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  1. Cant tell much, but looks like a cool and original car... bias-ply tires I see? Neato!
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: BJM</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I owned a loaclly purchased 72 just like that - same color, bare bones 72 Electra non custom 4 door. It even had roll up windows. It had 43,000 miles when I bought it. I sold it to a BCA member from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I drove it down there. Many of these cars seem to be available with low miles. </div></div> Yeah, they do pop up from time to time. I love to see those plain-jane models to compare. Crank windows was a rarity. I have even seen a 72' Buick Estate Wagon (and a couple of 71-72 Electras) without A/C! I used to think that the non-Custom Electra models were quite rare, but over the past few years, I have seen a few. Strange, but I see alot more of these cars (72' non-Custom 4dr Electras) than I do 72' Pontiac Grand Villes, despite that there were 19,433 non-Custom 4dr Electras made in 72', versus 41,346 4dr Grand Villes in 72'. Then there was the whopping production # of 104,754 4dr Custom Electras in 72'. I have a 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville Custom 4dr and despite being 44,092 being made that year, I rarely see them around, even for sale on the internet. I cant recall the last time I saw a 73' Grand Ville 4dr for sale. In comparison, there were 107,031 73' Electra Customs made, but even those seem to be less seen than the 72' Electras. Strange. I would LOVE to find a 1973 Electra Limited 4dr in good condition.
  3. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 75RivGS</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It popped up on CL. Same photos. No asking price though.: </div></div> How interesting.....
  4. Here is a interesting one on ebay right now with the "non-Custom" interior...
  5. Hi guys... another NICE Buick. 1972 Buick Centurion 4dr hardtop. This one has the rare "finger-tip" wiper control option. I have personally only seen three other Buicks with this option, my old 72' Electra, another 72' Electra and this is the first Centurion I have seen with it. I have been in contact with the seller by email. It has all documents, etc. Here is the ad and links: "Well the time has come for me to part with a very good car. I hate to but currently it has been setting and is starting to show signs of disuse and during the rod run at pigeon forge someone hit the trunk lid and drove off. Little damage but it motivated me. It has 111,827 miles on it. A majority of that is Interstate. $3000 or best offer. I bought the car in 2003 at an Estate auction from the estate of the original owners daughter. The original owner died in 89 and it was locked up with the rest of the estate until her death. I have all the paperwork for this car. The original invoice, dealer service cards, owners manuel, service manual you name it, it was kept. The car had one repaint in 87 After the old man backed it into a tree and is still presentable with some clearcoat flakeing on the trunk lid. As a result the left quarter was replaced and the bumper still shows the scars. It has all 5 ralley wheels that are presentable, and a rebuilt 75 455 put in it in 05. The block is bored .30 over, the heads where re worked air injector holes pluged and a Comp 439 int/ex cam installed. The original engine was took out by a harmonic balancer at 70 mph. Now for the bad. The front seat cover needs replaced, 2 rips in the pleated area. Rust is bubling above the right rear wheel well and there is a 3inch cir. whole just inbetween the door and wheelwell at the rocker area. Fuel guage is intermitten. A/C clutch went out and I have a used clutch and compressor that I never installed for it. The center link needs replaced because of the pitman arm has slack in it. She has the typical leaks rattles and squeaks for a 35 year old car but I would drive it to California tomorrow if I had to. I just want someone to get this car and take care of it before it goes to pot and if they get it now it won't take much to get her into shape. Below is the information on it from the Centurion Registry. Cowl Tag Info: ST 72-46639X10085 BDY TR 476 57 PNT ST-72 = 1972 Model Year 4 = Buick Motor Division 66 = Centurion 39 = 4 Door Hardtop X = Fairfax, KS (General Motors Assembly Division) 10085 = Body Number TR 476 = Trim code - Dark Saddle Notchback Interior 57 = Lower body color (Antique Gold) 57 = Upper body color (Antique Gold) xxx = Built x week of x 197x VIN: 4P39T2X221296 4 = Buick Motor Division P = Centurion 39 = 4 Door Hardtop T = Standard 455-4 Engine 2 = 1972 Model Year X = Fairfax, KS Assembly Plant 221296 = basic sequential production number (100001 was first built) Options: Sonomatic Radio H78-15 Whitewall Tires Air Conditioning Fingertip Windshield Washer Control Soft Ray Tinted Windshield Bumper Strips Front & Rear Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror Tilt Steering Wheel Chrome Plated Wheels Protective Body Side Mouldings Options Added: Passenger Side Outside Rear View Mirror Shipped To: Cardel Carter Pontiac-Buick 128 Chestnut St. Kannapolis, NC Dealer Code xx-211 Call anytime and leave a message at 865-579-4026 or e-mail. Additional photos can be seen at I am curently having trouble with my land line so if need to call my cell 1-704-876-9687"
  6. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 56buickinga</div><div class="ubbcode-body">No I am not the new owner. I called to become the new owner but it had already sold. The person selling it said a man from Nebraska purchased it for a driver not a derby car. </div></div> Good to hear it was sold as a driver. That was my main objective of posting it here. I see alot of these cars (not only Buicks, but Pontiacs, Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs) of this era posted on that site in good condition and priced cheap and unfortunately, many derbiers would not hesitate to crash these up, no matter how nice they are. Unfortunately they cant all be saved and I normally dont post the other makes, because I know of no other sites of other makes as popular as this one.
