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  1. The 4cyl and 6 cyl have the same carb castings but have different jets and dashpot spring.
  2. I think hinges are the same as models 44,45 49,and 55, 1921 to 1923. JB 22-6-55 Sport touring
  3. You can also use 34x4 1/2 25" rim. The speedo cable is the same 21 to 23 and maybe more years. JB 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  4. The water dist tube is painted black thru 1923,repros are available. A large one piece pan held by springs was used instead of one for each side. Try Universal tire in PA. Looks like a nice older rest. JB 1922-6-55 Sport Touring
  5. Kevin, Restoration Supply (RestorationStuff.com) has Buick floats in nitrophyl #CAR003. $25 JB 22-6-55 Sport touring
  6. Checked craigslist and it was listed a month ago, $45000. Boston Cape & Islands JB Buick 1922-6-55 Sport touring
  7. Found this in the MV Gazette. JB 1930 PIERCE ARROW Model B, 4 door, 5 passenger sedan, black. 47,000 miles. (508)360-5633.
  8. Tom, As the half nuts wear, it gets harder to turn. The shop manual has the procedure to dissemble and repair the steering box. You can find reprinds of the shop manual on ebay or Buick Heritage Alliance. JB 22-6-55 Sport touring
  9. Tom, It sounds like you need the dist. drive clutch. Mark's post my have it. They can get over greased and slip. Is yours broken? JB
  10. Tom, 4 cyl or 6cyl ??? Do you need a starter/gen unit, or the gear set in the bellhousing? JB
  11. Tom, I may have an interest in the parts, call me. John
  12. Keith, Make shure you have big enough cables, 2/00 or 3/00. any smaller than that you will have slow cranking problems. JB
  13. Sounds like you have several valves stuck open. Remove the head and free up the valves that don't move,(penetrating oil and a small plastic hammer). Be gentile when pushing the stuck valves down. JB
  14. Is there an electronics engineer out there that can offer a conversion to change to + ground???? JB
  15. Velleman has ignition kits and use the orig points and coil, witch removes the high current from the points and the points will last for many years. Check out Velleman kit #K2543 JB
  16. gpdc, When adjusting brushes , the gen brush must lift before the starter brush contacts the armature. Sometimes new gen brushes are too long. Good Luck, JB
  17. Dennis, Does 40% low mean all the cyl. are low? If all cyl. are low it could be the pistons installed are not the correct compression hight,(wrist pin ctr. to top of the piston). The timing chain would have to be very worn to cause a problem. JB
  18. Rod, Buick Heritage Alliance has reprints of the 1920 parts book for $85 # 00302 JB 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  19. Tom, It looks like the same one the 23 45's used, I have a couple of those some where in a box. Do you have a better pic? JB 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  20. McMaster-Carr has the 7/16x20 heavy nuts $9,23 for a box of 25, #90521A110. They have them in ss but they are $10 each. JB 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  21. [h=1]: Buick 6 cilinder from 1923 serie 23.6.45[/h]Dave , Check this post about Marvel posts. Your carb looks correct for a 1923. John
  22. Terry, Olsen's gaskets has the gaskets you need. Check ebay for the shop manuals I think there is at least one. The manual will tell you how to remove the gen/starter, you have to remove the cover and then carefully drive out the pin in the water pump coupling and slide the coupling back towards the pump, then the three nuts to remove the unit. JB 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  23. I have copies of a 23 parts manual, or you can go to the Buick Heritage Alliance, I think they have reprints of the parts manual also. JB 1922-6-55 Sport Touring
  24. Hidden-hunter, You can remove the valve plate and block the pipe to the carb. It was needed when gas was like kerosene. I think a lot of us here have done this on our cars that have carb heat. JB 1922-6-55 Sport Touring