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  1. Can you or someone else post a diagram of the proper vacuum connections including a windshield wiper for my '55-76R ?????
  2. MR. EARL----I Believe I would have gotten shut of a couple or 3 ot those 54s for that 90. WHAT A RIDE!!!!!
  3. They have very good stuff at reasonble prices---highly recommend them.
  4. Are there any electric Windshield Wipers that can be camoflauged to look like the Original vacuum ones on my 1955-76R??? I've got a new Maintainence-Free Battery that looks like the real thing and also a hidden in-line electric fuel pump. I had the vacumn wiper motor rebuilt by "Wiperman"---it now works, but not very well. Suggestions, anyone??????? Joe Miller
  6. I won't resign----but I'm with you Tommy. As far as I'm concerned, that's scrap iron.
  7. Go to SMS Fabrics in Oregon. They are in Hemmings and very helpful. They are also very costly but do the best. They actually weave the fabric and make the vinyl---it's not N.O.S. You can see some on my 1955-76R in the collectible photo gallery on about pages 50-52.
  8. AUTO PHOTOS---There are about 5 There. It is also on the front and rear covers of the May 1980 "BUICK BUGLE". It was the featured car with a number of Black and white photos inside. I am not enough of a computer wizard to put a photo on my posts----there was one that someone put on for me---but it just went away. JOE MILLER
  9. Congratulations on the great new Rooster and breakdown. I have a 1955-76R and have owned it since 1971. I have never seen another one since that time---including driving to the Buick Nationals in Minneapolis in 1979. I have seen picture of others and I know AKBuickman who posts on this Board has one(but he is not listed in the roster from Alaska). There were 28,071 produced. There are 31 owners of 55-76R listed in the BCA members book, with the 2 closest being about 350 mils from me. Maybe this explains why I have never seen one. I would venture to say that for cars this old and unusual, that at least 80% of the Owners would be in BCA. What do you think????
  10. That I go by designations that were set up 40 years ago. As far as I am concerned anything made after 1960 is a "New Car" and I would always shake my head in amazement when people started collecting Mustangs----because to me ,they were nothing but scrap iron. I could never afford a real nice "Classic Car" although I had one in 1969 that barely made it in. It was a 1940 Fleetwood Cadillac Model 7219. I paid $1200 for it and even though it was in pretty fair shape, I couldn't afford the correct upholstery and lacquer paint job (and the tires for that matter). I finally sold it in 1978 for $4000. I bought my '55-76R in 1970 from the proverbial "little old lady" and have owned it ever since (and spent a fortune on it). I still consider it a "Recent Model". Every body does their own thing ---but I've never seen a Chevrolet made since 1932 that I didn't think was "scrap iron". The wrath of all the "Boomers" will come down on me for that---but that is the way I feel about it.
  11. In fact----there is no such thing as a Chevrolet that is a "Classic Car". The majority of people think any thing over 15 years old is a "Classic". They are not----they're just "Old Cars' (some are desireable, but they still are just old cars.) I've got one 50 years old (in about 1 1/2 Condition---with 1 being perfect) and it was the best Buick made back then---but it's still just an "Old Car". It's worth a lot of bucks ,but I won't be redundant.
  12. Don't tell me you haven't got a pair on one of your myriad '54s.
  13. Big dogs don't generally live past 7 or 8. I've had a Great Dane, a Mastiff,& 3-Bullmastiffs go before they were 7. Had a small Great Dane---she weighed only 100 Pounds , go to 11-----and a large Bullmastiff (135 pounds) go to 9.
  14. Mine have a filler cap in each cover and none in the center. The plug covers are plated also. In some of the sales brochures these are shown plated and on the cover of the shop manual you can discern that the cover on that car (which is a 70 Series) is plated. Plating is shown in an illustration in the definitive book on Buick . Mine is entitled "70 Years of Buicks". I bought my car from the original owner who was an elderly widow---I am positive she didn't have them plated. The research I have done says that on 76C and 76R Late 55 Models (mine is that--with TWO filler caps) it was an optional item to have the plating. There was a big broohaha about it several years ago on this forum and I checked with the tech advisor at that time and he said I was correct.(These was also some "Wahooing" beacuse my pull-out switches have white cicles in the indentation around the black switches. I think this is dependent on where the car was completed.) Also---in 1979 at the BCA Nationals in Minn.,Mn. I got a 3rd and at the 2004 AACA Southeastern Nationals in B'ham, Al. I got a 3rd. In meets like that you don't get 3rds if your car is incorrect. If you'll go to the "Collectible Auto Photo Post" (above left) and check some of the first Buick photos there are some pictures of mine. Also, if you have access to a May 1980 "Buick Bugle", my 55-76R is the featured car with pictures of it on the front and rear covers with a 3 page article about it with 4 photos. I have never seen another 55-76R with Plated valve and plug covers-----but also I have never seen another 55-76R PERIOD. (And this includes at the '79 BCA Nationals.) Anyhow---the covers really set the engine compartment off--and no matter how many people say "Incorrect" I know they are correct and it will be a cold day in Key West before I paint over them. I've got a lot of data and spare "goodies" and if I may help you let me know.
  15. Thanks Keith. I figure that anyone owning a 55-76R worth having will be in the BCA. Next Question----when will the new rosters come out? Joe Miller
  16. My shop manual shows the top black, with the pully green. It also shows the letters on the top white.----but mine are raised and when I got the car 35 years ago and nothing had ever been done to the engine they were not white. You can buy white decals to put on the top----but they won't work on the raised letters unless you cut out each one individualy and stick in the right place,which is virtually impossible. I have seen a '54 Cad with a FLAT top with the decals on them. I have mine black with the letters black---and it works--because I got a 3rd at the Buick Natonals in 1979 and a 3rd in the Southeasten AACA Nationals in Birmingham in 2004. And I have got chrome valve covers, oil filler and vent caps,and spark plug covers. BUT THAT IS ANOTHER STORY.
  17. are owned by BCA members. I know you have 62.3785% of the 54-70 series extant. But I'm wondering about other years and models. I have owned my 55-76R for 35 years and have never seen (in person) another one. I know AkBuickman in Alaska has one and someone in South Florida has one. I also know Scott Mich in Chicago owns a 55-76C (He couldn't afford to buy the hard top for it---so he settled for a cheap fabric top).
  18. Unless of course----you are in the used car business.
  19. My Bumpers are at Graves Plating in Florence Al. being replated----they had a little rust on the air scoops in the front and in the groove on the back that I couldn't get rid of. Caused me to get a 3rd at the Southeastern AACA Meet here last year and I belive it would have gotten a First. Can't have that. YOU'VE GOT TO CALL BOB'S AND GET A NEW CATALOG WITH YOUR PICTURE (AND I PRESUME YOUR BETTER HALF) GETTING IN ONE OF YOUR MYRIAD '54S ON THE COVER!!!!! WOW-TALK ABOUT GOOD P.R.
  20. He says 48 hour turnaround and he did that for me. Tel.No. is 800-266-1623 or 727-521-1597. Rock Auto also used to rebuild your core for around $300 but there was a 6 week turnaround. Joe M.
  21. who rebuilt mine----look in Hemmings I don't recall his name. He charged me about $200 and apparently did a good job----this was about 2 years ago
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