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  1. Does that comment mean you do not care for this persons artistic concept Jeff??? How narrow minded can you get? If Henry had detractors like you, we would have all suffered a great loss, right?
  2. I still love the ones that say "there were only 453 1947 Continental coupes manufactured", most of us never dreamed that our cars were so rare, yesterday was a good day to be born, unless you are in Southern California. Sadly Nostradamus's prediction long ago set this time for the end of the world, fire and water, spooky
  3. Hey Phil, is Jerry's top correct on that Connie, especially the reddish beading and the black color? And aren't the wheels supposed to be body color? or are those the accessory stainless plate, can't see it very good, you are going to have to be our new expert on these beautiful cars--
  4. Hi Flat, the Ford starter is very similar, but the 5EH Lincoln starter is what you probally need, it has a longer out-put shaft, and a different than Ford bendix drive, it also requires a deeper cup on the back of the pan. I know a guy who I think has the starter you need, let me know at rolf@got.net and I will put you in touch with him
  5. Well thanks for the offer Cece, it may well be lounging in storage in the San Fernando Valley, they were an interesting car, the convertible top actually had a headliner in it that went down with the top, this one was green and had brown leather upholstery that was in pretty good shape, the car was nly 19 years olsd, but like all Zephyrs in that time period, virtually worthless, I will try the pic again, I need a little frustration
  6. Yes indeed Cecil, George started offering his convertible sedan at $100K some months ago, but he still got a lot more for the car than I did my conv.sedan in 1958, it's original engine was hopelessly tired, and I put a better '47 12 in it, had a new cheap top installed and sold it for $650, and made money on it!! Them definitly were the days
  7. Sorry guys, the key words are "Senile-Psychosis", it has been so long since I have seen an unbroken Postwar horn ring, I didn't recognise it, good luck Phil, someone will want it for sure
  8. Speak for yourself Phil, Lincoln did describe one of their early body styles as a sedan-coupe. As any fool can plainly see, I am as razor sharp as an over-ripe banana, and allowances have definitly to be made, for all of us-
  9. Rolf

    new toy

    Did see a cat on the job up on the cowl though, hurrah!!
  10. Rolf

    new toy

    I am sorry Rick, not Jeff, a little senility in the other post, but these pics all seem to be of a unrestored '42 sedan, not a coupe as they are labeled, am I missing something??
  11. Word of advice Jeff, just bid on the rare horn ring like Phil says, that wheel is not a gennie '42 which are supposed to be a greenish off white, it has the same inner core as all '42-'48's, and is mysterious because of it's lack of plastic on the outer rim, and the ersatz gold skinny center, looks like someone tried to mold it, a daunting task from my experience, and I have the molds!! Just brought your profile up by mistake, and noticed you are in to Zenith radios,, I have a really primo one with all the accessories for a '41 Zephyr or Connie, just gone through by Jake, and he says it plays
  12. The 337 Lincoln flathead V-8 was also used in Ford big trucks with solid lifters instead of the hydraulics in the L's. My Dad and I seldom agreed about anything, and notably Cads, he liked the Kettering engine, but he never kept them long enough to have the rest of the car start giving all the problems they were so prone too, a vastly overated car to my mind, then and now, Dad had a '72 Eldorado when he passed in '74, he used to say, "with 500 HP, who cares about gas mileage". My favorite late L's were the '53-'56 Capri's, nice looking cars
  13. BJM has obviously not driven a 337 Lincoln, they are a whole lot more than a 255 Mercury. My Dad was considering a new luxury car in 1949, and I read up on all of them in Motor Trend magazine, I recall Tom Mcahill, at the time a writer for MT, describing the Lincoln as "fast and thirsty", my dad never, a Ford lover, went with the Cadillac over the boxy, poorly syled Chrysler that year, and stayed with Cads all the rest of his life
  14. Ok Mike, I have a mold to do the outer rim on a '38 '39 Zephyr, the outside of the wheel measures 17 3/4", I know the '36's took the '36 Ford wheel, but I do not know it's measurement, if by chance it were the same, and you have a spare core, maybe?? I am slowly gaining on my steering wheels, but there have been many many setbacks
  15. Hi Mike, you know I have a very nice '36 radio head with the long underseat cables don't you?? that underseat location makes it perfect for installing a better aftermarket radio, and keep the original head in the dash, I also have a 6V/12V "upverter" so you can really have super sounds, and all the new stuff is out of sight, literally
  16. Rob, GE and other name brands are pretty much the same I think, and the size is the same as the original 6V bulbs, you will have to grind off the adjusting nubs though, as I believe they interfere with the HL doors
  17. I have a whole pile of odd postwar stainless strips, all far from new, but quite a few are usable, none of the long rocker strips that everybody needs, but a variety of the shorter pieces, cheap, email the lengths you need to rolf@got.net thanks
  18. Hi Vincent, it would be a simple cheap alternative, but the Ford lenses are a lot smaller, sorry
  19. These are on the LZOC parts for sale site at http://www.lzoc.org/classifieds/partsforsale.htm Thanks for looking
  20. We were talking about Zephyr and Continental window frames for the ragtops recently, and I recalled that I have a nice rechromed outer frame, it measures outside 24 7/8" long, 7" wide, Inside 23 1/2" long, 5 7/8" inside, width of the frame is 5/8", it has rounded corners and has provision for 16 retaining screws, unfortunately there is no glass or inner rim, could this be Lincoln?
  21. Try a set for a '49-'53 Mercury OD trans
  22. What are all those '42-'48 cars with all the dust that are tucked in behind the tires?? I have a buddy looking for something like that, Rolf
  23. Excellent point George, the '41's work the same way, and might be this man's problem, he just hasn't "turned the key on", even though he did turn the key, the button just didn't pop out, so the ignition did not go on
  24. Well thanks Dave, in another life I was sometimes called. "The Poor Man's Jack Benny". As far as overseas cars are concerned, I really have no quarrel with them, If a foreign owner is willing to put up with the grief and hardship of building a car without the safety net of a common language, experts who know the car, and examples of other cars nearby, I say more power to him, he has taken on a daunting task for sure-
  25. From the rather skimpy info you have provided, we have to make some assumptions, first the engine turns smartly when you push the starter button, right? When you lift off a spark plug wire and hold it 1/4" from the plug, and turn the engine over with the ignition on, you get a fat yellow spark right?? When you push the throttle rod, and look down the carb bowl, you are seeing gas spurt out the little nozzles right?? If all this checks out, try some starting fluid down the carb bowl, if there is still no fire, pull the spark plugs, clean or replace them, and take a compression check. Do not
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