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  1. I had an accident a number of years back. Ended up doing nearly 20k in damage to my car. Hagerty had it settled and a check in my hand in less than two weeks. Needless to say I have been thrilled with Hagerty.
  2. Want to buy a shop manual for a 1950 Mercedes Benz 170 S. Original or Copy is fine. Thanks.
  3. Going to search for awhile. Thanks though.
  4. yes, without the logo. Is yours in working condition? if so how much are you asking for it.
  5. Wanted .... Oil Pressure Guage for Chevrolet model 490, specifically 1918. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  6. You are correct. I have to learn how to master this old age thing or read. Whichever is easier. thanks
  7. There is a fellow in New Alexandria, PA that has a 1954 Skylark that he is just now talking about maybe selling. I have seen the car and it is a fully restored, national winner. Aqua blue in color. A really nice car and really NOT cheap. If you have interest in such a car I will gladly put you two together.
  8. $395 sounds like a great deal if you like it. Anything less would be a bonus. If you decide not to buy it I'll take it !
  9. Thanks very much. I appreciate the info dave
  10. Can I get some opinions please. I need your thoughts on the value of a 1989 TC. It has 15k original miles, the Maserati motor and a stick shift. Car appears to be brand new. This car is not mine and not for sale at this time. I just a feel for value. Your thoughts are appreciated. thanks
  11. Outstanding !! By the way Steve. Who was the dark haired fellow playing you ?
  12. Your request is a very tough order these days. The teens and 20's electrics are much easier to locate than the early ones. Though I suspect you already know that. The only one that I know of available at the moment is in St.Louis. I believe that it is a 1903 Columbia. I am not positive but think it is the Victoria style runabout body style. It is a restored car and appears quite nice. It is being offered by Mark Hyman a classic car dealer in St.Louis. I can tell you that these early Columbia electrics are great cars to drive (I have an 05) and quite easy to operate. Good luck in your search.
  13. DaveBerg


    You need to contact the Chief Judge for the meet. This would be: Ron Rubenstein Contact me via email at davbergltd@aol.com and I'll email you back a phone number. Sorry you have to miss the meet.
  14. Why not ask the tour organizers for a copy of the tour book. Buy it if need be. Then you can do the tour on your own or with friends somewhere down the road. While its not the same as being with the larger group it can still be a world of fun.
  15. Your vehicle is exactly the reason the DPC was created. We look forward to seeing it.