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  1. I got a set off of a 69 Lark. Some guys grind the buick letters off and rechrome the piece. This a great western piece with no marks or pits. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com
  2. I have a Carter 4bl carb off of a 56 Buick. It has been rebuilt by a carb shop. It is very clean And all parts are there. I want 150.00 for it plus shipping. I am in MT. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com #406-222-7586
  3. I can get you the following parts:Front vent windows 90.00 each, one front cone at 80.00, and passenger rear door 225.00. All are western parts. Shipping would be extra. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com
  4. The filler neck is offset to one side. Thanks Gil.
  5. Werner: I have a set of cornering off of a 66 Electra. They are complete with the chrome surrounds. They have a few scratches on them. Cost: 140.00 plus shipping. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com [color:\\"red\\"]
  6. I have a radiator for a 1934 Buick series 50 #57. It has been flushed and cleaned. It was painted black. I had it as a spare for my 34. Cost 250.00 plus shipping. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com #406-222-7586(MT.) [color:\\"blue\\"]
  7. I have a set of trunk trim for a 1969 Skylark. It is a three piece set(Trunk and two small pieces that go on the end of the quarters). No pits or rust. Chrome is near perfect. Cost:140.00 plus shipping. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com [color:\\"red\\"]
  8. I have a 1972 Big Block 455 fan shroud for sale. Good condition with no cracks. Cost:100.00 plus shipping. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com [color:\\"blue\\"]
  9. I have a rust free 70-72 Lark drivers side fender(MT.) It has a small crease below the parking lite area(not deep). I also have the inner fender with the under coating still on it. I also have a 67 Lark rust free trunk lid. For Pics and prices e-mail me at Buickgil@aol.com #406-222-7586
  10. Do you know what numbers would be on the trans case? I know where a 3 speed trans is but I don't know what year it is. Let me know. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com
  11. Are the front bumpers the same for 78-80 Regals? If so let me know because I know where there are some. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com
  12. I have a turbo hood ornament in good shape for 78-79 turbo Regal. I want 50.00 for it plus shipping. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com I will check on some of the rest of the parts next week. [color:\\"blue\\"]
  13. Tony: If you need one yet I can get a used one for you. I am in Mt. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com
  14. I have a 68 Skylark trunk cylinder and rod. 68-69 are the same. Want 40.00 plus shipping. Thanks Gil Buickgil@aol.com
  15. I have a set of four 59 T-3 headlites for sale. Tested and cleaned. E-mail at Buickgil@aol.com for details. Other years also. Thanks Gil. [color:\\"yellow\\"] [color:\\"yellow\\"]
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