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  1. Ouch - I bet that was a bummer... knowing those panels were to be crushed. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: festid</div><div class="ubbcode-body">No pictures to post, but thought I'd chime in on the issue: Recently stumbled on a '71 LeSabre 4dr hardtop at French Lake Auto Parts (a MN institution for junkyards...) This car was a beautiful rust-free Arizona car on its way to a Demo-derby. I managed to get all the stainless trim off of it before it's date with destiny, but it kinda made me cry to think of those gorgeous rust-free quarter panels getting smashed in, as I work on fabricating the rusted out quarters on my '71 convertible... Not much I could do though, as it was already sold. They let me have anything not-structural off of it. As for odd equipment, it had no cornering lamps, and no power windows or seats, but it DID have a clock, A/C, and speed-monitor. And an AM radio. Where as my convertible had A/C, an AM radio, and dealer-installed light monitors, but NO clock, no corner lamps, no power seats or windows... If only it had 3 on the tree. </div></div>
  2. Have not posted in awhile... thought it was getting old... lol, but here is another I ran across... 1973 LeSabre Custom sedan - NO A/C. Looks like the only interior option is AM radio. THis one is for sale in Pennsylvania.
  3. WOW, did anyone else see this beauty???
  4. Very interesting... Thanks for posting.
  5. That is strange. Whats even more strange is that I actually like the look of those Oldsmobile SUVs they have pictured.
  6. I have seen a 1972 Buick Estate Wagon before with NO and I mean <span style="font-weight: bold">NO</span> options. It did not even have A/C or a radio! It was definitely one of the more rare examples. I think it was posted here awhile back. It was floating around for sale on the internet. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: edalfa</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Sweet car! Dad's 72 Estate Wagon had few options-no cornering,no power windows, no power locks, no tilt- I'm not even sure about power seats (but I think they were there!). My thinking is that a well optioned car didn't carry every option, just those that really contribute to the daily usefulness.Of course, certain dealers would load every possible option onto every car. Ed </div></div>
  7. Wow, now here is a nice and strange Buick! 1971 LeSabre Custom 4dr - VERY NICE! NO tilt, power locks, cornering lights, side moldings, or cruise (to mention a few), but it DOES have power seat, trip odometer, speed alert, power windows, AM-FM radio, map lights, A/C, vinyl top, door edge gaurds, etc. A super car to say the least!
  8. Some of you may have already seen this before.... Someone on another forum posted this and got my hopes up, but the heading was a April fools joke. The rest of the reading is interesting though.....
  9. Wanting to buy/trade for a 1971, 1972 or 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille or Fleetwood Brougham 4dr in restorable/driver condition. Does not have to be a show car, but prefer to have decent interior and no rust buckets. I can pay cash if reasonable, and/or I have a 1989 Pontiac Grand Safari wagon (very rare) that I can trade for one. Prefer to be fairly local to the southeast USA, or someone willing to deliver for a reasonable rate and pick up this wagon.
  10. Shows how gullible I am huh? lol. I did not think that shift knob was optional, but I was thinking it was one of those "you learn something new everyday" things. Yes, I agree about the Cadillac. I think it was neat that they made a "base" Cadillac back then and while I prefer the more "upscale" models, these I also like because they are so unique. I really cannot see how much more woodgrain would cost the company to place in those cars, but I guess it was enough to make the price difference attractive. Of course they also eliminated the vinyl top and some exterior chrome. One reason it seems so strange to me is even the 72' Impala had woodgrain dash accents (on the passenger side) and all the way across on the Caprice, but I guess there had to be some kind of cost cutting on the Calais to obviously make it cheaper. I also noticed for the first time- looks like the pedals lack chrome trim? I remember now you mentioning the black/black 72' Calais before... It sounds like such an interesting car and one I would have loved to have seen! I have never seen one of these without A/C and I cannot picture what the heater controls would have looked like exactly on a non-A/C early 70s Cadillac. I guess much like any other GM car of that era... probably just the two slide levers and the blower motor switch. The black/black colors on that one you vividly remember even sounds nice. I am not sure about the carpeting, nor can I tell in that photo, but do you know if the Calais came with loop carpeting? In the Calais above, it looks like loop carpeting. I guess its possible. I know that I have seen some "base" 71-73 Electras with loop carpeting, rather than cut-pile carpeting which we see on the Electra Custom/Limiteds and DeVille/Fleetwoods. I was also wondering if it was loop carpeting, if cut-pile was optional, which is the way it was on the Pontiac Grand Villes. They had standard loop carpeting, but the "Custom" option added cut-pile carpeting. This took me forever to figure out when I bought my 73' Grand Ville with cut-pile carpets, because I was seeing some with loop carpeting and some with cut-pile carpeting. Seems like most of the 4dr Grand Villes had the cut-pile option. I cannot recall, but I think the Bonnevilles had loop carpeting. Never seen any 71-73 Caprice with cut-pile carpet, so it must not have even been optional on them, but I think they added cut-pile carpeting around 74-75 on the Caprice's. That $6480 price was a good chunk of change for a "plain" car, but it was a Cadillac I suppose! That seems about the price of a loaded Electra that year? If I am not mistaken, my old 72' Electra Custom (very nice optioned) was priced around $6100 if I recall to the paperwork. