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  1. Bill, When you turn on the ignition, you should hear clicking from the clutch in end of the st/g, as the st/g turns slowly. Check the connections from the ign switch to st/g. John 22-6-55 Sport touring
  2. This fits models 41 to 47, 118" wheelbase. The bolts at the runningboard are only used on the short wheelbase, 124" did not use the two bolts. John 22-6-55
  3. I have a complete rear axle assembly including wheels from a 1923 model 55. Shipping might be a problem. John in MA
  4. Tom, If you make you own brushes it is important that the generator moving brush (carbon) is the correct length. The generator brush has to lift before the starter brush contacts the armature. Length of the brush and worn components in the lifting linkage can cause problems. Check Ebay John 2-6-55 Sport touring
  5. It looks like a model 45, painted rad shell, no windwing brackets, a single spare, no windshield visor, and standard black leather, etc. John 22-6-55 Sport touring
  6. Terry, You need to save that car, you need an example of the last cage valve engines. John
  7. The 22 engines I have used felt. McMaster Carr John 1922-6-55 Sport Touring
  8. I checked and I do not have any ex cages only a few inlet ones. Try Tom Black in NY John
  9. Hi Terry, The ones I have are used and they are 22-23. I don't know if they fit earlier engines. I have not looked to see how many of ex, and inlet I have John
  10. How many do you need? I have a few but not 12. JB
  11. Do you have pic of the linkage parts you need? I may have most of them. I also have 3 doors from a 22 model 47 the handles may be the same. John 22-6-55 Sport touring
  12. The maroon linoleum was only used on the 22-24 models 54 and 55, and possibly 39. 25 models 54 and 55 body color was Brewster green, running board color ?? JB 22-6-55
  13. I think after 1923 Buick did not supply trunks, Trunks were probably a dealer installed option. JB 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  14. The frame # on the 22 is in the same place as 21. Do all the parts go with it??? That's quite a pile of parts. JB 22-6-55 Sport touring
  15. Matt, I think the division window is a hydraulic system, most cars of this time used hydraulic power windows, seats and even antennas. The pump is located under the hood and orig used brake fluid, most get changed to atf. The pump relay maybe the clicking you hear. Merry Christmas, John 1922 -6-55 Sport Touring
  16. Check with Terry Wiegand. See previous post for drip pan latches John
  17. I still have a box full of these tab/lock washers, 3/4" to 2 1/4" ID and poss bigger. John 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  18. Tom, The BCA judging manual has a chart for body color and stripe colors, 23-45 -- Body color Black, pin stripe gold. Hope that helps, John 22-6-55 Sport touring
  19. Roger, Do you have bolts for Tuarc disc wheels??? John 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  20. Neil, Ebay has had these bolts several times in the past year. Check listings under rim bolts. John 22-6-55 Sport Touring
  21. KC, A seperate post in this forum may turn up the cover you need. Send a PM about the flywheel cover. Where are you located? John 226-55 Sport touring
  22. KC, You seem to have a 1921, (frame #711250), with a 1923 engine (948861). The 23 engine is the best of the cage valve engines. The location of the frame # seems odd, should be on crossmember at the gas tank. 23 # are behind left front wheel. I have a spare flywheel cover. John 22-6-55 Sport touring
  23. The numbers are stamped into the cast iron, In the picture it looks like someone is pointing to it . John 22-6-55 Sport Touring