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  1. That may be a good idea Norm, but the fact is the starter turns normally when thr engine is cold, and only slows when it is hot, I vote that it needs more break in time, and after 1000 miles or so it will be starting hot fine, I hope anyway
  2. Norm, Unless I am missing something large here, and the engine still turns over slowly with the plugs out, then the problem is in the battery, cables, or starter, as the time required to pull all 12 plugs would allow it to cool down a lot, it might be interesting to take a compression check while you have the plugs out, compression from 100 to 125 PSI could cause it to turn a lot more slowly too, as far as slippery oils or additives, I do not have much experience, so I would just try to get a solid hunch from reading the blurbs on the cans at the parts house, I have used rislone in the past, b
  3. Well Norm, logic says that a problem like you describe has got to be the pistons. They are the only thing in the engine that expands much. I think rebuilders who know the V-12's propensity to burn oil, err to the tight side when setting up the pistons in the bores. It could be a good thing if your engine will finally break in, and shed the tight spots, It might result in a long lasting, good running engine. Personally, I would drive it several 100 miles, and leave it running until you return home, park it, try to start it, if it still won't, let it cool, and drive it some more, an additiv
  4. I am afraid there is little else to say to Abe, Jeff, his mind is made up, and we don't want to bore or startle him with facts, great entertainment if nothing else, but just one thing, if he was back to 6 volts with proper resistors and a Jake distributor, he would be amazed at how well that old Connie would run!! Might even get better gas mileage too
  5. Au Contraire Dave, remember the OK used car chapter in "Grapes of Wrath"?? I first read it when I was 12 years old, and then the travails of pushing, often literally that old car along route 66 to the "Promised Land"?? WOW! And then getting the model T truck up Carmel hill in "Cannery Row", hilarious, incidentally, Nick Nolte and Deborah Winger did a very enjoyable version of "Cannery Row" in the '80's I think, not very authentic story wise, but well done technically, and I think, very funny, Nick even drives a non restored '36 Ford cabriolet. I have that piece on pulling the dash cluster
  6. Well you know Dave, it is funny, with it getting harder and harder for me to do physical things anymore, I have been considering doing some writing. I am certainly no John Steinbeck, but I can usually make myself understood, and I have some experience in the LZ, L and LC area, and with a staff of friends I could call on when my faltering memory fails, and set me right when I get off the track, so if you want, give me an assignment of something of interest to you, I will give it a shot, and if Dave Cole sees fit to print them, so be it, let me know, Rolf
  7. Glenn, I believe Le Baron-Bonney makes kits for Connies, used to anyway, a bit pricey probally, some of the guys have used a place called Fryers Upholstery Kits in WA, the jobs I have seen look very nice, I dont have their web-site address, but they have one, and you can google it, good luck
  8. And no one is holding a gun to your head Jeff, it wouldn't look right in your '40 anyway, and that is the outright price with no trade in, a rechromed housing, and everything else furnished, this is not a bogus "get rich" scene, that is a legitimate price, Rolf
  9. My very well done and informative issue arrived yesterday, I am not sure what Jeff is unhappy about, I still think we are blessed with having one of the best car club magazines anywhere, and can hardly be held responsible for folks who forgot to kill their ads before they passed away-
  10. I know most of you are tired of my many tirades about the uselessness of 12 volts on these old Lincolns, but you will see that this thread will get exceedingly long, and expensive as Abe goes through a number of coils, condensers, and points, you just said it yourself Abe, 6.4 volts to 1 side of the coil!! Way Way too much, but what does an old fogey like me know, go ahead and prove me wrong Abe, and please rub my nose in it, always looking for "new and improved" products, but as most of us know, they seldom are, and the way a lot of these cars have run for 70 years is ok
  11. No Dave I don't still think the stock 6 lobe cam is right, they have to be changed to a Ford 4 lobe, I dis-remembered again, a more and more frequent occurence unfortunately. The way the caps are altered that we got is a very sanitary way to do it, looks like they should work just great. Now Johnny, the pre-war hot-rod builder, wants to find a 91T or 99A early Mercury or Ford big truck engine block, he has a 59A block, but of course they are post-war, and I am inspiring him to stay as pure pre-war as possible, he also wants a '41 L OD transmission, he has the trans gears already, of interest
  12. SUCCESS!!! We managed to out-snipe the snipers and got this thing for a reasonable price, ($300) it is complete with 2 coils, and should do the trick, thanks for the advice and the interest, Rolf
  13. Rolf

    Resto Rods

    Yes indeed, this debate has been raging for a long long time, I got my first Z in 1954, and my first Connie in '55, it had a hopped up flathead V-8 in it, and with the low rearend gears, would scoot along very nicely. I joined the LCOC shortly after that, and all they talked about in their mag, Continental Comments, was the importance of jettisoning the poor old V-12, and replacing it with a Cad or Olds V-8, with a hydramatic transmission, and of course open drive. My first Z had a superb 12 in it, and I hopped it up a bit and used to street race it, I loved the smoothness and power of it,
  14. Thanks Dave, message received, and bid is placed with a high max, please nobody bid against me, black41lz, we need this one for this prewar hot-rod, Rolf
  15. Sounds like a classic case of "upgrading" to brand new 12 volt cables, that won't carry the load, a lot of guys on here have faced that one, good luck
  16. I saw a bunch of posts about this subject a short time ago, but I can't find them now, so I will add my 2 cents worth here. My view is that is that it is best to keep our Z's and Connie's as original as possible, but often when the car is too incomplete, damaged, and not worthwhile to restore, I for one have no quarrel with a person modifying them any way they want, I just hate to see a nice straight complete original car used for these projects. My recent experience was that in '02, I got the itch for another '41 club coupe, I love the looks of the darn things, and found a very sad incomple
  17. Thanks Phil, you must be a genius, I could never get the old software to work hardly ever either, but there they are, as large as life, great--
  18. One more time, maybe it is the - mark it doesn't like, I have removed it, this should not be as hard as making steering wheels
  19. Well, I didn't hold my mouth right I guess, one more try
  20. Some of the pictures of this thing were re-sized, and so it is time for me to try to include a picture of this early '47, on which the trim is like a '46, this should be fun, stand by
  21. A guy near me in Central California has a '47 sedan for sale, it is mostly all there except for the engine and transmission, it needs just about everything, glass chrome paint upholstery and a lot of TLC, he will deliver it a reasonable distance, and for the $2500 he is asking, I would say it was most likely a parts car, he sent me some huge pictures that I could forward to you, doubt even the "new and improved" photo rig would handle them on this site, so write me at rolf@got.net and I will forward them to you
  22. And they wouldn't even let me finish my subject, which was "it". This forum is a valuable resource for those of us interested in these cars, I wonder why the powers on high in the AACA are determined to make a mockery of it?? Anyone got any answers?? Rolf
  23. Sounds good, Dave, I wrote one proposal to you off line, but I know you sometimes are slow looking at your e-mails, but an alternative is for you to trade for the Z ignitions he was going to get from me, with Jake rebuilt coils, and lots of cases and extra parts, looking forward to hearing from you, Rolf
  24. Ralph, the rule of thumb on V-12 oil pressure is, "If it has some, and the lifters are quiet, it is fine", 30-40 lbs at cruising speed is above average, your L only has a guage that goes to 50 lbs, and half way on the guage is normal, so, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"--
  25. Bob Mead just posted my updated parts list on the LZOC parts for sale site, a few changes, Rollerman, there are 2 long 1/4 inch bolts running through the center of your starter motor that secure it to the pan, there is also the angled brace at the rear that is attached to a pan bolt, and one of these long bolts
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