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  1. I agree with Mr. Buick too. I have it engrained in me to buy american. My problem is, have you seen some of the latest stats as far as the true % of parts/ labor, domesic or foreign as it relates to the US auto market? That being parts made/ assembled here vs. parts bought/assembled abroad for the vehicles being sold here. Some of the studys that I have read would lead you to believe that some of our counterparts of the late '80's and early '90's, such as Toyota are far more loyal domestically than the traditional "U S" auto makers. Is this accurate?
  2. Somebody give me a cigarette, my three favorite things, girls, buicks, and trains. I'm such a nerd!
  3. Last fall I watched an older couple pull into the scrap yard with a '53 Buick two door hardtop on a trailer. I think the only major thing missing was the hood, even most of the glass was still in good shape. It would have been a great parts car for somebody at worst, a good starting block for someone that would like to restore it as well. I immediately went inside the office in a futile attempt to purchase this vehicle to save it from the crusher. I was told that once the vehicle was on the scale they would not sell them. I cried for two days!
  4. Reattaman you sure are fixated on the "spots". And in defense of manikmekanic, you were the one that started the name calling when you referred to him as "tacky". Sometimes a person should probably learn when to say "uncle" and move on to another post.
  5. I hope she is of legal age as well, since apparently someone was staring/ drawn to a particular area of her body and the condition of the clothing in that area. This could be considered tacky as well!
  6. I could care less, but SCOREBOARD!
  7. I think they are just like all businesses, some people like them, some don't, just like EVERY large Buick parts seller there is. They have ALL been hacked apart, and/ or praised in this forum. Obviously, it is all based upon your personal experience. Personally, having dealt with pretty much most of them, I like CARS best.
  8. As a '53 Special owner I'll vouch for Centurion that you have a 12 volt.
  9. A buddy of mine needs a carbeurator for a '62 Special. If you can help let me know. gsealock@hotmail.com.
  10. Check out the 1953 two door coupe currently for sale on Ebay and see if it matches your definition of "easy to restore" as the item description states.
  11. What is your definition of ugly. As a guy who loves cars from the'50's, as you appear to do, is not the amount/ quality of chrome a factor? Personally, and yes I know what opinions are like and how we all have them, the '58 Limited is the ultimate Buick as far as style, class, and quantity of chrome. If ever given the opportunity, once my children are all out of the house, and the resources, a '58 Limited is a "must" for me.
  12. With the much discussed Buick image problems on this forum, how about the Buick Geriatric (it could be a small compact car), Buick Metamusil Mobile (sorry if I slaughtered the spelling, it could be a retro-woody style wagon for hauling the grandkids), Or the top of the Line, low maintenance Buick Depend(s).
  13. It's green, it's a Limited, the sale bill says it's a 4dr sedan, based on the two pictures of the side of the vehicle it sure looks like a hardtop (though I've been working all day and I have had 2-3 beers, LOL.) The auction company's web site is www.stockrealtyandauction.com
  14. If there is anyone in the northeast Nebraska area, Northwest Iowa, Southeast South Dakota Area (or willing to drive) I just heard of a 1972 Buick Electra, apparently gorgeous, with just over 6,000 original miles, original condition, that will sell at auction on Sunday, January 30, 2005 at an estate sale near Howells, NE. The auction company is Stock Realty and Auction, I know they have a web site, but I haven't had time to look for the address. I just want to see it go to someone that will appreciate it!
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