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  1. Norm, you know Jake Fleming does radios, competently and reasonably don't you?? Good luck
  2. I hope I made it clear, that picture was of a hot air heater outlet, the defroster duct and flex conduits are basically the same on both types of heaters, but the hot water heater has an actual tiny radiator core in it with an attached motor and fan, the AC was a gag, my sons '41 is a resto-rod with a 302SBF, AOD, etc etc, the visible AC unit is an optional unit sold for '65 and'66 Mustangs, I am sure Cecil has one in his famous 'stang
  3. They used to be called "High-Ford" or group 2 batterys, you have probally got a cheap group 1 that has fewer plates and amp rating, years ago Sears had very good ones, but NAPA probally does too
  4. OOOPS, sorry, that of course is a hot air heater
  5. As much as I hate e-pay, stuff like heaters does show up from time to time, just get acquainted with what they look like, as the sellers seldom know what they are selling
  6. Glenn, the only logical answer for that one is that you are not grounded properly. The braided ground cable on the positive post of your battery is supposed to have a hole in it that bolts to the edge of the battery box before ending up with the big terminal on the headbolt of the engine. This will properly ground the body, and should solve the problem you are having
  7. Here is a picture of an AC in my sons '41 Z, keeps him cool in the San Fernando Valley, a little hard to install though
  8. Arvin was an after market heater, I believe '40 and '41 LZ were each very different, it would help if you told us which one you are needing, and perhaps pictures of it would be forthcoming, but if you plan to drive your Z this winter, stick with the Arvin until it warms up again
  9. Want to see a really tasteful custom 41? This rag top belongs to John Magee in NY
  10. Sorry, wrong car, I was looking at a lot of '41 club coupes back then, but they had to run, because of where I live, I will try another of that car that was sold in FL
  11. I am just wondering if this is this car that ended up being sold to a "street-rodder-customiser" in Florida a few years ago, he bought this very complete but non-running club coupe for under $10K, I had been trying to score the car when it was still in Utah, but I couldn't swing it, so there it went, cest la vie--
  12. When I ran an auto body school in the 1980's, a student named Manuel Rodriguez made a 3 window coupe out of his low-rider 67 Chevy, then upholstered the back seat area like a plush bordello, had a plaque on the dash that read, "Ass, Grass, or Gas, no one rides for free" Those were the days
  13. Rick, you might save yourself a heck of a lot of grief by just shooting the whole distributor and coil to Jake, he will check and adjust everything, rebuild your coil and properly synch the dist, trying to set the points is usually a can of worms, and the engine will seldom run right. Jake has a very fast turn around time, and the few bucks and a short wait will be well worth it, maybe beers all around after the exertion of arm-wrestling with Jim over all that '41 stuff, see ya
  14. Jim, I will take the transmission, the skirts, all the bumpers and guards, any of the dash stuff you don't want, the wheels, and the brakes, and pay you a reasonable fee to remove them and ship them to me, I would like the fenders too, but just do not have room to store them, thank you, Rolf rolf@got.net
  15. 16H56 is of course the designation for 1941 Continental cabriolet, 1940 would be 06H, 56 for the Connie, 76 for the Z convertible, faux gold plating was used on the LC handles, and were the regular custom trim option on Z's, but all had a darker brown plastic knob than the standard interior Z's, as far as the shorter '40 Z handles, check with Jeff he has the only one of those animals I know of, hope that is of help-
  16. Jeff, back in the '50's I had both a 41 Connie and a '41 Zephyr with almost perfect graining, but now after so long I can only say I am not certain, memory and all that you know, but the dark ones are like the Connie I think, and Walker's is very close color wise, not sure about the patterns on either, I have a bare '41 dash here, but all that is left of the color is the light brown or tan base coat, as a father in law I had used to say, "Don't get old, you won't like it", but there is this picture from the 1941 owners manual, that may show the pattern, even if it is black and white-
  17. Very definitely one of the rare 1941 four door sedans referred to in a previous post, very stripped, no push-buttons for the doors, or skirts, but it does have the front and rear end, maybe 4 hard to find '41 wheels, a valuable set of brakes, all the interior stuff, and what is up front in the way of bumpers and grilles?? I would sure take a serious look, maybe not for $1500, but for some less, and think what a creative person could do with a cutting torch and a MIG welder, staggers the imagination, and makes the stomach turn as well
  18. It's funny Jeff, until the advent of "Scrape" and the "$400K Street Rod", which incidentally has a very beautiful V-12 powering it, Zephyrs and Continentals were never really "hot-rodded" much, the 12's were almost always replaced with various OHV engines, but seldom hopped up. It is an interesting observation you just made about the number of cars that keep popping up, the published production numbers are so totally bogus, you wonder where these sellers get them, for instance, "For Sale, 1941 Lincoln Zephyr 4 door sedan, only 700 actually produced." We know there are almost that many owned
  19. Hey Bill, do you ever wonder why these guys who don't know an old Lincoln from a Chevy S-10 keep asking these questions, get the answers, and then go ahead and do something else?? I love old L's, and to talk about them, but??? Give me a break!!!
  20. The plugs L's came with are Champion H-10's, that are used now mostly in lawn mowers and other small low compression engines, and may not be of sufficient quality for a 12, some have reported that H-10-c's work OK in V-12's, Autolite also makes a very close in heat range plug, I forget the number. The gaps on the plugs are .025, regular 30 weight motor oil was correct for the water pumps
  21. I don't believe I ever did either, most of the junk Z's I partsed out in the '50's wouldn't run, so to get the valuable rear brakes off them, I had to have a good puller, my experience was that the KR Wilson type was head and shoulders beyond any other type of puller, the re-pros were $130 the last time I checked
  22. A while back there was a post about the various 10" clutch discs used on the Z's, I just came across 5 very used ones, some rust, some with usable lining, $10 and shipping will provide you more research criteria than you will probally ever need rolf@got.net
  23. These radios are all the same for Continentals and Zephyrs and Customs, the one I have is in exceptionally good condition, rust free, has the rare frequency adjusting wrench, just gone through by Jake Fleming, who says it plays very nice, the floor selector button is junk, but the braided cable is in great shape, it has the original face plate and all the knobs in usable condition, if you could use it, give me a shout at rolf@got.net thank you
  24. So it's a ugly car, not a political issue, do you remember Yugo's from some years back? Now theres ugly
  25. I have noticed that too, the re-done wood-grains seldom are even close to the original in pattern or color, a real shame as the wood-grains on Z's and Connies before the war were really works of art
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