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 63Stude</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Shaffer, I am 99.99% sure he's joshin' you on the shift knob options on that Grand Ville! That is a beautiful Cadillac Calais. So similar to a deVille, it's true, but much, much rarer, and less money then and now. I can see why people bought them..."stepping up to a Cadillac" but still watching the budget. It's still a Cadillac, inside and out, despite no woodgrain! I clearly remember a black '72 Calais sedan, new, at our local dealer's. It was only there a couple days. Solid black, black cloth, blackwalls, no air and NO RADIO! I remember as plain as day, the price, with no options but with destination added, was $6,480.00 at the bottom of the sticker. Even Calais models at that time came standard with power windows. Bill P. </div></div>
  11. Do you know if that was the only year that shifter was offered? Another non-Buick, but rare and worth mentioning. You do not see many of these... 1972 Cadillac Calais 4dr... Still seems so strange to see NO woodgrain accents inside a Cadillac... even if it was a base 1972 model. Are my eyes playing tricks, or does it have loop-pile carpeting, rather than cut-pile carpeting? Still a nicely layed out interior... I love the instrumentation/instrument panel on the 1971-73 Cadillacs more than any other 71-73 GM car.
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dan Cook</div><div class="ubbcode-body">That's a long way from a '72 Electra 2 door. </div></div> I thought it was a bizarre comment as well, but I think he posted on the wrong topic by mistake.
  13. What a shame.... why does your wife dislike the Electra so?
  14. lol.. I never noticed it. Well, I did, but I did not realize that those knobs were optional. I just thought it was a knob someone stuck on there. Learn something new daily. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 65gs76limited</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Tony,i'am surprised no one commented on the optional shifter knob on the Grandville.You listed all the options but forgot this one. </div></div>
  15. Here is a nice 73' LeSabre (base model). I do not recall seeing this large woodgrain panel on the doors of the base LeSabres. Kinda seems out of place on this particular car with the lack of lower door carpeting, non-color keyed belts and loop carpeting. The car certainly does not lack woodgrain accents on the inside. I have also noticed it has the standard 2-spoke hard plastic steering wheel, which as I have mentioned before seems so strange on a 73' Buick, considering that even the entry-level 73' Chevrolet Bel-Air has a custom-cushioned steering wheel. Seems like a fairly low optioned car, with only A/C and AM radio as interior options. Outside is nice optioned with vinyl top, side trim, bumper gaurds/strips, etc. I just hope that this one does not even up in a derby either like the 73' Centurion....
  16. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Oldsfan</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It also has a Wonderbar radio, and I believe a rear window defogger (2 switches under the dash overhang). And, I think those are factory head rests. Paul </div></div> Ya know, I never even noticed the headrests! Those are rare for a 66'! I never noticed the radio either. I hope it got a good new home!
  17. Thanks for sharing that Paul! That is a nice car! That interior looks almost untouched. Its not very often you seen a mid 60s Delta 88 with power windows and power seat. I also notice it has remote mirror and cornering lights- another rarity on the 66' Delta 88s I think. I have also always liked the instrument panel design on those cars. Someone got a great deal on that car! <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Oldsfan</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Here's another interesting non-Buick (sorry folks!) - a '66 Delta 88 post sedan: Paul </div></div>
  18. To update- the above car was sold. Here is another interesting car- not a Buick- sorry, but a Pontiac. I am posting, because I do not recall ever seeing another GV this heavily optioned. It appears to have all options except bumper gaurds and side moldings. It looks to have power windows, power locks, cruise, tilt, auto-climate control A/C, cornering lights, power seat, custom interior option, door courtesy lights, gauge package, trip odometer, Pontiac wheels, etc. Someone has replaced one of the courtesy lights with another red lens... one is supposed to be white.. at least they are on my 73' GV. Nice car, but the BIN price is quite steep @ $20K!
