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    That Baby didn't look that good when it was new!!! :tongue:
  2. JUST GOT MY CARS PARTS LIST----You need to contact CARS.INC www.oldbuickparts.com/nos/55parts They show they have a 55-72 Parts car with good sheet metal ,Tinted glass and bumper parts
  3. Depends on what condition and what model. Go to NADA.com
  4. Keep watch on E-bay for the guards and Dagmars. Also go to CARS.com and check their list of available stuff.
  5. My master chassis parts manual says on a 1955 , the exhaust manifolds are the same for both engines.
  6. BAMA BUICK CLUB IN BIRMINGHAM-----THIS IS NOT THE BAMMER BUICK CLUB which is probably made up of Red Necks.
  7. AWBE


    Nothing is as good as ROADBASTARD !!!!
  8. As far as I can tell , everything that Bob's sells is good stuff. Mine came from him and they look and work fine.
  9. Mr. Earl-----I think that pad is for the '55 Roadmaster trunk handles. They are completely unlike the other series Buicks.
  10. That would be easier than you mailing me a new one.
  11. I think it's got something to do with old age.
  12. How do I get it??????
  13. Try checking the P.S. Fluid or for a P.S. Leak
  14. Have you tried CARS or Bob's?????
  15. I think staight 30W is what is recommended in the manual.That's what I use. Except I use Havoline.
  16. Plain old Havoline 30-W is best.---Unless it is a brand new rebuild, don't use HD oil.
  17. Back of the engine there is tube that comes up with a cap to check fluid level. You have a lond pointed nose fennel to put it in there.
  18. Paraphrased Quote " If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all." I paraphrase it to not use the profanity which you obviously cannot steer clear of. I trust your magazine writing is more coherent, organized, and plain old civil than your diatribe.
  19. You obviously aren't an L.S.U. fan, because they really don't like "BAMMERS", either---- in fact it is virtually impossible to find anyone but "BAMMERS" who like "BAMMERS". I lived in Louisiana for 6 years when I was a kid---if you're not a cajun, are you a "Geechie", or one of Huey P.'s "Peckerwoods" from North La???
  20. I have gotten several items from them, all of which were O.K.
  21. AWBE

    1939 Ford Convertible

    I'd Kill for One Like That
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