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  1. The Strongsville Holiday Inn was the site of my very first Buick National - having lived 'just up the road' in Rocky River. Many miles and many Buicks later, I am looking so forward to returning to my old stomping grounds!
  2. Way too funny. I had never heard that about Sky. That could open up the possibilities for buyers.
  3. These would look great on your modified Buick! Four (4) American Racing Polished Aluminum Torq Thrust wheels. Model 505-7863. 17 x 8. 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern. Offset +8mm. NEW - never on car. Purchased for a '67 GS that went away. Still in boxes, stored inside always, but one box and one hub went missing. Summit Racing has 505-7863s for $324.99 each. These are $1050 for all! Pick up in Central Florida.
  4. Vintage Pennsylvania 'Bicentennial' license plate. Perfect for a '53 Skylark. Good condition - but year stickers worn. $35 includes shipping.
  5. Four (4) American Racing Polished Aluminum Torq Thrust Wheels - Model 505-7863. 17 x 8. 5 x 4.75 bolt pattern. Offset +8mm. NEW - never on car. Purchased for a '67 GS which has since been sold. Still in boxes, always stored inside, but one box and one cap went missing. Summit Racing has 505-7863s for sale for $324.99 each. $1050. takes them all. Pick up in Central Florida
  6. Part #1231085. Believe Sportwagon tailgate switch from same era will also work. Any leads appreciated. Thanks, Paula
  7. Thank you Marv! Appreciate the lead. Paula
  8. Need inner and outer rocker panels, both driver and passenger sides. Also "body mount supports" - front and rear, left and right. These are the ones that are welded to the body. Please excuse the bad description. Posting for a friend, and this is what he told me. Thanks in advance for any leads! Paula
  9. BUICK ENGINES FOR SALE – 455 – 1973. Includes block, heads, stock intake & exhaust manifolds & valve covers. $400 or reasonable offer. 430 – 1968-69. Complete with intake & exhaust manifolds, distributor, fuel pump, air pump, starter, Rochester carb, valve covers and more. $400 or reasonable offer. Nailhead – Believed to be a 1953. Block, heads, valve covers, timing cover, flywheel. Make offer. Also – Turbo 400 Transmission. Make offer. All must be rebuilt. Located in Central Florida. Photos available. Please email Paula (BCA #6396, BDE #2) at Thanks!
  10. Finally got some photos of the nailhead. And I didn't even break a fingernail! Could not move it as the cradle it sits in is not in great shape so I couldn't photograph the other side. If it is a '53 would it be a 322? Any guesstimate as to the value? I do want to sell it, so I hope there is interest somewhere. Thanks for everyone's help!
  11. Hey RV- That's a great idea. Hopefully I can do that on Sunday. Getting the GN ready for NPD's big GM show ai Silver Springs on Saturday. Haven't had to detail anything for a long time!!!
  12. Mike - Sure appreciate your response. The driver's side is up against the wall!!! Maybe this weekend I will try to put an the floor jack under the cradle it sits in and see if I can move it enough to get to the number. I'll post it here when (and if) I find it. And yes, I can get my fingers dirty - just as long as I don't break a nail1 LOL! Thanks!
  13. Thanks to all for trying to help me ID this engine. I am having a really hard time trying to find numbers on this engine because: 1 - I can't move it because I weigh less than 20% of what it does, 2 - Scraping the dirt off is really an issue because I might break a fingernail, & 3 - Digging around in my garage in 4" high heels is really an issue. But seriously - I had listed the 1343840-4 number as the number on the HEAD, not on the engine block. I might know model numbers of Buicks, but I really don't know engine parts. Other numbers I found on other components include 1343872-1, 1342865-4, and a partial that looks like 13 388 that appears to be on the block. I do know it's a V-8. Previous occupants of my garage included a 1953 76C and a 1955 66C, so I am guessing that it may be a 322. Bottom like is I need as much help as I can get as I would like to off this engine (in addition to two others - 340 and 455) so I can have some $$$ to finish my GS Convertible Any thoughts as to what the nailhead may be worth? Again - thanks!
  14. Have a nailhead in my garage that hasn't see daylight in quite a few years. I have no way to move it, and was hoping someone could give me direction as to how to identify it. What numbers should I look for and where to look. I did find #1343840-4 on one of the heads. The numbers on the block itself are hard to see. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Paula
  15. Mr Earl - Have you found anyoneto transport that parts car? I may need one (not a parts car) transported from Grand Rapids, MI Thanks