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  1. I just got my new catalog and it's obvious to me that you did buy it.
  2. AWBE

    EXXON Oil

    Many thanks-----I had always used Havoline 30W for the last 35 years---but can't find any now. Thus the question about Exxon Svc SL. '55 Shop Manual says I should use 20W Svc ML. I prefer the 30W because of how hot it gets around here and I never run it when the temperature is below 35 degrees. I have also used Marvel Mystery Oil in the crankcase and also in the gas. (Comes from my experience with old Fords in the late 40's and early 50's.) Get a big kick out of watching the white smoke ring that will come from the exhaust every 30 seconds or so while it idles.
  3. I bought some Exxon SAE 30W (Svc SL)to put in my 1955-322ci. The Shop Manual says I should use SAE 20W (Svc ML). I am going to change the oil and will use 6 qts. of this oil with 1 qt. of "Marvel Mystery Oil"---which I have been using for years. The engine has 76K miles on it and I am afraid to use HD oil. This has been the only plain 30W I could find. 20W is not heavy enough in the summertime. Am I going to cause any problems????
  4. But you've left off she's got TWO Degrees.
  5. it is just there to be chrome. The previous year Roadmasters are absolutely gorgeous. The chrome sweeps with the body line-----Same thing with the Oldsmobiles. Buicks from '49 to '57 were ,IMO, beautiful cars---as was the '59. But I sure don't care for the '58.
  6. Those cars are exceeded in ugliness only by the '58 Olds 98.
  7. I conversely have gotten very good parts and Service from Cars, Inc. Also Bob's is great------There have been a number of people on this forum who badmouth Cars,Inc but as I said I rate them very highly. A number of people on this really like Buick World (or Buick Specialists) out of Washington state. They have screwed me twice and won't get a third chance--I say beware of them. They finally (after several people on this forum contacted them) staightened out the problems I had with them. the problem was not with the parts---It was their business practices of sending partial shipments ,charging total shipment to my credit card and then feeding me additional partial shipments for 4 or 5 months---as also taking 3 months to refund a core charge. Their parts are good-----maybe they have straightened out their business practices.
  8. for the last 30 years. Right now I have my '05 Towncar with $300,000,$300,000, ($1,000,000 umbrella),ACV,$250 Deductible and my '55-76R with same Liability and Deductible---but instead of ACV have $25,000 agreed value. My total premium for both cars is $1024 per annum. ('55-76R is $154). Of course I have my Homeowners with them and have had only 1 claim in last 30 years (my wife backed my '99 Towncar ino a column in our parking deck to the total of $2300 damage). Can drive my '55-76R to shows ,club events, the shop and short jaunts on weekends--maximum of 2000 miless per annum. The total mileage on the car(which I have owned for 34 years) is 72,500.
  9. AWBE

    55 doors

    Sorry-----Go to Google then try Wheatbelt Auto.
  10. AWBE

    55 doors

    go to: www.wheatbeltauto.com
  11. At one time I had a collection of over a hundred 1/72 plactic aircraft----all military WWII authentically painted and decaled. This was about 35 years ago. My kids (I have a collection of 7 of them) got into them , playing "AIRPLANE' and that about the end of that.
  12. See my post on Buick Tech board. Mine came from Ohio and is GREAT!!!!!
  13. I got one for my '55-76R. It looks like the real thing (until you unscrew one of the caps and look down and see the "real" top). Car is in a parking deck in my condo and is subject to the weather. Have had it through 2 winters and never had to jump start using helper battery, even though I have gone as long as 6 weeks with out starting (in the winter).Came with 1 year unconditional guarantee and 3 year Pro-rated warranty.Cost me $250.00 (which included shipping by UPS). Heartily recommend. Go to www.antique auto battery.com
  14. I drove my 55-76R up on some of those metal ramps-----but be sure you properly chock your rear wheels
  15. He's not trying to hide anyththing that I can see. The myriad pictures he shows all indicate it is a pile of junk.
  16. Well-----I looked at her profile and she says she is a housewife. Being the male chauvanist pig that I am----that explains it all.
  17. Is Dave a woman?????? You keep referring to Dave Moon as "she" and "her".
  18. You, sir-----are one smart sucker. In addition to walking around sense, you also have XOM stock (as do I----to the tune of $51K worth,for which I paid $8K about 9 years ago). Gosh---I wish I had more education so maybe I would have invested in a "Green" muyual fund.
  19. No '54 ever had bucket seats and console. Don't think "Riviera" was inside (outside for sure not).
  20. AWBE


    That '58 is one ugly sucker. Totally tasteless. Rest are great---especilly the '40.
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