  7. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JohnO</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I had a 73 Limited </div></div> I would like to find a 1973 4dr Limited... preferably black, dark blue or green..... pick #2/3, would be a 1971-72 Limited.
  8. That brown one that Rob posted is a nice car and one of those rare ones... dont see too many without power windows, power locks, etc and the base interior. That other one is nice too. Looks like it sold for what, $726?
  9. <span style="font-weight: bold">Update - save it! My uncle told me to advertise it for $500 FIRM! He said he would go as low as $500 on it. There is supposed to be a guy buying it in two weeks, but its first come first serve. Bring $500 and your trailer and take her home before the crusher gets it.</span> Or if anyone has a restorable 1971-73 Electra or 71-73 Buick Estate Wagon they want to trade for it I will pay my uncle for the car and trade it to you. I miss my old 72' Electra.
  10. My old 72' Electra would get down the road. One day I peeled out and did not even realize it would do it and I did not even press the gas down that much. It had alot more power than my 73' Grand Ville also with a 455. I wonder if anyone ever bought this car, or if its been stripped and crashed in a derby. ?
  11. This is NOT my car, just trying to save it from a derby. "1972 Buick Lesabre, 4 door hardtop, driver. Runs good has a 350 in it. No radio, interior is in decent shape. This is the only picture I have of it right now. $1350. Located in Hastings Nebraska". email
  12. WOW - this is an old thread (2002 was when I last posted in it! , so I will update our cars... <span style="font-weight: bold">My cars: 1972 Chevrolet Kingswood Estate 3-seat wagon (402) 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville 4dr hardtop sedan (455) 1988 Mercedes 300SEL 4dr sedan (3.0L I6) 1991 Lexus LS400 4dr sedan (4.0L V8) giving to my mom) Moms car- 1998 Oldsmobile Achieva SL 4dr sedan (2.4L I4( just turned over 170K! WOW) Dads cars- 1954 GMC 6800 bus 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 2dr hardtop (350 (was 302) 1985 Nissan King Cab 2wd pickup and a 1962 Buick Skylark 2dr thats "kind of" mine. Its actually my uncles, but he said if I wanted it, or wanted to trade it for something else I can, then pay him for the car @ a very low price. </span>
  13. Here are the photos of that guys 72' Electra. Its a little lighter in color that mine was... $1250 OBO! Better hurry! Here is his ad again.... <span style="font-weight: bold">I have a very nice 90k 4dr buick 225 driver. Car is 100% Rust free. Rides and drives 100%. 4 near new tires. 455/400. Car is very clean. Dark Brown exterior with light cream interior. 12 Bolt bolt in rearend. $1250.00 obo. At $1250.00, This price gets you 350 miles of delivery at no charge.Trades Welcome Delivery Available for a fee. Any ?s 308 991 3367 </span>
  14. Call him... its still for sale, but he has not got the photos yet.
  15. Still have it. Not really advertised it much and not at all locally, except telling some friends. I will also consider <span style="font-weight: bold">trading</span> it for a <span style="font-weight: bold">1971-72-73 Cadillac Sedan DeVille or Fleetwood </span>in restorable conditions (then pay my uncle for the Skylark of course) Thanks.