  19. Maybe someone will save this 75' Buick Estate Wagon!
  20. True... as I stated above, you cant save them all, as much as I would like to. . The car looked fine to me.. I would have drove it as-is, but thats just me, because I love most all of the 71-73 GM cars. If they are so bad where the floors and frames are rusted, like I have seen some from up north look like, then its time to let them go. The interior did not look all the great on this car because of the dust, but he said when it was cleaned up after the photos were posted, he said it was pretty nice. I bet the if the original owners (it was a 1-owner car) knew, they would probably have a heart attack- but it looks like they had already started the derby, because as you stated, the car did have several dented panels. He said in another thread that the car has already been parted out to an extent and mostly all that is left is a shell. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: my3buicks</div><div class="ubbcode-body">You can't save them all. Short of a winter beater or beater driver that was all the car was good for. There are far to many of the early 70's Buicks in excellent condition for not a lot of money to even consider putting anything into the restoration of that one. I thought $465 was a good price for that car. Looked like every panel was hit or rusted, the front end was hit, the interior certainly was anything but great, the vinyl roof looked like it was ready to blow away, and it was a 350 car, most Centurion enthusiasts prefer 455 cars. Look at a car for what it's condition really is. </div></div>
  21. Well, I was a little surprised as well. I was thinking all of the Centurion fans had vanished, or they were tired of my posts of trying to save old cars. True too, it seems like some of the 70s cars fans are going by the wayside, or posting less, or posting elsewhere. The car sold for $465. Unfortunately this car will be stripped out and destroyed in a demolition derby. Another one bites the dust. I asked him about it on the derby forum what the winning bidders plans were and he said that the guy was stripping it out and will derby it. Meaning, the interior will be ripped out, and discarded like garbage. He said the interior cleaned up very nicely, as you can see in some of the photos of the fast cleaning. No telling what it would have looked like if someone had of spent some time on it. I guess no one is interested in saving the 4-door Centurions anymore- which seem to be even rarer than the 2-doors and convertibles these days. To most derbiers though, it seems like some of them do not care... they just have more fun crashing than just enjoying a old, rare car and this one is no exception. I must say though that some still like old cars and do not crash the restorable ones and are good about offering the good parts to those restoring these cars. I am not sure if the new owner of this car will be willing to sell the parts from this car, or if the interior/chrome will be discarded. For those that do not know, a derbier will crash out the windows and literally rip out the interior in most cases... the only thing that stays for the most part is the steering column and wheel and a seat. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: BJM</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Shaffer, I am surprised there has not been more commentary on your post here as we have quite a few Centurion fans on this forum. Even if they are not interested in purchasing, the post is topical. That interior is something else, very nice (except for drivers side of seat of course) This would be a good car for a club beginner, or a kid of a club member - to toy with - to gain enthusiasm for the hobby. I like the 73 Buicks. I have owned and regret selling a low mileage 73 Centurion convertible. I like the 71-72's but the 73 grille and front end look appeals to me more, that's all. Thanks for posting. It seems to me there has been a drop off in activity of many regulars on this forum, maybe they are still looking, but not commenting, and that's a shame - I like the forum for the mixing of opinions and knowledge. </div></div>
  22. If it sells for the low price its at now... this car will likely be nothing but mangled metal before long and the interior disposed of like garbage. Cannot save them all though.
  23. Here is a 73' Centurion that belongs to someone on the derby site that I frequent to try to save some cars. I posted this on the buy/sell forums. Hope someone saves it. Not too rare as far as options go, but you do not see many 4dr 73' Centurions these days.
  24. He has now listed this car on ebay. Hopefully someone saves it from the derby arena! Looks like on the new photos that the interior has been cleaned up a little. I would hate to see this car smashed in a demo derby.
  25. OK.. thanks! I will get those numbers on my next day off (Sunday) and report them back here. A couple of "Californians" on the Pontiac site said that this car was VERY RUSTY and hopes that my dad was good at rust repair. I kindly explained that the rust is not as bad as it seems and its mostly surface rust, save for the rust on the RR 1/4 panel- repairable. Also, the other rust can be taken care of with a sandblaster. I have seen much worse come from up north. Some "northerners" on the site chimed in and told them they would love to find one this solid up there to restore. All cars cannot be 100% California desert rust free- if thats what they think. The floors, frame and rockers are still solid on this car, so I think its worth restoring. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: COMPACTBC</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The padded dash was an option on these cars. Get me all of the numbers off of the data plate on the drivers side of the fire wall and I will decode them for you. Also you should join the Compact Buick Club, we can be a lot of help to you on your restoration. Website for an application is </div></div>