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  1. Timmy, what model do you have? I am closer to reproducing the front rubber mat for 11A/B (most modèle) no price yet. Serious interest by Franklin owners would help establish a price structure. And I know how cheap we like things to be and this will not be cheap....
  2. Well, the "fact" is that my original rubber front mat is grey not black...So Paul, Franklin did at least buy a grey one from Ohio Rubber and Textile Co, from Detroit. @
  3. The rubber mat that you see in the picture....
  4. I have an original carpet and it is of a grey colour. I have seen other original Franklin carpets which are the same colour. I am working on making a copy with the Franklin drawings and Devcon material which can be tinted grey...the plug/mold will probably be made with a laser scanner on 1/8 acrylic. A clay imprint photo is also attached. andré
  5. I am looking for a good Gas Tank for my 11A . André
  6. Can you give the exact distance of the flat and the ridges. are the ridges round. the focus is not on the edge of the sample. Thanks.
  7. Just completed one using the Franklin drawings and my original busted one... I used mandrel bend a of the right radius. The plans call for dull nickel plating ( not sure if I will do that) . I once had a cracked cylinder No 1 right behind the cross over exhaust. I remember Arnie pulling a piece or copper tube to listen to where the whistle noise was coming from. Was it just bad luck? Any thoughts about insulating it with muffler tape at least behind the "radiator" , or would it be exaggerated. I do drive the car as many of you know! andré
  8. Need a full set for the 12A in France Tom, André
  9. On page 26 you will find the Powell Muffler cups for sale. I bought the last of Len's Muffler 6 years ago...
  10. Thank you Bob! The following dealer has North East Electric parts. Myers Early Dodge
  11. Looking for a good ROTOR for the above distributor Any leeds? can you help? andre
  12. And another story This one also an 11A, but 1926
  13. for a story and a few pictures! and yes it is an 1925 11A, one of the earliest DeCausse with the split windshield...
  14. Gald you decided to keep the original vacuum system. They do work well for me.
  15. Good move Rod, We will spread the word...and the air cooled! [color:\\"blue\\"]
  16. is the link to Precision Rubber
  17. The above link should help for the adjustments. Franklin 25 and 26 have OE-1 I am very curious Ken about the drawings & instructions you have. There are people reading this site who could help on the removal of the inner venturi; a special tool may be required; I also heard about heating until the colour of the flame gets orange ( not to hot) for loosen it up. And having a bucket of water ready to cool everything fast! But I have also heard that this is not something that often needs to be tampered with and as you rightly pointed out, it is pot metal and fragile; you may want to adjust and drive first! The carburator shop is also a good reference but get in line... The Carburatorking is very busy He has gasket kits André
  18. I am looking for any information that would help me finding or reproducing the 6 volt 1925 Willard Battery scrip ( Wood or Rubber) The Willard part no for the wood was Willard CR-19 and for the Rubber Willard CRR-19 I have asked and they only have the Willard raised scrip. I have attached a picture of the scrip that I am looking for . thank you André
  19. From the album: Other Makes

    Franklin in the Franklin Museum in Tucson
  20. From the album: Other Makes

    Original Model 11A 1926 Franklin Sport Touring in Cazenovia during the 2002 Franklin Centennial
  21. From the album: Other Makes

    News paper article on Franklin
  22. From the album: Other Makes

    A great book for Franklin enthousiasts
  23. From the album: Member Galleries

    Annual Show at Billings Brige Ottawa, Early 1925 Franklin Sedan Model 11A