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  1. This is an acrylic 11x14 painting that I have just finished. Its available for sale, you can find it on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/listing/109116645/original-acrylic-painting-antique-rusty#
  2. Avast is a good freebie. We have that on one computer, & have AVG (another free one) on my computer. Both have run for a couple of years problem free with these. I hope you get your probs fixed promptly. If not, I suggest we have a 'computer bash' party. Charge $5 for 3 whacks, everyone can get their electronic-bugs worked outta their systems, & you'll have some $$ for a replacement. :cool: Last total computer failure I had, I ran over it with our truck. That felt really good.
  3. I've listed this on ebay. Here's a link if interested. vw bug acrylic painting | eBay
  4. I've just listed this on ebay. Here is a link if your interested. vw bug acrylic painting | eBay
  5. Just finished this x10 on canvas board detail of a VW Beetle. It's called "Bug Eye", and its available. PM me if interested.
  6. I just finished this painting detail of a VW Bug. I call it "Bug Eye". Its an 8x10 on canvas board done in acrylics. PM me if interested.
  7. In the article that Wayne posted, it mentions the Honor Air flight that Bush got to take to DC, and those who met him at the airport on his return home. Here are a couple of pictures of that. The fella on the left in the flag shirt helping push Bush had a big hand in making sure that Bush had a spot on that flight. Dawn
  8. I remember the first time I had met Bush, which was at a national show in Greenville (I think that was in '03??). A club member who had brought his girlfriend with him (and hadn't much of a clue about old cars), so I walked her around the parking lot at the host hotel, giving her a brief bit of info of what I knew about what we were seeing parked around the lot. We finally ventured around to the back, where Bush was checking under the hood of his '58 Imperial which had its original Hemi under the hood. We walked up to the car & I was telling her of the significance of hemi & other asso
  9. I'll be sure to do that! Oh wait a minute, I already know you! I'll be sure to see you there.
  10. There Wayne goes messing with me again!! Changing titles, calling me Darn. Just can't catch a break! haha:D
  11. Hey Wayne Good seeing you in Philly. I see here you were getting some newsletter secrets from one of the original newspaper guys. Dawn
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