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  1. the shoe Should be "they show". My typing is for the birds.
  2. On p.43 in the Buick Specialist catalog the shoe part no FW-50 to be front windshield rubber for "all Special Models" @$192.00. YOU might want to call them. Talk to Jim (he has been very helpful to me), Kent,Washington 253-852-0584 Joe Miller
  3. Bought things from them on 3 different occasions and have had no problems. They are a tad higher than CARS or Buick Specialist,though.
  4. You might also try Metro Molded Products in Minn.,Mn
  5. No such thing as a rear door on 66R
  6. Without question---do all mechanical and electrical 1st.Then clean and detail engine compartment. Then interior trim, then paint (with chrome and bumpers removed and plating being done while paiting). If you have a Roadmaster and need exact duplicate upholstery---contact Chuck at SMS Auto Fabrics 1-503-234-1175 (Portland,Oregon).They manufacture dead replica upholstery and if it is a 76R,will redo your curved door panels to like new condition. They are expensive but very, very good. I just got my 76R back from the upholstery shop and the interior is absolutely beautiful---it looks brand new and also is authentic.
  7. AWBE


    $750 for a complete rebuild is a real bargain. I just paid over twice that for a 55 dynaflow from the most reputable transmission repair firm in this area. That included new stators. Kanter wants $430 for a rebuit kit (plus $100 band deposit). This is for seals ,gaskets, clutches,bands and bushings. Does not include stators. Kanter Tel No is 1-800-526-1096-----they'll send you a catalog
  8. Try <A HREF="http://www.steelerubber.com" TARGET=_blank>www.steelerubber.com</A> They've got most every thing. They are very high priced, though.
  9. I Don't think theyv'e got a web site----- Their telephone is 253-852-0584
  10. After about 15 tries----I made it. Don't know how
  11. After about 15 tries----I made it. Don't know how
  13. <A HREF="http://null" TARGET=_blank>null</A>
  14. Tan is correct. My car is colonial blue and has a tan trunk
  15. AWBE

    HELP ME!

    Try bobsautomobilia.com or gmobsolete.com or buickfarm.com. You sed to be able to get them from NAPA
  16. IFf I were you I would wait and get a Cetury 2 Door H.T. or a Roadmaster Riviera.(Or convert. of either kind if you can afford it.)
  17. Need rebuild kit desparetly---particularly gaskets.
  18. Ihave about a 100 Buick Bugles of the 70"s . Does anyone want to buy them?? All are very good to mint condition willsend list if you are interested<P>------------------<BR>
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