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  1. 1. 2004 Lincoln Towncar 2. Retired but drive about 5,000 miles/year. Half on 250 Mile trips. 3. 15.5 Town-----27.0 Interstate @ 70mph. 4. No way. 5. No, also. 6. Much prefer comfort of large, safe vehicle. 7. Ditto to 6.
  2. Got mine on 03-07-06. Love that '33. When I was 18, my besr friend had a '33 Century Victoria coupe (like the one in the article). It ran like a scalded dog--- but you could hardly get it to stop. Brakes were AWFUL. I think '36 was first to have hydraulic brakes.
  3. I just took mine apart, cleaned and lubricated it , put it back together and VOILA, it worked. Used to do the same thing to the motors which ran the screw jacks to lower or raise the top on my 1941 Ford cnvertible. I have never figured out why they made the top mechanisms so complicated using hydraulics, etc.
  4. Buy a Lincoln----they have 40,000 mile bumper to bumper (and 5 year---whichever comes first) coverage. And that means EVERYTHING from front bumper to rear bumper.I have had 7 since 1983 and never had anything go wrong or not work. I usually put about 60,000 on one before I trade----Oh yeah, I did have buy 1 set of tires.
  5. on my '41 Ford Convertible (Which was highly detailed---even though I drove it all the time) in 1953. It also gave me 2 to 3 mpg better mileage. GOSH,DO I WISH I HAD THAT BABY BACK!!!!!
  6. I put Detroit coils on my 55-76R and they are great. I don't know whether RockAuto has springs or not---but everything I have ever bought from them has been SUPER--and inexpensive, also.
  7. Also try RockAuto.com They have many parts for old Buicks and are relatively inexpensive also. Joe Miller
  8. AWBE

    Chrome work

    I will guarantee you that George Iverson does good work. He ground and plated the Headlight Doors and Taillghts for my 1955-76R and did a magnificent job within the time frme he told me would take. He is expensive but you get what you pay for. I recommend him without reservations. Joe Miller.
  9. How about some pictures of pretty cars rather than ugly people
  10. Same thing happening Oct. 17th ---but I got in a different way. See My post
  11. When I try to go to the BCA Home page on my Bookmarks or Google--I get an error message saying Virtual SITE ACCESS DENIED or some such similar wording. In order to log I have to click "cached" under BCA Listing under Google, and the site comes up dated Oct.16th rather than Oct.17th. WHAT IS HAPPENING???
  12. The door sill plates on my 1955-76R have no names at all on them. Just a checkerboard pattern.
  13. He had to grind a good many ---I also believe he had to fill some. They were pittedd badly and pits were sticking out and there were holes which were fairly deep.
  14. $1020.00 including shipping by UPS.
  15. I just got back some headlight doors and taillight housings for a 1955 76-R (which were in horrific pitted condition when I purchased them from eBay) which I had sent to George Iverson (Iverson Automotive) in Minnetonka,Minn. He had me ship them to him and then he called me and told me how much he would charge to repair and replate them. He said I would have to pay 1/2 up front ,then 1/2 plus shipping when they were complete and that it would take 7 or 8 months to finish. I had read a recommendation of him on this board and even though the price was very high I told him to go ahead. (I kept the ones on my car which are in pretty good shape---but bad enough to get a 3rd place instead of 1st place in the Southeastern National AACA show.) They re-done pieces are magnificient. I don't believe they looked as good when they were new. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. He is fairly steep on the cost, but does impeccable work in the time frame he estimates. His telephone number is 800-325-0480.
  16. My rooster says BCA members own 26 1953 76Rs. Theere are a jillion 76X (which is a Skylark).
  17. 55 has one key for every thing and you can even take it out of the switch and turn the switch on with no key.
  18. T think I have some in storage you can have---but they are heavy and will cost an arm and leg to send UPS. If you are interested, give me a few days and I'll see if I can locate them.
  19. about modified Buicks which have been made recently. Seems like no one but mean old curmudgeons could possibly object to modiying an ORIGINAL.
  20. I've always had extremely good luck with CARS---altough many people on this Board cuss them-----And also many people like Buick World and I've never had anything but grief from them. But I've never feard the first bad word about BOB'S. They are super.
  21. HAVE USED IT IN MY 55-76R FOR 35 YEARS!!!!!
  22. Graves Plating in Florence, Al. is about as good as you can get---but they are high----and the shipping could be high---get on Google and check them out---they will give you a "ball park" figure---but won't quote until they see the pieces. They plated the main front and rear bumpers,4 front side rails, 2 Dagmars and 2 rear guards for my 1955-76R for $3,000.They had told me on the phone it be "around 3 grand"-provided no extensive straightening was required. I had to drive them to them to get the exact amount, pay 1/3 up front and pick them back up in 6 weeks. Everything was totallly straight-no dings or bends---very light rust in front airscoops and in groove on rear--lots of tiny black dots (not really pits) on Dagmars,rails and guards. They did an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT job. And they will take a credit card.
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