  16. NOT my car, but its on the derby site and trying to save it from an early fate in a derby! This is the ad from the site..... <span style="font-weight: bold">"I have a very nice 90k 4dr buick 225 driver. Car is 100% Rust free. Rides and drives 100%. 4 near new tires. 455/400. Car is very clean. Dark Brown exterior with light cream interior. 12 Bolt bolt in rearend. $1250.00 obo. At $1250.00, This price gets you 350 miles of delivery at no charge.Trades Welcome Delivery Available for a fee. Any ?s 308 991 3367"</span> He is going to post photos... I will put them here when he does.
  17. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Thriller</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Good luck with it. I'd be interested to get one of these some day to complement my Special and space are the current issues. </div></div> Thanks... well the car is still here... not advertised it much at all. There are a couple of guys interested in it. I would like to see it go to a Buick fan and someone that will restore it. He may even take $700 for it, or if someone has a 1971-73 Buick Estate Wagon, 1972-73 Buick Electra 4dr or 1973-78 Country Squire wagon they would like to trade for it, I would trade and pay my uncle for the car.
  18. Just a note... if this car is not sold soon, it will likely be stripped and crushed like a pancake. I know its rough, but these are neat and rare little cars and this one is a restorable edition. He thinks its at least worth $800. If anyone is interested, or know of anyone, please let them know. I would hate to see this car under the jaws of a crusher. I put it on local Craigslists and there is a few interested in it, so it may not last... thought I would try it here again at a lower price.
  19. She is a beauty! My 72' Electra was that same color... Hope it gets a good home! I regret selling mine! I sold it to someone in northern South Carolina, then lost contact with him. That was about 7 years ago... I have no idea where the car is now. UPDATE - nevermind... I seen in another thread where it is now in Denmark! Glad it got a new home!
  20. I am listing this for my uncle. My dad was going to buy it and restore it for my mother, but time, money and space are issues now and it has to go. Hopefully to a good home to someone that can restore her. 1962 Buick Skylark 2dr hardtop (no post) that needs total restoration. Originally a 215 V8 car with 2-speed automatic. Padded dash, clock, etc. No engine or transmission now (PO removed for a convertible), but was carefully removed. ALL original wiring is there and not tampered with in anyway. Has some rust as you can see from setting. Car even still has the original hubcaps. I wanted to trade the car for a 1973-78 Ford Country Squire or 1971-73 Buick Estate Wagon and then just buy it from him and trade it off, but he needs to sell it, or its going to completely ruin, so will also sell for cash. Bring your trailer / rollback and $1000. and its yours. Car is located in extreme northeast Tennessee. These photos were taken in early February, but its basically in the same condition. More photos upon request.
  21. Oh, I have never seen a Centurion with that interior either, but I like it! Its groovy! Thanks for posting that! I personally have never seen an Estate Wagon with that interior either. I actually never recall seeing a Buick Estate wagon from 71-76 with cloth interior. I really like it though. I wonder what percentage of these had it and was it a 1973 only option? In that same brochure above, it shows a 73' Estate Wagon with that seat. Not a Buick and we discussed this before, but in 1972 Chevrolet offered a "brocade cloth" interior option on the 1972 Caprice Estate wagons (which basically looks like 72' Impala seats with the brocade interior). I have only seen it shown in the sales brochure, but never on a actual 72' Caprice wagon. Since I have got my 72' Caprice wagon, I have noticed about every 72' Caprice wagon that pops up on ebay or the internet in general and have yet to see one with it. I have seen high optioned models too and a couple with what looks like every option out that was available, but not that particular option. I wonder how many actually had that option. Probably less than 1% I imagine. Basically it looked like seats from a 1972 Impala, which is another strange thing. I thought brocade seats were optional on the 72' Impala, but I read in a brochure where it is standard and the vinyl was optional. Now thats strange. I found another 72' Caprice wagon on ebay (NOT the one above thats in Arizona, but a different one) and it has power seat, power locks, tilt, cruise, AM radio, rear defog, A/C, power gate, 454 engine, towing package, etc, but does NOT have the 3rd seat, power windows or deluxe wheel covers. I have yet to see two of these identically optioned... probably never will. There was also a 71' Caprice Estate on there that only had A/C, AM radio, 3rd seat and luggage rack... it was green on green. I like it. OH, I did see a 1972 Buick Skylark wagon (base model) for sale with the speed alert option. I wonder how rare that was? Oh, kinda OT, but in that brochure, take note of the rear door roofline on the 4dr sedan LeSabre.... its rounded like the hardtop! The artwork was a little off. I seen some of this in the 72 Chevy brochure too!
