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  1. 1952/53 235 C.I. 6 cylinder motor for sale in Orlando,Fl. Has both manifolds,oilpan,oil filter can,bellhousing and clutch fork.No starter,gen.or carb.Motor may be good may not.I removed it from a parts car
  2. What makes this incident even worse is that RVAnderson is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.I'd like to meet the butthead that did the purchase.
  3. Please check the calender section for info on our Ford T show. Thanks,Mike Bartlett
  4. Dynflo, I can't download website for 10/05 car show, and its not shown on Fernandina chamber of commerce site either. Can u help me? tcporl@bellsouth.net......407 521-6777,Thanks,Mike
  5. Is there no national pontiac clubs ? No Pontiac websites?
  6. Mike,check your e mail from yesterday. regards,Mike
  7. Ah, read twice,reply once.My apologies for my dumb post. Mike,who is not riding his bike at Hershey this week.
  8. I think Phil wants to know if he can ride a bike on the flea market field,not the adjoining streets in Hershey.
  9. I have used "KILZ" on all woodwork for two Model T's.Brushed on then regular application of primer before painting.Good product and perhaps less expensive then "quick poly". Regards,Mike
  10. Once again The Model T Ford Club of Central Florida is having another T show and flea market.Same location as last year,J.Blanchard Park,just east of Orlando,Florida.This years event will be held on February 26,2005.No fees for show entrants.$10.00 fee for flea spot.Profits to a local charity just as in past years.Food vendors on site.Plan to arrive at 9AM.Awards given to early brass cars,later black era cars,peoples choice.Raffles and silent auctions.Contact Mike Bartlett 407/366-5616 or tcporl@bellsouth.net for directions.
  11. Don,About eight months back I posted the whereabouts of what I think was a Clement/Bayard in Bithlo,Fl. I must assume you didn't see that post.I have tried your email so as to pass on more info but it does not work.Please contact me at 407 366-5616. Regards,Mike
  12. UBB6-ML-213311-ML- moved to Buy/Sell by SalG
  13. Anyone have a need for parts from 51 chev 4 dr sedan.Body NG,but hood,drs.,trunk,some trim pcs and motor are there. tcporl@bellsouth.net or 407 521-6777
  14. Will try to find you all on Sat.Please look for my 11 T Torpedo.But first a nice Model T show this Sat.,2/28/04,in Orlando,Fl.If anyone is within earshot of this post,I can be reached at tcporl@bellsouth.net for directions to event.regards to all,Mike