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  1. It actually looks like I have found an acceptable, affordable '41 club coupe to combine with my '83 T-bird, any body been through this process that can offer some guidance??? Thanks in advance, Rolf
  2. He found one!!! Thanks for all your help, <BR>Rolf
  3. Hi Bill, yes, those are called "Senior Moments", I have them far too often myself, I hate to think how many dead LZ coils I have thrown away without realising that some day a fellow would master rebuilding them. Good luck, Rolf
  4. Hi Bill, can only wish you a lot of luck in getting a 12 volt Zephyr coil, to my knowledge they never made one, all of the '36-'48 model Lincolns had 6 volt systems, it is possible that this clever fellow Fleming in Texas could build you one, but suspect you would have to have a core, also you could use a voltadrop to lower the 12 volt back to 6 volt for a stock coil, good luck, Rolf
  5. Hi Flatlander, was just checking on glass for a '41 club coupe I am contemplating buying, and talked to these folks by e-mail, hope it helps, Rolf<P>trisha@crystal-glass.net<P>I am assuming that<BR>you are looking for a price on the door glass, vent glass, quarter glass and<BR>windshield. the back glass is bent (curved) and is not available locally. it<BR>is available in the midwest area. I will check to see if I have the patterns<BR>for this vehicle, pricing is as follows :<BR>Windshield $190.00<BR>Vents $79.00 each<BR>Doors $
  6. Hi Power, there is really no reason why the electrodes on the distributor caps and the rotor should wear enough to cause problems, the thing you have to watch out for at this time is for the coil breaking down because of age, there is a guy in LZOC in Dallas Texas named Jake Fleming, at(214) 333-3197, who rebuilds original coils, he might be a good guy to ask about the caps as well, but I think a $60.00 rebuild on the coil will put you back in business. Good Luck, Rolf
  7. Hi, I moved to the L A area in 1952, and got my first Zephyr yhere in '54, a '40 club coupe. At that time Zephyrs were a draught on the market, and the Lincoln Mercury dealers of the time looked down their noses at them. There was a large prestigous Lincon dealer at the time there, but it was not Coberly, the name is right on the tip of my brain, and if I recall it will add it to this post. A friend has tracked his '39 sedan to the dealer in Oklahoma City that is still in business, he hopes to get them to sponsor him in the "Great Race" when he gets the car running. Stand by for the dealer
  8. My first hunch is that you are crosswired, check it by using the information provided on this forum in the post titled '40 V12 firing order, if that is Ok, next step is to have the distributor "strobed", which is merely being set with a good distributor stroboscope, by a technician who knows how, if that doesn't work either, there may be serious internal problems in the engine, also check the cooling fan, sometimes they lose a blade, which can cause a vibration, good luck, keep us updated, Rolf
  9. Hi Scott, your calamity may not be all that bad, if it is just the usual one rivet gouge in the drum, you can replace the bad lining and continue to run the gouged drum, it will not affect your stopping at all, and will do no further damage, at least it never did for me, I hardly ever had brake drums turned, just found it wasn't necessary, just one man's opinion, of course, oh yes, some one produces a sleeve that can be installed in the original drum, I believe it is available for 12" Buick brakes, check with a brake supply, Rolf
  10. Hi Bill here is a flathead, not the one you wanted but the 4" crank might help you change your mind, hope it helps, Rolf<P>ebay 559428396 1950 Mercury Flat Head V-8 Motor & Trans. <BR>
  11. Hi Bill, thank you, now it is all a bit clearer, would you consider selling the V-12 out of the parts '40?? My buddy really needs one for his '39 Zephyr, thanks, Rolf
  12. Hi Bill, well I love nothing more than providing comedy relief, perhaps you would do all of us of who seek to serve and promote this site a service by being a bit more up front with us about your goals, good luck, Rolf
  13. <A HREF="http://www.btc-bci.com/~billben/carclub1.jpg" TARGET=_blank>http://www.btc-bci.com/~billben/carclub1.jpg</A> <P>Hi Bill, you might try this website for help about flathead V-8's, there is a segment titled "Flathead Chronicles" that pretty well tells you which is what, do you want the flathead to put into a Zephyr? That was very common years ago, good luck, Rolf
  14. Hi Scott, your V-12 should sound like two 6 cylinder engines at once, possibly a little loud for many sedate Lincoln owners taste, but different for sure. Good luck, Rolf
  15. My first car was a '30 Model A coupe out of a junkyard, cost me $35.00 of paper route money, had a cracked block, but I had the fastest 3 cylinder A-Bone on the block. Don't think I would want it back, sure would some of my Lincoln Zephyrs, though.
  16. Rolf

    38 lincoln

    Hi, I recall an article in the Way of the Zephyr magazine in the last year or so, that has a '38 Lincoln "special" on the cover, it had a script saying "special" on the right hand grille, and was a well documented article about an unusual car. The issue asked the provocatrive question, "What is it?" Much the same as you have. I suspect you have run across a rare bit of LZ history.
  17. I saw an article many years ago in a magazine I believe, I sort of repressed it because it was quite complex with many steps and many products, and it seemed that if one step was messed up, it was back to stripping the dash again and starting over. I am sure there are specialists who do the job, I am sorry that I don't know any, Rolf
  18. Hi Roy, there is someone from Florida advertising in TWOZ about authentic reproductions of upholstery for Continentals, toll free nunber is a plus, (800)365-5764. Good Luck, msybe he knows about Zephyr material???
  19. Hi, maybe you could get some clues on your questions from Grayson Henry, a few posts, down, that is a superb job on that '40 Connie. There is a process to re-do wood graining that is very good, but as I recall was very demanding and time consuming. Never took the Zephyr body off the frame, seems like it would be a logistical nightmare without a lot of very sophisticated equipment, for myself, I found a simple pick up truck was a hassle, just my 2 cents, good luck, Rolf
  20. Hi things are a little sluggish on this board, but just on the off chance that someone has a model H V-12 engine they would part with, My buddy Doug in Oklahoma sure needs one for his '39 Zephyr sedan, any leads or help appreciated, and it would be great to see a little more action on this board, it is a great, much needed idea, thanks
  21. Hi, still looking, any condition, un-restorable OK, I am a body man, if it is there I can fix it, thank You, Rolf
  22. Partly answering my own question in an article in TWOZ, it was stated that a normal '41 Zephyr has a wheelbase of 125 inches, from centers of front and rear wheels, seems long to me, but would still like to know the tread across from the center of the rear tires, anyone with a zephyr and a tape measure?? Thank you, Rolf
  23. Hi, after looking all through my tons of literature, I can not find any specs for the wheelbase and tread for a '41 Zephyr. Would sure like to know, thanks in advance, Rolf<P>------------------<BR>
  24. Without knowing more about your specific case, it seems obvious that replacing a 50 to 60 year old radiator with a new one of upgraded and superior components would be desirable. My guess is that a show quality used radiator would be more expensive than a rebuilt, good luck
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