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  1. Speaking as a licensed auctioneer I can tell you that virtually all of those individuals and/or companies conducting auctions for a living carry some type of errors and omission insurance policy. Obviously in this case the auctioneer appears on the surface to have made an error. However, while that is the first place I would research I would also say that some element of fault is also with the consignor. Most if not all States require that a contract exist between the consignor and the auction company. That being the case the consignor would have had to approve the vehicle's description stated
  2. Authentic fenders for these cars are basically impossible. Many people who have restored them have used a bicycle fender of similar appearance, these have a wide flare in the center which is incorrect. I can't speak to the availability of the battery box though I suspect it is also difficult. I do not know what parts Jim Altman had remaining when he passed away or whatever became of those parts. I did trade him a parts car a long time ago. If you are at all near the Pittsburgh, Pa. you would be most welcome to stop by and examine and photograph my Auto Red Bugs. I have the electric as well as
  3. Dave, Welcome. My opinion, which is absolutely worthless is as follows: The Hotshot model was Crosley's intent to be a sports car. It was an open two seater somewhat similar in style to the European Sports cars of the time, albeit in most cases smaller. Given that, I believe that it belongs in the appropriate Class 25. For absolute clarification you would need to take the question to the Vice President of Technical Matters. That would be Sharon Lee. Sharon will verify it with the judging committee for you as to what class is indeed correct. As to the Farm O Road, if I recall that was sort of
  4. I would like to purchase two of each of the service stickers. Tell me how much to send and who to send it to. thanks.
  5. Not only may your Dodge be certifiable it is EXACTLY what the HPOF class was created for. Seeing it may be of great value to others. We had a region member that used to drive a 40 Packard 110 to Hershey every year for the HPOF class. He never washed it, he said it wasn't part of the necessary criteria. Finally so many of us gave him grief about showing a dirty car that one year he washed it. He kept it on his flea market spot prior to the show and someone came along and talked him into selling it to them. He has never forgiven us for embarassing him to the point of washing that great car. I'll
  6. I am in need of photos of a 1949 DeSoto Sedan. Any color will do. These photos are for personal use only and will never be used or displayed commercially for any purpose. Need a front photo, a back photo and one of each side. These can be mailed or emailed. Car used can be any condition other than junk. I will gladly pay for these. Contact davbergltd@aol.com thanks.
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