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  1. SOLD. SOLD SOLDI have for sale a Beautiful Walnut Grained STEERING WHEEL for 1964, 1965, 1966 Rivieras as well as many others like the Wildcat etc. The condition of this wheel is very good, the chrome is good, and it is complete with the adapter, the center cap, THE HARD TO FIND HORN BAR, and I believe that all the contacts inside are there. I have listed it on ebay if you want to bid on it, I also have posted more hi-resolution pictures on the posting because the limit on this forum does not allow many pictures to be posted. The price complete is $1050. plus shipping which is probably about $17.00 and I will accept checks, money orders, paypal or can send an invoice so you can use a credit card. Thanks Paul
  2. I have a BLACK FACTORY STEERING WHEEL that came off of a Skylark Gran Sport …. I have seen this same wheel in many other Buicks both Special, Skylark and full sized Buicks. This one is very nice and does not have the large cracks and gaping holes that most have. There are a few chips from storage and hairline cracks. The price is $375 plus $17.50 shipping. Please look at the pictures and if interested contact me. Paul through this forum, email 65skyriv19@att.net or text 559 355-3551 This is also listed on ebay if you wish to bid on it there are also more pictures as this forum does not allow anymore due to their limits.
  3. just listed this very nice wheel for Buick’s if interested contact me or bid. Thanks Paul 65skyriv19@att.net Not sure how many different Buick this came on
  4. I just listed this wheel on eBay if you are interested please contact me or bid.
  5. Do you have Cornering lights for the front? Not sure if 67 only or not/ Paul What are you asking for the Air cleaner twin snorkel with ribbed top? What about the dual carb intake? Price?\ Please send pictures and price to Paul 65skyriv19@att.net or text to 559 355-3551
  6. Make it simple ….. give a complete description of cars condition, confirm that the engine is a numbers matching LX code motor and that there is or isn't rust, how it runs , include pictures, lastly WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR THE CAR. Is this car in Long Beach?? give information that all goes to someone showing an interest in your car. Good LUck Paul 559 355-3551
  7. Thank you for the post ……….. I was called by Duke and given the info yesterday. Paul
  8. Does anyone know if there is a Buick or Riviera Meet maybe even combined in Washington this summer. I know the Puyallup Chapter has had them but cannot find one for 2019. Paul Please email me 65skyriv19@att.net or text/call me 559 355-3551
  9. Does anyone know if the Puyallup Washington Buick Club is having a meet this summer? Any info is appreciated.
  10. Thank you Jim, do you know why is the shipping $145 for such a small item that is not heavy..... error on the listing? Will contact them in the AM Paul
  11. I need to purchase the transmission for the passenger side seat of my 1982 Riviera, I understand that the Riviera, Eldorado and Toronado all used the same power seat assemble, however I am including a picture of mine for comparison. I will purchase the motor, transmission and cables if that is how you want to sell them. Mine as you can see the Plastic housing that holds the gears broke and the two gears fell out. Paul Duran ROA#376 phone or text me 559 355-3551, PMessage me, contact me through this forum, or email me 65skyriv19@att.net …….. I need help soon as my upholstery is being done and I do not want to install the seat without this part.
  12. Looks good with Red Line tires on the Verde Green color. Paul Will be looking to see what it brings, nice example of the 65 Gran Sport>
  13. Hi Mike, Have not heard how to send you the funds. Please advise. Check? Paypal? Thanks Paul
  14. Replied to your PM. Thanks paul
  15. I believe that they will fit my 65 Skylark. So I will take them. Let me know the shipping to Fresno CA 93711 Paul 559 355-3551, call or text. Or PM message. Thanks paul
  16. Any good chrome shop can repair and replate yours as they are becoming hard to come by …… many with the same issues as yours. Paul
  17. great ….…… can you actually eat them???
  18. post a picture of what you mean by drivers side headlight. Thanks Paul
  19. Some people measure from lip to lip and it will show 7", the correct way is to measure where your tires set/seal and they will measure 6".
  20. Thanks for all the responses and pictures, gauges are great but you do have to find a place to install them. I like the one under the ashtray door on the console so it does not distract from the original look of the car, I also like the electric Oil and Temp Gauges so no oil or water would be inside my car with the possibility of them leaking. Thanks to all that contributed. Paul
  21. I spoke with Tony at Vintage Air very helpful but had suggestions, no kit available, is sending me a kit so I can select what parts I think that I will need so I can order. Was hoping someone has done this before and may have some info to share as to what to order. I do have an A/C shop that will do the installation, but want me to supply the Air Conditioning parts. Thanks for your reply. Paul
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