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  1. Yeah, that '37 stovebolt 3rd from the left looks really out of place, most everything else looks to be Ford, but what is that car on the far left of the pic?? Hudson, Caddy??-
  2. Great Pic Jeff, isn't that a puff of smoke in the rear, is it possible 12's smoked even when new?? Iron pistons and all. My Dad used to wear a hat like those guys are wearing, seemed really square then, but very cool now, hope you have one when you go cruising in your 06H-76-
  3. All of this almost makes me glad I can't drive anymore, and that my last car was a 1941 LZ, my '83 'bird was a good car except for the radiator and cooling system, hoses and such, but all seem to agree that the new cars are an expensive pain, and even Jeff's old Pontriac with an 8 track is better than what passes for transportation today, VIVA the oldies!!-
  4. Did you ever follow a Corvair on the freeway Bill?? after a short while your car would need a complete detailing because of all the oil thrown back on it out of that little oil soaked grille/vent under the bumper. And I guess you didn't keep it long enough to have the rear motor mount fail, and the drain plug in the engine leave a scarred trail in the asphalt to where the Corvair awaited a tow, but I guess Ralph was wrong, as he definitly was about the Pinto and the gas tanks, I did some research on the case that was cited because my Mom had a '72 Pinto, lousy car, but the gas tanks got a rea
  5. Yeah Cecil, I don't think Ralph ever had a quarrel with 'cycles, he probally realises that most sane people regard them as somewhat dangerous, whereas the corvair was touted as an economy car anyone could drive with the same degree of safety as any GM car, but as you remember, that erroneous assumption by many, led him to write, "Unsafe At Any Speed", BRAVO Ralph, a strange but honest man with a lot of insight, I wish it were possible for him to come to the top of the clowns shaping up for this election, we need him, and I really hope they will let him debate this time-
  6. Probally about as close as you are to the "Y" bridge in Zanesville, you can cross over it and exit on the same side of the river you started from, all the time singing the official state rock song, "Hang On Sloopy", you see Jeff, no one person or place is perfect-
  7. No argument here Phil, definitly the most beautiful car ever built, you have done a great job of bringing it back, and I never heard of a Connie or a Z flipping over if you turned too sharp, and your hood spear is pointed backwards isn't it?? Oh well you know us left-coasters, always seeing thing wrong-
  8. Just heared that Ralph Nader is running for pres again. at this point I will probally vote for him for the third time. Jeff you rugged independent free enterprisers just keep shipping all of the jobs to China etc, watch all your friends get swindled out of their housing, and hate Nader for getting a really horrible unsafe joke of a car off the market, the Corvair of course, yet another General Motors Masterpiece. Probally better to keep politics off this forum, I will if every body else does, and after all, our present inspired leaderis almost gone, such a shame, so few really appreciate all
  9. Thanks again Phil, no spaces in the title and the HTML and UBB enabled, maybe someday I will learn all of the protocol, but don't hold your breath-
  10. If you want to see the picture of it, send me an e-mail, rolf@got.net I can't believe this picture gismo on here!! Must have been designed by Lucas in England!!-
  11. There was a discussion about custom trim a while back, here is the way we handled it with a customers custom Cluster, we could find no way to do the original Macoid Gold, so we had the outer housing (bezel) and the inner ring gold plated, was not as expensive as I thought it would be, and has a really super nice, deep finish-
  12. I am reminded of when I did see a '35 V-16 Cadillac, an impressive sight to be sure!! You needed a crane to open one side of the hood-
  13. Hey you '39 HL guys, Phil's picture above ought to stir your juices, Jeff, it appears that anybody that wants anything should have it for free or less, am I understanding you right??-
  14. Beautiful '42 Rough, in it's day, there was a "Red Ryder" on the radio, but if I had your car, it would be called "Maroon Ryder". The glare in the picture makes it look like your front left hubcap is plain, without the unique '42 plaque, is that true?? And I think the '42 Zephyrs had a different hood side trim, did that hold true for the '42 Connie?-
