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  1. I have about 100 or more old relined brake shoes in various sizes, quite a few 12"ers, these have the old style lining, but they are brand new, never used, I wonder if the linings could be removed and rebonded on to our Lincoln shoes?? I have never heard of this being done, or could imagine any reason to do it before our wonderous new age here in the 21st, but any input would be welcomed-
  2. That very nice '40 sedan has a lot of inconsistent things, custom dark maroon steering wheel with a standard interior?? A postwar heater switch? The '39 Ford transmission, would fit all right by mixing and matching parts, but me and Abe have got to see the Air Conditioning and Power brake installation-
  3. The spectacular very dark green, (looked black at night) was identified as Spode Green in '41, not sure it was carried on after the war-
  4. Yes, the clock and radio opening are way different, and some of the controls too as I recall-
  5. Someone asked about this a long long time ago, several years at least, and we found the retailer in NY, but as I recall they were discontinuing them, and the person we were helping got their last one, I can't remember the seller at all, talk about SR moments, but I personally had to yank off some rear drums a while back, and I borrowed a KR Wilson repro from a friend, and it worked so slick it was unbelievable, perhaps someone can remember that source that used to sell them, maybe they have gone to China, and can now offer them for $5.99 per, or maybe not, I really don't know. We always used
  6. Hey you Connie guys, '40 nd '41 have the same speedo and all the same instruments, except the ammeter, '41, and the battery condition guage, '40, the bezels, backgrounds, and color on the guages are all the same, and seem to be the basic '40 instruments, which discolor badly, and can be a real problem to restore, I have been fooling around with a bunch of marginal '40 guages I have, no clear solution yet-
  7. Your PM does not work, I have typed for 1/2 an hour and it is all gone, look at my ad on http://www.lzoc.org/classifieds/Partsforsaletitle.gif and remember that Z body's do not un blt from the frame like most old cars, they are welded like a modern uni-body
  8. Much better Phil, thanks a lot, looks like I will have to re-name thousands of old pictures, but Jeff loves these grainy black and whites so much, I will just have to keep throwing them out there for Phil to fix, fun, fun-
  9. Slick looking rig V-12, but your '48L has a lot more under hood clearance than Harry's '48 Continental, your performance report is just what every V-12 owner that wants a little more "oomph" wants to hear, and more carbs was the answer way back when my '40 club coupe surprised a lot of people in 1954, and by your experience they still do, I had a progressive linkage 3 jugger then, and the "hot" new Olds 88's were my meat, 20 year olds liked to street-race back then, now I guess the rice-burners still do, but I treasure my memories, here is a pic of my "sleeper", I am the tall guy on the right-
  10. Hey Zoot, I have a lot of '41 parts, no fenders or skirts, but nice clear rear window glass, the curved one, all the rest is flat, I know where there is a choice set of 3 window doors, and I have a very nice panel under the deck lid, write me off forum, I have a lot of other stuff too-
  11. Hey Mike, your comments on the '37 sedan are right on, I agree 100%, however if Harry can get Holleys, to run right on a dual set-up, it would be a big plus, as they are much more trouble free, and correct for his '48, even if harder to jet down, of course he does need holley push to open 3 hole bases. My old boy stromberg guy is Mad Max, he ain't cheap, but he has some of these venerable old '97's that can be jetted to run superbly, just as Lee has in the engine posted earlier, a set of Ford Holley bases using his throttle shaft and plates out of his 4 hole bases is a very good option for Ha
  12. The thing is Zoot, our car is a 5 window club coupe with a back seat, the 3 window only has a front seat, sometimes little jump seats in back. SBF is small block Ford, the one Doug used was a '68 Cougar 302, AOD is automatic overdrive transmission, AC is air conditioning, you would think that little V-8 would look like a peanut in the engine compartment, but truth is it is getting a little crowded. The rear end-front end-brakes etc are all out of a '82 Continental, grafted on to the Z frame, and the result is a fast comfortable "resto-rod" we are quite proud of, here are a few more pics of i
  13. I guess for all you youngsters that is really the way to do a poor old '37 sedan, can we expect it on Barret-Jackson soon??-
  14. Hey Zoot, I can't figure out if you have a '41 Continental coupe or a zephyr, I thought you were looking for zephyr skirts, and I can assure you those production figures are way way bogus, it seems to me I have seen over 850 Z coupes my own self, if it is a Z, is it a 3 window or a 5 window? Here is a pic of a rusted out old hulk my son started to build for me, but then I got so I couldn't drive, so he has it now, SBF, AOD and all Late Lincoln power brakes AC etc etc, he has kept it all stock on the outside, and it is starting to look pretty good I think, guys who customise these cars usually
  15. Harry, the "chrome" bands were probally the wide stainless steel "beauty rings" that fit on the 15" wheels, why they would call them chrome I would have no idea, I am working on a set as we speak, and thankfully they are very much stainless steel, otherwise I wouldn't have a ghost of a chance to repair them-
  16. I just had to share this pic of Lee Hopkin's '39 V-12, is that gorgeous or what??-
  17. Tom, Ditzler paint used to put out a booklet for early Ford colors, trim and body, hard to believe that was 30+ years ago, and of course in those days they were acrylic enamels and lacquers. As the paints have changed so radically since then it is doubtful they have re-formulated the old colors, and we all may be in the same boat as colorite, but there is always color matching, especially if you have a sample, and some times the hi-tech color analysers come up with something close, you have to have a flat sample for them to scan though, good luck, keep us updated to your solutions, a very com
  18. Kieth, I believe both Naragansett Repros and Herrel have that item, compare their prices-
  19. Zoot, E-pay is notorious for mis-information, you might measure the inner opening of your Z fender, then ask the seller to measure the outer rim of his skirt, and see how they compare, if the difference is less than an inch or so, it may well be a Zephyr skirt, I have a left hand Z skirt that I have been meaning to repair, but I never seem to get to it, where are you located?-
  20. No Zoot, great name from the past, welcome, the fenders and skirts for a Z and a Connie are quite a bit different as many have sadly found out when trying to interchange them, but there is a ready market for both, so a trade should be pretty easy. The connie pieces are slightly longer where they bolt to the body, and where the skirts fit-
  21. Hey Chris, looks like you are setting about to reproduce the whole early Lincolns in total, a noble and ambitious task. Long ago we talked about my steering wheel molds, I have them for '38-'39, '40-'41, and '42-'48, and my health and klutziness have made it impossible for me to use these molds to produce a good non-cracking poly-urethane wheel for around $400-$500, using the armature, (frame), from an old cracked original, so if you or anyone would be interested in purchasing these molds from me, contact me at rolf@got.net and we will talk it over, thank you-
  22. Thank you Cecil for a flashback to all the nonsense ever ascribed to our poor maligned engines, If any of these Shakespeares's that knew so much had ever driven a really good V-12, there were a few aound, especially way back, they never would have written such tripe, and if they might have checked their facts a little bit, like the number of folks who have bored their 2 15/16 1942 engines out to 3 1/16 standard Ford size, with no problems, and the totally bogus timeline on the Ford flathead V-8's, this article may have been best never written, so when the many present owners of these cars and
  23. It looks like the old timey red suspense sticker you stuck on your windshield until your new license plates arrived-
  24. Maybe, I defer to those with sharper eyes than me-
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