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  1. Does anyone know what late teen cars used small box shaped Westinghouse starters?
  2. Right or Left? Model # ? Do you have picture? I have two or three. Tom
  3. Thanks Rusty. The generator will be rebuilt, the Amp gauge wires un-crossed and the battery connected with a positive ground. I think I will go with a regulator.
  4. I have '34 Packard Std 8 which I have owned for about a year. I ground and reseated the valves and it runs quite well. A few days a go it stopped charging. The orginal Packard cutout had been replaced with a more recent version, still a cutout, but not working. The brushes did not appear to be making good contact, but before removing it, the cutout was bypassed and the generator seemed to working a little. The issue was it seemed to be set up for a negative ground system. The battery is difficult to see, so I took it. The negative was the ground. It seemed to work this way. The generator is at the shop; does it change the wiring? I am a little lost as how to proceed. Any suggestions? Thanks Tom
  5. It is a gear pump? I may try loosening a cap on top with the motor running to see what happens. Thanks, Tom
  6. Tom Timmins

    Carter BB1

    I cleaned my BB1 with similar results. Simply soaking the carb parts did not work. The jet tubes are very small and clog easily. Spraying cleaner in the tubes and blowing them out with an air hose solved the problem.
  7. I have a 1911 Regal motor that was rebuilt some years ago but never used. It has an oil pump mounted on the backside of crankcase, but no way to verify that it is actually working. The car is done and ready to go but I am concerned about the oil. Any ideas?
  8. Want to buy a mid teens Westinghouse starter. The unit is box shaped not round. Working or rebuildable. Thanks, Tom
  9. Any chance you an early Buick gas gauge?
  10. '17 Dort with broken axle. Is it okay to take a similar axle and machine it to fit? What are the problems? I don't know who made the rear end. If a new one must be made, what is the correct grade of steel? Will it need to be heat treated? Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. Has anyone ever powder coated leaf springs on any early car with exposed springs? If it was successful, how long did last?
  12. Are there any new improved ways to remove a heavy layer of Bondo from fenders? It is +/- 1/8" thick. Fenders will be off the car.
  13. I would like to buy copies of any manuals, parts books, etc. for a 1917 Dort Fluer de Lis that will help in a restoration. Also missing the distributor. Thanks, Tom
  14. I would like to purchase copies of any manuals, parts books, etc. that will help me with the restoration on a 1917 Dort Fluer de Lis. Also missing the distributor. Thanks, Tom
  15. Two questions. Do you determine if a generator turns CW or CCW looking at the shaft end? What is the difference between an "A" and a "B" circuit ?
  16. Thanks! 2 days I ordered the service letter package from Faxons. I was not sure exactly what I would find in the bulletins, but it sounds like it will be great reading material. Tom
  17. There does not appear to be any way to tighten the steering. Am I missing something on the sector?
  18. What year did Packard start using "metallic" paint?
  19. Car overheats quickly. The radiator has been cleaned, timing is correct, water pump works well. A 12" electric fan was added on front of radiator. This seemed to make the problem worse. Car used to run very well and not overheat. What is the next step??? Tom
  20. Thanks to Odyessey Restorations in MN. Flywheel marks are a problem, but the damper does have an "0" at TDC.
  21. Is there an easy way to see the timing marks on a 1934 std 8 Packard?
  22. My GrAham Paige is a model 619. The brake fluid reservoir is built into the master cylinder under the floor board. As soon as I get home from vacation I will bleed the wheel cylinders and keep my fingers crossed. Tom
  23. The pedal goes all the way down. I pumped it for a long time with no results. An article I found mentioned that DOT 5 has a tendency to form gas bubbles from the moisture that does not dissolve in the silicone fluid. I guess that bleeding should be the next step.
  24. The restoration of my 1928 Graham Paige was started seven or eight years ago. The master cylinder was rebuilt and all wheel cylinders replaced. Since the system was clean I installed DOT 5 because I was told the aluminum parts would never corrode. The brakes functioned well as far back as I can remember. The car came out of the upholsterer shop last week and the brakes don't work at all and the reservoir is full. Was DOT 5 a bad choice? Do I flush the systemand install DOT 3? Anyone with experience on this issue?
  25. Need vacuum wiper for 1934 Packard convertible coupe. Anybody know model number?
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