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  1. Sky, I am the new VP National Activities. The 2007 Winter National is being held Feb.22-24 in the Gilchrist Park in Punta Gorda, FL Hope this will help you.
  2. I want to THANK each of you that came through on this great deed we just did. I could not resist with my challenge. I enjoyed watching the forum to see if we could get another $1000.00 for the National Office. Wishing each of you a Happy and Prosperous year. Hope to see you in Philly. My $500.00 is in the mail.
  3. Oh No, Howie the Hustler. You are not getting out this easy. I want $50.00 more out of you. I will put up $500.00. Ok guys & gals. Lets make him pay. I need 9 more $50.00. Merry Christmas to all.
  4. As a National Director for the Central Division, I am very concern for the safety of all our members. I am staying in contact daily with members in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. I need to know if all are safe from the Slidell, Cresent City and St. Bernard chapters. I am positive we have members who has lost everything. Until everyone has been counted for, I ask each member to pray for their safety. After that we will know what we can do to help.
  5. Wayne, Thank You very much for letting us know about Buddy. I am shocked. Tom & I first met Buddy and Mary on the Sentimental tour held in White Stone, Va. They became special friends. Was so glad to visit with them in Warren. Buddy was so proud of his new garage and his car collection. He will truly be missed. My love goes out to Mary.
  6. Congratulations to all of you that received the LETTER. I tried to send each of you a personal note, but they came back. What a way to start the new year. Bruce, What did Wayne mean about going west? Looking forward in seeing you all in Philly. Joanna Cooper
  7. Wayne, I have already read your Nov. newsletter. Yes, we had a GREAT Thanksgiving. We host the Louisiana Thanksgiving Tour group. We had 27 cars. Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma was represented. This is not counting the Tulsa Region Members. By the way. Tom & I enjoyed ourselves at your car meet. Thanks for asking us to stop by. Tom did buy the 69 Lincoln in Gloucester, Va. I drove it home. Keep up the good work. Joanna
  8. The year is almost over. I want to congratulate each and every Editor for their hard work they have done this year. I have enjoyed reading your newsletters. This is another reason why AACA is such an outstanding organization. You all are the BEST EDITORS. Have a Happy Holiday? Keep up the good work. Joanna Cooper Publications Committee Member
  9. Has anyone seen the movie Ray Charles. I just returned from Houma,Louisiana and the old cars used in this movie came from around Houma and New Orleans area. Most of these cars belong to AACA members. Can't wait to see it on the screen.
  10. My zip code is 74012. By looking at the outstanding news letters that I have received and read, I really don't think any newsletters were returned. I want to compliment the out standing EDITORS that we have. Joanna
  11. I am a new Director and new on the Publication Committee. I want all you editors to know I AM ENJOYING ALL OF YOUR NEWSLETTERS. Keep up the outstanding job you are doing. Joanna Cooper
  12. I agree with all of the above regarding Steve,and Earl. I want to introduce myself. I am Joanna Cooper, I am one of the new Directors. My job title is VP of Developement & Support for the Central & Western Division. I will be traveling a lot this year and I hope to meet as many of our members as I can. I do read the forum. I am also new with a computer, so bear with me.
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