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  1. I am wondering where this precious book eventually went... I would love to see the number 2443131 , a grey colour for a 1926 Franklin.
  2. And that someone is André Franklin25 who still has the original matching grey paint on top of the transmission. There will be an article on the mat fabrication in the next Air Cooled News
  3. Duco 3443131 Well if the transmission top was painted grey you have a sample below ( My original Touring). The Front Compartment Floor Mat was also suppose to be DUCO procured from Ohio Rubber & Textile Co. Detroit Mich. The photo is from a Sedan (Annas) which appear of a similar grey. My carpet looks closer to black ( Is it age or QC of the days). I am making black ones.
  4. Timmy, what model do you have? I am closer to reproducing the front rubber mat for 11A/B (most modèle) no price yet. Serious interest by Franklin owners would help establish a price structure. And I know how cheap we like things to be and this will not be cheap....
  5. Well, the "fact" is that my original rubber front mat is grey not black...So Paul, Franklin did at least buy a grey one from Ohio Rubber and Textile Co, from Detroit. @
  6. The rubber mat that you see in the picture....
  7. I have an original carpet and it is of a grey colour. I have seen other original Franklin carpets which are the same colour. I am working on making a copy with the Franklin drawings and Devcon material which can be tinted grey...the plug/mold will probably be made with a laser scanner on 1/8 acrylic. A clay imprint photo is also attached. andré
  8. From the album: Other Makes

    Franklin in the Franklin Museum in Tucson
  9. From the album: Other Makes

    Original Model 11A 1926 Franklin Sport Touring in Cazenovia during the 2002 Franklin Centennial
  10. From the album: Other Makes

    News paper article on Franklin
  11. From the album: Other Makes

    A great book for Franklin enthousiasts
  12. From the album: Member Galleries

    Annual Show at Billings Brige Ottawa, Early 1925 Franklin Sedan Model 11A
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