  15. No Wes, that was not a factory option. Most were changed when the V-12 went south and a replacement was necessary, the Ford and Merc flatheads were available from wrecked cars in the wrecking yards, and the owner or someone he hired installed it, some say that dealers used to install other engines in L's, but I have never confirmed that, crate engines are a recent phenomonen-
  16. Hey C, I have found on several occasions the original horn button on the back side that fits in to the wheel often has the best preserved original color, if it was painted, often a light washing with lacquer thinner on a rag will reveal a very good semblance of the original color, and believe me they do vary, but the horn button and the wheel are usually the same shade, and I don't believe the '40 maroons were translucent, which makes matching a lot easier-
  17. Hey all you older guys, just saw an old movie for the first time, and it will take you right back to 1948, and yes there is a beautiful '48 Connie coupe, and a '41 LC cabriolet, besides gobs and gobs of other old cars, the flick is called "Two Jakes" Nicholson, Keitel, Meg Tilly as a "femme fatal" of all things, touted as a sequel to "Chinatown", but Nicholson has swapped his '35 Ford convertible sedan for a '48 Hudson convertible, and a intricate involved plot in the best tradition of the old mysteries, highly recommended-
  18. Yes Jeff, Ford Mercury and Lincoln V-12, 44 teeth bolt on type, the earlier ones pressed on. It is advised to use an aluminum gear in the Lincoln V-12, as there is a great deal more load on it than the V-8's, the Ford part # is 7RA-6256-B, try to get a gennie, Dennis Carpenter is said to be good for stuff like that. The aluminum gears wear very little, so a used one will be good to use-
  19. Simple rule I use is '39 down had 100 MPH speedos, '40 and up have 110. Hole size in the dash is the same size on '39 to '41, all 3 take the 96H bezel and the same glass size. Enhancing the '40 instrument backgrounds, and restoring the writing that fades so badly has presented a problem for me, as well as the scarcity of '40 needles-
  20. Well obviously that is not Dan Eash' '41 steering wheel, nice rearend, but I am not sure of the car coming down the street, Olds?? Sone other kind of general motors masterpiece?? OH well, I tried, Phil, you have to give me two brownie points-
  21. Hi C, I have done a little research on steering wheels, and there were two colors in 1940, the standard tan on the non custom interiors and a maroon wheel on the custom, I was never able to ascertain whether it was the translucent maroon like a '46-'48 Lincoln, or a darker solid maroon that I have seen in pictures, the age may change them, but the one I saw was supposedly a NOS in the original packaging, and it appeared to be a very dark solid maroon, so you might check to see if your black one was re-painted, or is in fact a very dark maroon that looks like black. To answer your question, th
  22. Hey Harley, do they quote the old line in Ohio that says,"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"?? Sure seems to apply to that stunning '48, but I think you should concentrate on finding an almost impossible correct air cleaner, and clamshell horns, the parts book lists them for '48 Connie only, yet little is ever said about them. Light colors always enhance Connie coupes I think, whereas the rag tops I like better in Black and Maroon-
  23. As one who made the very trip you contemplate to Detroit from LA in a '41 Connie cabriolet in 1956, see pic, without the OD hooked up, I ran the car at 60-70 MPH on Route 66 both ways, the only breakdown I had was the right hand water pump cashed in as we hit the ridge route going in to LA on the way back, for you, a pair of Skips water pumps will circumvent that event, and just a spare distributor and coil for insurance, and of course a fresh rodded out radiator and new tires, and a reliable, low mileage V-12 should make the trip with ease, other here will probally disagree, but they have nev
  24. I have no idea where that sports car came from, it was supposed to be another one of the V-12???? Go figure
  25. Hey Abe, maybe this little honey would get you down to the store and back, think?? No details except it was built by a guy named Larry Epworth, and has 353 CI, must be stroked too to have that many, buddy of mine said it would be a sight with that blower doing 7K, standback!!
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