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  1. Need a Grille for my 66 Riviera.....presently the car is complete and everything functions properly the lights mechanism. The problem is that someone has installed the grille of a 1967 which has the wider center chrome strip and even though it fits and works when the lights are closed it doesn't match my headlight part which does not have the wider center chrome strips. Please let me know. Please let me know the price and condition on first communiation. pduran1860@aol.com or post on this forum. Paul
  2. Thank you very much for the info, especially for the special wrench for that job & where to send them for rebuilding.....now all I'll have to do is get rid of 30 yrs and 30 pounds so I can work under that column. Paul
  3. I want to buy a "Pancake Console" for my 1965 Buick Skylark 4-speed anyone out there have one? carbuff1234@yahoo.com Thanks Paul
  4. I have a 1951 Chevrolet (2-ton flatbed) CABOVER original truck w/ 2-speed transmission. Was a running truck when parked in a barn 30 years ago. No Rust, No dents & complete. Can be used to haul your garage queen around to car shows........may get more attention than what you are hauling. Price $ 2000 or best offer. Truck is in the Central California Valley (Fresno) Please call or email if any interest. (559)431-1520 Paul
  5. I need a Master Cylinder for my 1958 Buick Special POWERBRAKE system. I have been told that the removal and re-installation of this item is absolutely impossible. Does anyone know where I can buy a NEW / REBUILT Master Cylinder..........would I be required to purchase the Power Brake Booster which is fine? Is a PBBw/Master Cylinder exchange the way to go? Who rebuilds them? Please let me know. Thanks Paul pduran1860@aol.com <B>1958 Special Master Cyllinder wtb / installation?</B><B>null</B>
  6. $1500 is a gooooood ASKING sell price if the chrome on the air cleaner is good, the carbs working, the linkage complete, the valve covers clean w/o breaks, the correct holddown nut, and the fuel lines ready to install. The remaining engine is about $350 & Trans $200. individually. As a package deal the sell between $1000 to $1800 would be good price. Be sure that the block number is LX for the correct 425 Not LT or LW. Paul When you figure what you want for it e-mail me: carbuff1234@yahoo.com I may be your buyer. <B>null</B>
  7. Hi Joe,<BR>The bolt pattern for the skylark is 4 3/4" as is the chevelle, cutlass, etc: The large GMs Riviera, LaSabre, Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs etc use 5.0 bolt pattern: Ford & Chrysler use a 4 1/2" bolt pattern The reason you get various answers is that when the bolt circle is measured they sometimes are measured incorrectly. (This holds true for the earlier years .......now comes the metric mesurements> Paul
  8. Carbuff2


    How much????????????? Paul
  9. I NEED A PASSENGERS SIDE DOOR GLASS.....DO YOU HAVE ONE? e-mail carbuff1234@yahoo.com or post your answer, originally I thought I needed a drivers door glass actually its the PASSENGERS DOOR GLASS for a 64/65 convertible.
  10. I want to buy for my 1966 GS Skylark the Stainless Steel Trim around all of the wheel wells..........good clean used w/o dents are what I would like, but don't want to pay the NOS/Reproduction prices. I also want to buy the drivers side glass tinted for a 1965 Skylark convertible, appears to be the same as a 2-dr hardtop. Measures 15" tall, 29.5" wide at the top and 30." wide at the bottom the glass is curved. AND for the 65 the glove box emblem, I guess it says skylark, don't know since there is one on there to see. Paul. Post your reply or e-mail me carbuff1234@yahoo.com
  11. I want to buy a drivers door glass, is this good and what do you want for it? Thanks Paul, If anyone out there has this glass reasonable let me know, Im in the west coast Fresno, CA
  12. Who desigated Buick Nut the Guru of Buick Parts. I feel that $35 and $55 is a good price for carburetors. I'd like to buy a Carter Carb for my 1965 Riviera and will pay $55 if it is in good condition. ready to use. any VENDORS out there that can supply me only ONE carb??????????
  13. Carbuff2

    '65 Buick

    hi there, need more info: Where are you located? What is the condition of this engine? How complete is it? What is the price? Thanks Paul
  14. Hi, we've e-mailed before. I need the front door glass (2-dr hdtp) for the passengers door. Is that available? How much? Thanks Paul
  15. I need the fender well trim around all fenders...do you have them? What is the condition? and what is the price? also the lower rocker chrome/stainless molding. All parts for a 1966 skylark Thanks Paul carbuff1234@yahoo.com
  16. I need the fender well trim around all fenders...do you have them? What is the condition? and what is the price? also the lower rocker chrome/stainless molding. All parts for a 1966 skylark Thanks Paul carbuff1234@yahoo.com
  17. Can you give some information on your car for everyone to see. PRICE, COLOR, RUST?<BR>CONDITION, ENGINE, etc. Paul
  18. I have a 1964 Buick Riviera w/ the Original Numbers Matching 425 V/8 w/ Factory 2-4bb Carter Carbs, Chrome Air Cleaner, Aluminum Valve Covers, This car is loaded and very original Runs excellent has Power windows including vents, woodgrain Steering Wheel, 4-note horns, headlight auto-dimmer switch, power trunk lock, Air Conditioning. The original color is like a Salmon Rose....very rare first one I've seen. Needs to be restored, body is excellent, Interior should have a new kit even though a headliner, and drivers seat would make for a driver. $6500 let me know if there is any interest. Thanks for reading this lenghty For Sale ad. Paul (559) 431-1520 Fresno, California.[*]null
  19. Do you have the GS engine and its accessories For Sale, Please let me know what you have and your price. carbuff1234@yahoo.com
  20. Do you have a steering wheel on that skylark? Whats the color, condition and price? I need a black one. Paul
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