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  1. Here is the link BTW: 1973 BUICK ESTATE WAGON - Ontario Collector Cars For Sale - Kijiji Ontario Canada.
  2. How is this for a ODDLY OPTIONED Buick? This time a 1973 Buick Estate Wagon. Someone had posted this on the wagon site and it appears to be a Canadian car. As far as options, it has wood-grain exterior trim, luggage rack, bumper guards, rub strips, power windows, power door locks, cruise, tilt, Custom luxury interior, but NO A/C (seems pretty normal for an older Canadian car) and has a manual tailgate (most of the Buick wagons had the power gate option). Also it appears to be a 2-seat (6-passenger) model, but the car is in excellent condition and is a beautiful wagon.
  3. I don't think one can even special order a new car anymore, with individual options that is. They give you that choice of options packages, but in many cases you have to get one big package to get one small item you want. I have a friend that recently purchased a new Kia Soul ! "Exclaim", top of the line model (I personally don't like the Souls, lol). She didn't want the top of the line model, but she wanted the wheels that came on the top line model. She tried to get them to put wheels on the mid-line model + "Plus", but they would not! They told her to get those wheels, she HAD to get t
  4. lol, yeah and it all started with my '72 Electra. Wow, I miss that car, but having fun restoring my '72 Caprice Kingswood Estate wagon. Well I ran across another interesting Buick on ebay - 1973 LeSabre Custom. No A/C. Not that unusual for a northern car of that era, but this car is in NC, where most cars were ordered with A/C back then. It may have been a northern car originally. Buick : LeSabre Custom in Buick | eBay Motors *You know they may have seemed odd to me back in '02, but the more I had researched old cars, it soon became clear that in this era so many cars were ordered wit
  5. Oops, my bad. The way it was listed there appeared that he/she had listed that. I didnt read between the lines. LOL. Anyway, a rare car.
  6. Wow, havent posted here in forever it seems (almost a year), but just ran across this one on ebay and thought she is definitely one of the rarer ones! A 1972 Electra LIMITED 2dr hdtp with NO A/C. She is rough, but was a beauty in the day. This is my favorite color on these. The seller knows she is rare too, apparently only 367 of these optioned without A/C. Buick : Electra Buick : Electra | eBay
  7. I was there today... I live here in Bristol. I went to the cruise-in at historic downtown on Friday evening, it was a nice turnout! We usually have a couple of cruise-ins on Friday nights, one up the street there on State St at the NBC TV station parking lot... then another at Autozone on the parkway.... then on Saturday nights there is a nice cruise-in in downtown Elizabethton, about 20 miles from the speedway. I guess some may have went to that after the Saturday show. Made it to the show on Saturday around 1:30 and stayed until about 3:00.... everyone started leaving rather quickly
  8. I have a pic somewhere of an all-original 1973 Pontiac Grand Safari wagon with the original vinyl top... I will see if I can locate them and see what it looks like. I am sure the GM wagons were the same in this aspect?
  9. I havent read through all of the threads and I may have even posted on this before... this 59 Chevy crash has been on so many forums and I think its unfair for IIHS (though I applaud their testing on cars as they have became much safer over the years), but this is unfair. They cannot judge all 1959 cars on this one 1959 Chevy and them of all people should know that since they are the experts. ALL cars performed differently. Thats like in the year 1995 when they first started these... you had some excellent performers in 1995 and there were some really lousy performers in 1995. What if in t
  10. I am sure this has probably been posted here before, or most has seen it, but thought I would post it again incase... really neat old road test video... I watched several of these and out of all of the big early 70s cars, the Buick got very high marks! YouTube - C&T 1972 Buick: Centurion Road Test also several for the Rivieras... http://youtu.be/JMo_VNJbWNc http://youtu.be/0S-80MpwhAU http://youtu.be/WohsSI3FqpQ (there were also more) and one for this '73 Century GS 455 http://youtu.be/VGYg5GuLqXY and I loved these...... (they also have segments that featured the Chevrolets, Pontiacs an
  11. Yeah that price is steep for sure! I would imagine that a cash offer would take it home much cheaper, hopefully anyway. lol. This dealership gets alot of nice older trade-ins... older people coming in trading in nice older Buicks, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Cadillacs and Chevrolets mostly on new Buicks. They also sold Pontiacs here, but guess thats coming to an end.
  12. 1984 Buick LeSabre for sale at Crabtree Buick GMC Bristol VA - 1G4AP69Y1EH831183 NOT my car, but you all know I like sharing these old near cars on here. I have personally seen this car at the local Buick dealership. Its really nice! Its been setting here for awhile, I bet someone could make a fair offer and get it. I hate seeing it set out. Its obviously a garage-kept car! The interior is MINT!! Paint is original and got some hazing... has lost it gloss if I recall, but its original and not a speck of rust. Its a low mileage '84 LeSabre Limited sedan - located in Bristol VA. **BTW,
  13. Yep looks like Mr Earl. I hope it got a good home too... I knew it would sell quick.
  14. ... looks like its still even setting under "grannys" carport.
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