close to $4k but in my opinion they are the most beautiful wheels, if you brush in silicone seal where the spokes come into the outers they can be used tubeless.
  8. I saw it as well ....... gave me an idea to photo my car at that angle ........ one of the posters for the ROA meet has the same drawing on the current ROA magazine. Paul
  9. That was a good buy, congratulations.
  10. I have owned a few sets of the Skylark Wire Wheels both 1953 and 1954s they are the same except for the outer one being 15 x 6 as the 53 used the 800x15 larger tire v/s the 1954 which used 760x15 a little smaller, however both of them will fit on the 1st generation Rivieras without any spacers nor other modifications. Paul
  11. Please note that the motor mounts and the adapters have been sold and no longer available. The OIL PAN and the OIL PICKUP w/ SCREEN are still available. Both items $ 225 plus shipping. Thanks Paul
  12. I purchased two of the Power Window Master Switch Covers to use on my two Rivieras. I am very happy with the product that I received from Scanlan Laser Engraving they are more durable than the oem that is no more than a hard cardboard v/s these are plastic. The problem I was experiencing is that the terminals would come loose and lose contact and the switches did not work. Upon inspection I found that the cover was broken and the terminals were not being held in. I purchased on via ebay and installed them my terminals are now secure and my windows work well. Thanks for a quality product. Here is his posting http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS5&_nkw=1965+Buick+Riviera+Master+Window+Switch+Connector+Cover&_sacat=0 Paul
  13. Here for your consideration are some of the parts needed to install a 401 or 425 V/8 in your 1964 -1965 or 1965, This items are very hard to find and due to the Gran Sports popularity continue to get harder. I have had these items in storage and will not be using them. I have the following and will sell as a lot or individually: The rear sump OIL PAN is $275, the MOTOR MOUNT ADAPTERS are $200 all 4 pieces are required, Oil Pickup with filter screen $45 and two Motor Mounts $35. As a lot $450 plus shipping charges. Please contact me through this forum, by phone or text -559 355-3551, pm or email 65skyriv19@att.net
  14. Sorry do not have a rear housing .. still have the oil pan, oil pump, frame adapters, not sure about the exhaust manifolds. Anyone need these contact me. Paul
  15. I am more for original .........but, I really like this one, very well done. Paul
  16. Post a picture of your others, I may have one you can have for the price of shipping. Paul
  17. The brightness of those T-3s is quite a bit less than the current lights .... the only advantage is to keep your car "original". Not as good for driving. Paul
  18. I have a 1966 340 complete engine, the lower end threw a rod so I am willing to sell the intake, the heads the rockers including the carburetor, I purchased another complete engine so these is just an extra engine. what ever you want without the expense of shipping an engine.... I am in California, don't know where you are as to shipping. Good luck Paul
  19. Media mail is for newspapers, books, periodicals ........ printed matter. Not mufflers which will have a higher rate. Paul
  20. I have a friend that just converted his 1957 Special from manual to POWER STEERING ,.... he purchased everything for the conversion used. Everything works, but the steering box was full of water and will only work on left turns .... not on right turns. So He either needs another steering box or information on who can rebuild his. Please contact me ... he is very concerned about having purchased a Buick because it is not as easy as a Ford or Chev to find parts or rebuilt parts. Paul Enter info on the post, send me a PM, email me 65skyriv19@att.net or call me 559 355-3551 Thanks again, Paul
  21. Excellent cars, love to drive them, attract attention .... biggest problem? Not sure about this one, but many have Brake Problems (Power Booster) gives a low pedal and feels like brake failure ...... has this been addressed? Thanks Paul
  22. Be sure that you understand that when you order the BRACKET KIT, it is the BRACKET KIT W/ MOUNTING BOLTS ONLY, not everything pictured in the illustration. That is my comment.
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