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  1. This is an acrylic 11x14 painting that I have just finished. Its available for sale, you can find it on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/listing/109116645/original-acrylic-painting-antique-rusty#
  2. Avast is a good freebie. We have that on one computer, & have AVG (another free one) on my computer. Both have run for a couple of years problem free with these. I hope you get your probs fixed promptly. If not, I suggest we have a 'computer bash' party. Charge $5 for 3 whacks, everyone can get their electronic-bugs worked outta their systems, & you'll have some $$ for a replacement. :cool: Last total computer failure I had, I ran over it with our truck. That felt really good.
  3. I've listed this on ebay. Here's a link if interested. vw bug acrylic painting | eBay
  4. I've just listed this on ebay. Here is a link if your interested. vw bug acrylic painting | eBay
  5. Just finished this x10 on canvas board detail of a VW Beetle. It's called "Bug Eye", and its available. PM me if interested.
  6. I just finished this painting detail of a VW Bug. I call it "Bug Eye". Its an 8x10 on canvas board done in acrylics. PM me if interested.
  7. In the article that Wayne posted, it mentions the Honor Air flight that Bush got to take to DC, and those who met him at the airport on his return home. Here are a couple of pictures of that. The fella on the left in the flag shirt helping push Bush had a big hand in making sure that Bush had a spot on that flight. Dawn
  8. I remember the first time I had met Bush, which was at a national show in Greenville (I think that was in '03??). A club member who had brought his girlfriend with him (and hadn't much of a clue about old cars), so I walked her around the parking lot at the host hotel, giving her a brief bit of info of what I knew about what we were seeing parked around the lot. We finally ventured around to the back, where Bush was checking under the hood of his '58 Imperial which had its original Hemi under the hood. We walked up to the car & I was telling her of the significance of hemi & other assorted tidbits about the car. Bush's jaw dropped, his eyes got wide, & stated that it sounded like I knew more about his car than he did. I seriously doubt that, but from then on I had someone interesting to hang out with at a lot of AACA shows. At last April's show in Charlotte, Bush got to show his '33 Packard that he finally finished. My hubby & I went to talk with him for a while, & he expressed his disappointment in not being able to see many of the show cars for not being able to walk very far. I told him that wouldn't do, so I went hunting up any AACA member with a golf cart to remedy the problem. Within 15 minutes I got the old fella a ride, & it looked like two kids in a candy store with them making over every car they went by. That just made my whole week. I really miss seeing him around at club functions.
  9. I'll be sure to do that! Oh wait a minute, I already know you! I'll be sure to see you there.
  10. There Wayne goes messing with me again!! Changing titles, calling me Darn. Just can't catch a break! haha:D
  11. Hey Wayne Good seeing you in Philly. I see here you were getting some newsletter secrets from one of the original newspaper guys. Dawn
  12. Wayne - the most important one to remember of all of these is the wife's name! I'm bringing my stuff to Philly, we'll tattoo it on your hand Dawn
  13. You'll want to get on the bimmer forums, like bmwmafia.com Like on the AACA forums, there is wealth of knowlegde on how toos/where to find stuff cheap/etc. There have been instances where I have posted a need for a part, & someone offered me a good used part for free, just pay shipping. There are several places to get good, cheap parts from. Steve named one, then there's Pelican & several others. Also look into joining BMW Car Club of America
  14. I'll have to try the picture again later. I'm having a problem uploading it.
  15. I bought an '87 325e in July of '09. Original interior & red paint, for pretty cheap. Has been a wonderful little car. After having the car for a while, my husband experience "Bimmer Envy", so he got himself an '84 320i Baur (Euro only, convertible conversion), and is almost as nice as my car. Parts are far cheaper for the 3 series in these years than the larger series cars. Just be sure that the car hasn't been "bodged" - the E30 platform (3 series from '84 to about '91) are very popular for the youngun's to modify the dog out of for motorcross type of events due to the great handling. If the car is left stock, you shouldn't have any problem with working on it. Here's a picture of mine
  16. The Packard's finish is about equal to primer as for shine - which is to say the only thing still shiny is the chrome. So it was intentional to keep the body as drab as possible. I know I still have a ways to go to make for a really nice finished piece, but I'm not gonna knock it too hard for a first try. I like the grouping for a desktop pic!!
  17. Hey Bubba, hold my beer and watch this!
  18. Sorry I haven't posted sooner, first time I've been back since my last post. Camera didn't capture as nice as it looks & this is bigger than what my scanner can handle (11x141), but you'll get the idea.
  19. Pretty good! Nice colors as well. I like the ideo of doing one a day like that! I just completed a graphite on vellum of a bathtub Packard. Have a few folks lined up who want one done of their oldie. The Packard was my first attempt on a car.
  20. Looks like its time to get on the horse & get outta dodge
  21. Thanks guys! I have finally finished it. I wanted to have this done by tomorrow evening as that is the car club Christmas Party. I'm hoping the owner of the car will be there so he'll be able to see the finished picture. I just sprayed it with a fixative to keep it from smearing, and I will see about getting a copy made of it on the way to the party tomorrow. I'll photograph it then when I can take it outside (better light) & see about posting the finished picture over the weekend. Its 11x14 (too large for my scanner) graphite on Vellum 100% Cotton Rag Paper.
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