  22. As always, you have a sharp eye! I never noticed that, but you are right, that is an Impala/Bel-Air wheel. I am guessing like you - it was a goof, changed out, or perhaps a special ordered item for a price deduction, although I cannot imagine no one doing this, but I guess its possible. The Caprice wheel did have that woodgrain insert and said "Classic" like you mentioned. I think that on my 72' Caprice wagon that it has the woodgrain insert and says "Kingswood" which is probably the same wheel the Caprice sedan/coupe used (except reading "Caprice". I cannot recall, but I think my 71' Caprice sedan had the same wheel, but it said "Caprice". I am going to look up a photo of my Caprice wagons steering wheel and post it to see.... Here we go... yes, it is: (forgive the dirty interior- it has not been detailed since 1991! ! Oh, the engine in this car is completely dismantled... turns out it has a bad camshaft. I am getting a new one installed, as well as other new engine parts. The heads are at the shop now being reworked. I cannot wait to get this car running, detailed and on the road... then its onto some rust repair and paint! <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 63Stude</div><div class="ubbcode-body">That Caprice is a beautiful, original-looking car. I typically don't like the '73 Chevys, but like that color and car. Interesting...either the steering wheel has been replaced (doubtful), or, as was not that unusual back then, the car didn't receive the Caprice standard steering wheel, as an assembly-line goof. The Caprice wheel had a slightly different center with a band of fake woodgrain at the top of the center of the wheel and the word "Classic" in the center of the woodgrain band. This I know from 35 years of looking at the cars, plus owning a 1973 Chevrolet Dealers' Sales Album until a few months ago. That wheel is the Bel Air and Impala wheel. Still, a beautiful car. Bill P. </div></div>
  23. Wow, that is a beautiful Centurion sedan! I love that color too!
  24. 1972 Caprice Estate wagon - needs restoration (note woodgrain is completely gone!), but a neat car and not too many this nicely optioned... He does not realize it, but this is a 402 big block car, so thats one rare option, but it also has A/C (pretty much the norm on these cars), but it also has power windows, power locks, power gate, tilt, cruise and power seat - all of which are fairly rare options. He says it has the ultra rare 3rd seat option, but actually the 3-seat model 72' Caprice wagons were more popular than the 2-seat models. Here are the 72' Chevy wagon production totals and as you can see, there were more 3-seat Caprice wagons made than 2-seat models... CHEVROLET- 1972 Brookwood (Biscayne)- 2 seat - 8,150 Townsman (Bel-Air)- 2 seat - 16,482 Townsman (Bel-Air)- 3 seat - 8,667 Kingswood (Impala)- 2 seat - 43,152 Kingswood (Impala)- 3 seat - 40,248 Kingswood Estate (Caprice)- 2 seat - 20,281 Kingswood Estate (Caprice)- 3 seat - 34,723
  25. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Philippe Racicot</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> The 1974 base LeSabre model had the same door panels as the base 1973 but the 1974 seats were more similar to those of the 1973 LeSabre Custom with the standard interior (the Centurion-like interior was available at extra cost in 1973 on the LeSabre Custom, it became standard in the 1974 LeSabre Luxus). </div></div> Thanks for that info.. I had no idea. I am not that familiar with the 74-76 models options, but it seems like its that 73-74 year range on all GM cars were options/features were odd. One thing I still find odd is that in 1973 that Buick and Pontiac had standard 2-spoke steering wheels that were not the custom-cushioned examples (on base Catalina and base LeSabre), but Chevrolet went with custom-cushioned wheel, even on the base Bel-Air. Here is an odd Caprice I ran across... 1973 Caprice coupe - that does not even have A/C, BUT it does have rear window defog, so this was obviously a "northern" car. Exterior is nicely optioned though... bumper gaurds, vinyl top, and side moldings. It is a beautiful car I think. In comparison, I almost bought a 1973 Caprice Estate wagon that was loaded and I mean loaded to the MAX! It had the 3rd seat, A/C (Comfortron), power windows, power locks, power seat, luggage rack, AM-FM radio w/8-track, bumper gaurds/strips, cruise, tilt, power rear gate, etc. I was so excited, then the seller decided to keep it. Anyway, here is the 73' Caprice coupe: