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  1. How is this for a ODDLY OPTIONED Buick? This time a 1973 Buick Estate Wagon. Someone had posted this on the wagon site and it appears to be a Canadian car. As far as options, it has wood-grain exterior trim, luggage rack, bumper guards, rub strips, power windows, power door locks, cruise, tilt, Custom luxury interior, but NO A/C (seems pretty normal for an older Canadian car) and has a manual tailgate (most of the Buick wagons had the power gate option). Also it appears to be a 2-seat (6-passenger) model, but the car is in excellent condition and is a beautiful wagon. $(KGrHqN,!lsFGnFVSDKsBRz(+5oYjQ~~48_20.JPG$T2eC16V,!wsE9suw)qc5BRzY!Dqe6g~~48_20.JPG$T2eC16VHJHQFFhfCPP4oBRzY!Ptzw!~~48_20.JPG

  2. Can one even "order" a car today? Seems to me it's, take whichever one you want from the dealer's lot or have one brought in from another locale. The big consumer choice now is, which shade of grey do I want? A Smartcar isn't much, either as a car or as square footage, but at least they come in some pretty snappy two-tone colours! And then there are the available body kits...
    I don't think one can even special order a new car anymore, with individual options that is. They give you that choice of options packages, but in many cases you have to get one big package to get one small item you want. I have a friend that recently purchased a new Kia Soul ! "Exclaim", top of the line model (I personally don't like the Souls, lol). She didn't want the top of the line model, but she wanted the wheels that came on the top line model. She tried to get them to put wheels on the mid-line model + "Plus", but they would not! They told her to get those wheels, she HAD to get the "!" model, which she did.
    Pretty sure that Lambo midget is a photoshop job. I used to see those all the time.

    Here's a 71 LeSabre Custom 4 door sedan w/o AC in Canadia.

    Buick : LeSabre Custom Sedan 4-Door | eBay

    That is a cool car. Its so strange to see a big early 70s car without A/C, but the more I am on the station wagon forums, I see more and more wagons from the 70s, even the "luxury" wagons that don't have A/C, then you look and sure enough, its a Canadian car. lol. There were apparently a lot of Canadian cars without A/C prior to the 1980s.
    Had to think about this thread when looking for 68 Wildcat items. Found this dash cluster: clock delete/no pwr antenna/no CC/no defogger/no courtesy light switch, but with speedo warning
    That is a neat cluster, that radio delete was probably pretty rare. I see it did have A/C however. The last radio delete Buick I seen was actually a beige colored 1972 Buick Estate Wagon with ZERO options! No A/C, no wood-grain, no 3rd seat, no tilt wheel, no cruise control, no luggage rack, it had nothing power (other than PS and PB) and of course, not even a radio and it had the base interior trim. It was a plain-Jane for sure.
    When I look at an instrument cluster like this, I always wonder what happened at the exact moment the odo stopped working, assuming it was working when the car last ran. This odo stopped at 39457.7 (almost). Was that when it went to a junk yard? or was in an accident? Guess I'm weird.
    lol, you know I never thought of that before, but I think now I will wonder the same thing when I see a car that has been setting for years or something, lol.

  3. 8 years and running!
    lol, yeah and it all started with my '72 Electra. Wow, I miss that car, but having fun restoring my '72 Caprice Kingswood Estate wagon. :) Well I ran across another interesting Buick on ebay - 1973 LeSabre Custom. No A/C. Not that unusual for a northern car of that era, but this car is in NC, where most cars were ordered with A/C back then. It may have been a northern car originally. Buick : LeSabre Custom in Buick | eBay Motors


    *You know they may have seemed odd to me back in '02, but the more I had researched old cars, it soon became clear that in this era so many cars were ordered with individual options and equipped in many different ways. :)

  4. I was there today... I live here in Bristol. :)

    I went to the cruise-in at historic downtown on Friday evening, it was a nice turnout! We usually have a couple of cruise-ins on Friday nights, one up the street there on State St at the NBC TV station parking lot... then another at Autozone on the parkway.... then on Saturday nights there is a nice cruise-in in downtown Elizabethton, about 20 miles from the speedway. I guess some may have went to that after the Saturday show.

    Made it to the show on Saturday around 1:30 and stayed until about 3:00.... everyone started leaving rather quickly though around 3:00. Guess it was scheduled to be over at 3:00.

    I took some pics, I may post them here soon.

    Hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed Bristol TN-VA. The weather cooperated nicely! I have been tired of the mid-upper 90s we had been having and high humidity... these past few days have been nice.

    I wish this could be a yearly event here!

    update @ 1:39am - about that weather comment, I guess I should update... glad its not going on now, as we are getting a terrible thunderstorm, high winds, torrential rains and terrible lightning!

  5. I havent read through all of the threads and I may have even posted on this before... this 59 Chevy crash has been on so many forums and I think its unfair for IIHS (though I applaud their testing on cars as they have became much safer over the years), but this is unfair. They cannot judge all 1959 cars on this one 1959 Chevy and them of all people should know that since they are the experts. ALL cars performed differently. Thats like in the year 1995 when they first started these... you had some excellent performers in 1995 and there were some really lousy performers in 1995. What if in the year 2020 they showed a test of the poorly rated 1995 Dodge Neon against a 2020 car, they cant say all 1995 cars were poor, because cars like the 1995 Toyota Camry and 1995 Chevy Lumina were good performers in this test. In 1990 the Lincoln Town Car and Cadillac Sedan DeVille performed super in these tests.

    Also, not sure if it has anything to do with it, but in 1959, Chevy (and Cadillac) used the "X" frame, which had no outer girders in the mid parts of the frame... did this cause the car to be weaker in frontal tests? :confused: Who knows? The 1959 Buick and Oldsmobiles used a full frame (outer girders) which may have strengthened it (the passenger cage). They would/should have tested a 1959 Buick/Oldsmobile, or a 1959 Chrysler or Ford Galaxie before saying all 1959 cars would crumple like this. (though I would hate to see any other nice classics destroyed ;)) Would any of those performed better? I am not saying they would have, but not saying they wouldnt have either, because they were not tested and no one knows. I once seen an old pic of a 1959 Olds that was in a major frontal crash... the passenger part of the car held up very well. By the early 70s, I think they had improved drastically... I seen a pic of a 1973 Chevy Impala wagon that had been hit head on by a milk truck at a high rate of speed... the front end was crushed up severely, but the passenger cage was fully intact and not even any collapse of the A-pillars.... and it was said the driver only had minor injuries. Even in 71 Ford started using the "safety frame" which basically was a "S" design of the front part of the frame to absorb impact.

    Still, even if a 59 Buick/Olds had of held up well in the passenger cage area, those cars didnt have the safety features that cars that even starting even as early in the late 60s had, so a newer car would have many advantages.

    Anyone agree/disagree or have anything else to add?

  6. I am sure this has probably been posted here before, or most has seen it, but thought I would post it again incase... really neat old road test video... I watched several of these and out of all of the big early 70s cars, the Buick got very high marks!

    YouTube - C&T 1972 Buick: Centurion Road Test

    also several for the Rivieras...

    (there were also more) and one for this '73 Century GS 455

    and I loved these...... (they also have segments that featured the Chevrolets, Pontiacs and Cadillacs!)

    @ 9:35, it shows a wagon like I have...

  7. Very nice Buick! Take it to the national meet and it would be an instant Archival Award winner, but very much over-priced, unfortunately. For those who don't know, Bristol is on the Tennessee/Virginia border.

    Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

    Yeah that price is steep for sure! I would imagine that a cash offer would take it home much cheaper, hopefully anyway. lol. This dealership gets alot of nice older trade-ins... older people coming in trading in nice older Buicks, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs and Chevrolets mostly on new Buicks. They also sold Pontiacs here, but guess thats coming to an end.

  8. 1984 Buick LeSabre for sale at Crabtree Buick GMC Bristol VA - 1G4AP69Y1EH831183

    NOT my car, but you all know I like sharing these old near cars on here.

    I have personally seen this car at the local Buick dealership. Its really nice! Its been setting here for awhile, I bet someone could make a fair offer and get it. I hate seeing it set out. Its obviously a garage-kept car! The interior is MINT!! Paint is original and got some hazing... has lost it gloss if I recall, but its original and not a speck of rust.

    Its a low mileage '84 LeSabre Limited sedan - located in Bristol VA. **BTW, this is the same dealership where my old 1972 Electra I used to own was purchased new! This dealer has been here since the 50s... alot of old Buicks have came and went here... this car was also purchased here new. Price is $5995, which is steep imo, but again, its nice and I bet $3500 would buy it.

    <LI class=dealerphoneNumber>(276) 644-0361<LI class=dealerName>Crabtree Buick GMC<LI class=dealerAddress>2311 Lee Hwy<LI class=dealerCityPostalCode>Bristol, VA 24202



  9. I totally agree... looks very nice. If I had the cash and the room I would grab it up. I am more of a fan of the 71-73 Electras, but I still would not mind having this one. Hope someone that appreciates old cars and Buicks gets it and not some punk that will destroy it.

    how sweat it is..............

    somebody needs to grab that.

    Don't ever tell me that you have to be wealthy to get into the old car hobby. Here is a great example of a very good car that needs little or nothing, and is a great deal for someone! If it were closer, it would be in my garage already.

    Pete Phillips, BCA #7338


  10. This is not my car, but its on our local Craigslist and I wanted to share... looks like a bargain! Located in Johnson City, TN.

    Antique 1964 Buick Lesabre

    "This Buick belonged to my grandmother and was hardly driven. It only has 60,000 miles on it and other than a few small rust spots it is in perfect shape. All the parts are original down to the hub caps and interior. The interior is perfect. This is a great car to fix up if you are an antique car collector. $1500."

  11. Thanks for that info. The 74 and 76 also had optional airbag on LeSabres and Rivieras, as well as the Olds 88/98/Toronado and Cadillac DeVille/Fleetwood/Eldorado. My grandmother had a 74 Olds Toronado back in the early-mid 1980s with the airbags option.

    Nice list of options posted there... one that my 72 had that I didnt see there is the fingertip wiper washer control.

    72 equipment:

    cheap cars or base 72 electra had manual windows and mini arm rest doors. which in time are the better door panel to have. Arm rest are available new.

    Deluxe or Limited and custom series did get the long armrest molded of thin plastic on foam. poor , and all crack up. this was used untill 76 in the later cars was used as base models 225 and 72 arm rest of 225 was discontinued in 73. The deluxe light in was introduced in 75 models. with carpet on sides. Option of reflector or lamp package.

    The 72 early had stainless around edge, how ever in the DELTA 88 olds cars they had same door panels and they have walnut triming in the stainless surrounds. much nicer, switch mine to oldsmobile trim. I like the cheaper low class door panel, with manual, motors and upper class door panels all failed. OLDS used the cheap door panel mini arm rest till 75.

    72 DASH was last year dash pad, as 73 had newer right side dash above glove box much nice than 72, 75 changed the dash totally.

    72 had 2 carpet too. shag plush in limited offer, and loop weave in 225. Again cheap outlasted the plush.

    Tape deck was offed or std AM or option slide flip amfm, or amfm 8track, NO delete plate was offered in these years.

    NOTE according to BCA rules too, NO ralley rims are on 71-72 Electras, only riv and Centurian. In 73 the ralley became part of Electra stock items. so only Hubcap was available in 71-72 on Electra.

    manual mirror on pass side is still option 71-76, corner lamps option on all Buicks till 1996, then became standard.

    4 doors: back doors fit only 71-74, as slope is different, 75-76 have different back door alignment to body.

    Skirts had propeller blade option till 74 on skirts. the std pot metal trim was only part of skirt. prop could be optioned. wide body molding was on Limited series, still had prop on skirt.

    mid 70s offered 2 potmetal trim skirts for deluxe cars with wide body molding on door bottoms, skirt trim changes 74-76.


    compass was dealer option for dash top. trunk matt and inner mats optional, lighted rear view mirrors were optional. power trunk release optional. power seats optional in bench and 60 40, bench had option of armrest folddown center. back seats had same option of fold down or std back seat. cheap seats did not carry storage behind seats, this was option on Deluxe interiors. Speed buzzer, optional. cruise and tilt are optional too. Tele wheel was optional had to be ordered as was a Cadillac part till 73, then buick had started more installs of tele on Limited cars. Air bag was available in 1975 very rare. Vinyl top was optional too, pebble grain till 75, then Elk grain was option on Limited, std on Park avenue.

    I may have missed some, hope helps. bca 27925 craig

  12. Yep, I'm stuck here!

    lol... I have always loved this site, but not on here much since I sold my beloved 72 Electra to a guy in South Carolina a few years ago, man how I miss and regret selling that car!


    Changing gears here....

    Oh, someone asked me the other day about this car and I found it.... this was the LOWEST price GM full-size car for 1973... Chevrolet Bel-Air 4dr sedan, check it out.... very low optioned and a very plain Jane... NO A/C and is a 6-cylinder, 3-speed manual on the tree car! Very rare! I see it does have the bumper gaurds option however, which was really not even seen that often on the upper level Impala and really not even that often seen on the top of the line Caprice that year. The car also has an AM radio and I notice a factory clock on the dash.... I didnt know the base Chevy had the clock that year. Clock was optional on the 72 Impala and Bel-Air, standard on Caprice - the 1973 brochure really dont specify, but I bet it was optional. Interesting car to say the least. Looking at the 73 Bel-Air in the brochure, it looks like though a Bel-Air could be loaded up good and I can attest because in the 90s I almost bought a local 1973 Bel-Air. At first glance, I thought it was an Impala... it was an unusually high optioned car... it had a vinyl top, side mouldings, bumper strips and gaurds, etc... interior even more interesting... it had power windows, power locks, cruise and tilt! Very rare car I bet.

    Chevrolet : Bel Air/150/210 - eBay (item 300513922564 end time Jan-17-11 16:27:32 PST)



    here is a link to that 73 Bel-Air in the book... looks a little fancier than the one here. lol.

  13. Nothing as nice as working on a CA car.

    I totally agree!

    Wagon seems to be sold... friend of me was planning to fly to CA (from TX) next Monday and buy it. I know of 2 people on this side of the pond who were very eager to buy this one. Christmas and Newyear kept them from acting. Early seventies, fully loaded, full size station wagons (T&C and GM) and especially 71 and 72 Estate Wagons are very sought after here.

    Hopefully it came into good hands.

    Yep, it was sold I do believe. I hope it got a good home too... someone that really appreciates these cars, not someone to crack it up. A buddy of mine just bought a 1972 Pontiac Catalina Safari 9-passenger wagon. Its the base Catalina, but its a high optioned model, even has the woodgrain option, as well as the 3rd seat and power windows.

  14. Good to see you're still around, Tony.

    Very interested to see some photos of the ACRS on my wish-list for a long time

    Hi Rob, still around... just not on here much since I sold my beloved 72 Electra, but still love these old cars... still have my 73 Pontiac Grand Ville and 72 Chevrolet Caprice Kingswood Estate wagon that you know I have had these crazy engine problems with... that darn 402. lol.

    That guy said he decided to keep that 74 Electra Limited... would love to have it. He has it in his body shop garage and is getting ready to paint it. The car has some thin paint. I am still going to try to snap some pics of it. :) I do hope to soon own another 71-74 Electra. Have thought about maybe possibly trying to trade my 72 Caprice Estate wagon for one, but not sure yet... also have my eye on a 72 Cadillac. Hope all has been well with you.

    This has turned out to be a long thread and I don't remember if I put this in already, but a fellow BCA member here in town had a base '71 LeSabre sedan with a 3 on the tree, 350 2bbl., power steering, power brakes and AM radio. It came with black walls and dog dish caps, but had whitewalls and non-71 wheel covers on it when he owned it. The dog dishes were in the trunk. He found it in Montana, flew out there and drove it to Maine. It had 85K on it at the time. It was a pretty stark car.

    Wow, dont remember that one John, sounds like a rare one! Would love to see pics of this car. I remember a '71 Chevy Caprice sedan on ebay a few years ago.... 3-speed manual on the tree... that was a rare pup - it was loaded otherwise!

    I ran across this 71 LeSabre 2dr - very nice car. Low optioned, but it is a base LeSabre, so I guess not that unusual.... does have some nice options though and only 26K miles! WOW!

    Buick : LeSabre - eBay (item 110628948043 end time Jan-06-11 10:36:12 PST)



    There is also a 1973 Olds 98 2dr on ebay... very low optioned... A/C, FM radio and power seat are about it... doesnt even have the cut-pile carpet option. A very nice car though!



  15. That is an awesome price on that car! Too bad never nothing like that around here at those prices! I paid $4000 for my 72 Chevy Estate and still working on the engine! :( I hope a derbier dont get this car... its in that price range, many would not hesitate to crash up this car! :(

    I know a guy with a 72 Buick Estate like this, even the same color... currently working on making it a 2-door wagon! Lots of work, but looks like it will be really cool once finished.

  16. Hey guys/gals, its been awhile since I have posted here... hope everyone is still around and doing good! Oh, finally I have another Buick, but nothing special... a 1990 Buick Century Custom 4dr with 98K actual. Will post pics in the "me and my Buick" section soon. It was an old grannys car. :) Primary its my work car.

    I thought of this thread when I found a 74 Electra Limited I am thinking of buying... wow, its a beauty and I posted here because I think it has every option ever available, right down to the air cushion restraint option, which means it would not have tilt wheel, lol. Dark green on dark green. I will try to get some pics. Also this 73 had got my attention...


    Hey 63Stude - its been awhile since I have been on here... not sure if you are still around on here... have you seen anymore interesting cars? :)

    63Stude, a couple of years ago we were discussing this and I had tried to get more info, but I had mentioned I had never seen on in person until now, FINALLY found one and thought I would share.... a 72 Kingswood Estate (Caprice) wagon with the optional brocade cloth interior. Some guy I know has one he is selling.... I had wondered if any even existed because I had only seen it in the sales brochure as an option. He sent me a pic of the 3rd seat... really cool... thought I would share....

    its definitely getting a little worn and dirty... I also noticed it has the rear defog option....


    and here is the car it is in...


    Hope everyone is still around and doing well!

    Shaffer, I am 99.99% sure he's joshin' you on the shift knob option on that Grand Ville!

    That is a beautiful Cadillac Calais. So similar to a deVille, it's true, but much, much rarer, and less money then and now. I can see why people bought them..."stepping up to a Cadillac" but still watching the budget. It's still a Cadillac, inside and out, despite no woodgrain!

    I clearly remember a black '72 Calais sedan, new, at our local dealer's. It was only there a couple days. Solid black, black cloth, blackwalls, no air and NO RADIO! I remember as plain as day, the price, with no options but with destination added, was $6,480.00 at the bottom of the sticker. Even Calais models at that time came standard with power windows.

    Bill P.