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  1. Looking for front and rear Master hubs and 6 wire wheels for a 1929 Roadster. Would consider disc wheels if 6 are available. Thanks Kevin
  2. Here are a couple more pics, first showing of my Buick at the All Buick GM Show. 24 years from start to showable. Have a few more items to finish.
  3. The Engine is a standard series. Water outlet to the radiator is on the front of the block. The master motor has a water jacket rising up next to the top rocker cover and then to the radiator. Kevin
  4. Thanks.... I started it in 1986! Im on the the last month.... Rear seat needs upholstered... paint on the molding, pinstriping... and I want to re-chrome a couple of things... but should be End of December or early January and I should be able to say Im done. Hopefully. Once that is finished I can get back to working on my brass Buicks. If you didnt click on the manuals section, there is something every year from 1904 to 1934. If there is just a cover, then it means Ill be scanning it. Many manuals and sales brochures are scanned. Lots more for 1929 than other years, but several years are
  5. Here is some Buick Marquette info if you are interested.... www.1929buick.com Photos :: 1930 Buick Marquette www.1929buick.com Photos :: Marquette Kevin 1929buick.com
  6. On the 1929buick.com website you will find 1932 paint info here: www.1929buick.com Photos :: 1932 Buick Glidden Color Chips as well as the Dupont Color Bulletins www.1929buick.com Photos :: Dupont Color Chips - 1929 - 1935 Dupont color chips 1929-1932 http://1929buick.com/gallery/DupontColorBulletins Dupont Color Bulletins for 1928-1937 (1-9) Kevin 1929buick.com
  7. Looks like your id was in a waiting state. I set your account to active and had your email resent to you. If you have any issues please email me at kevin@1929buick.com Kevin
  8. All of the Fisher Body Service Bulletins Vol1 1-16 and Vol2 1-20 are on line here..... www.1929buick.com Photos :: Fisher Body Service Bulletin Vol1-Vol2 (1928-1929) Upholstery is cover in this Soon Ill have the an original Full Manual online. Very similar to all the Bulletins. Upholstery would be covered in this as well. Here is a 1929 Fisher Body manual (PDF also available) www.1929buick.com Photos :: Fisher Body Manual Upholstery May not be covered it this. I have a 1930 Buick & Marquette that Ill soon be putting up. Maybe those will help you get an idea. Kevin
  9. High Def List from Dupont (these are for 1929) www.1929buick.com Photos :: Color Chip Combinations :: aam www.1929buick.com Photos :: Color Chip Combinations :: aan www.1929buick.com Photos :: Color Chip Combinations :: aao www.1929buick.com Photos :: Color Chip Combinations :: aap Ledo Green 244-5682 246-5682 IM192 www.1929buick.com Photos :: Intermix Color Chips - 1929 Buick :: aae www.1929buick.com Photos :: Dural Paint Chips - 1929 :: aab Boise Green 244-5167 246-5167 IM186/IM953 www.1929buick.com Photos :: Intermix Color Chips - 1929 Buick :: aad I can make better scans if needed. Thi
  10. The database as I envision it will allow to search by name or number. But that is still in the works. I have many of the sheets scanned. Here is the link to the dupont Buick sheets 1928-1932 www.1929buick.com Photos :: Dupont Color Chips - 1929 - 1935 Here is the link to Glidden Buick sheets 1931-1932 www.1929buick.com Photos :: Glidden Paint Chips 1931-1932 Here is a rough, not well formatted list of some of the chips.... http://1929buick.com/articles/index.html?id=00002 I will have to scan the Sewall and Acme ones if you need. Let me know specifically which color(s) you are targeting. Kev
  11. Mark, That is what the site is all about..... Lets talk.. kevin @ 1929buick . com KJ
  12. Patrol Green www.1929buick.com Photos :: 1927 Colors :: aag Patrol Cream www.1929buick.com Photos :: 1927 Colors :: aaj Hope That helps. Let me know if you need anything else. kevin
  13. Just wanted to drop a note and encourage the early Buick folks to see the 1929buick.com site. It is back up and functional. The site is being added to every week and there are now over 4000 scanned documents and/or photos online. Many very rare and never seen 1929 pieces. For those who dont have a Silver Anniversary Buick, we have other manuals and historical pieces that will be scanned. We have items for each year from 1904 - 1932. We are also working on a paint chip database. There are chips from the 10s, all the way through 1935. Mostly Buick for 1929-35, but we have others for Buick
  14. The 1929buick.com web site is back online with many of its manuals fully available online with over 2000 photos. Photos include vehicles, parts, manuals, ads....
  15. 1905 actually. Great Picture! Kevin
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