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  1. CARS ,INC. Group13.501 5504 13.501 5505 13.501 5506
  2. CARS,INC.----- 1-908-369-3666 Or their web site is www.Buick-Parts.com
  3. Appreciably more expensive------try "THE FINISHING TOUCH" in Chicago.
  4. Did you call CARS, INC.? They show they have 3 each 1955-70 series parts cars.
  5. I highly recommend the Petronix also. My 76R starts much faster,and runs smoother.
  6. Before I joined I protested the name of the chapter. It was explained to me that if it were named after that awful place in West Alabama, it would be named Bammer Buicks . That satisfied me, since those REDNECKS are generally referred to as Bammers, by the elite of this state.
  7. All good paint shops now have a scanner where they can scan a section of the original paint, plug it into the computer and the 'puter will mix an exact match.That way you don't have to worry about getting the mix just so. I am assuming , of course, that you will refinish in the original colors.
  8. From Aug 2004 "Old Car Price Guide" No.=Condition $=US Dollars 4. $4600 3. $9200 2. $15400 1. $23000 Doubt that it is a "1."
  9. Check E-bay (1955 Buick) every day or so. All the items you need have been on there in the last 45 days . You know of course that Roadmaster items will fit your needs (except the letters ---they will be gold plated and harder to come by).
  10. At Car shows, I used to offer $5.00 to any teen ager who could start my 1955-76R. It was a terrific idea and made it real easy to start while you had the hood up and messing around with the engine. Just be sure the switch was on and pull back on the throttle rod. I could never figure out WHY they scrapped that system.
  11. I've always had real good luck at Midas.
  12. Did you call CARS,Inc.? Their latest list says they have several 55-70 Series Parts cars
  13. It will say whether it is a Windsor or New Yorker. All of this is coming from my memories of 60 years ago----not data books. I always wanted a Highlander New Yorker Convert----but all I could afford was a Ford. Check on the chrysler site to verify what I am telling you from memory.
  14. HIGHLANDER has scotch plaid upholstery. New Yorker has straight eight. You can have a Highlander New Yorker or a Highlander Windsor (6 cylinders).
  15. Have you contacted CARS,Inc. I just got a list from them showing they have 2 each 55-76R parts cars.(one complete. ) They are in N.J.
  16. My 55-76R has the spotlights thru the Pillars.
  17. Just met Bob Coker in his beautiful white over green 55-66R pulling into Homewood, Al. for an overnight stop in THE 2004 GREAT RACE. He has posted some fabulous times ,thus having to be one of the leaders, and his 55-66R looks doubly good flipping the Roadmaster Hubcap Flippers I swapped him for an exhaust manifold.
  18. It comes in a 4" (or so) round metal can with a screw off top, and seems to be cotton with some greasy dampness to it. I think maybe it is called "Neverdull" as noted above. Most any parts store will have it. It really works good and doesn't seem to be abrasive.
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