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  1. 1974. My first and so far, only driver's test. Took the test in my mother's 1968 Dodge Coronet 440. Gold ext., black int. I already owned a car, but it wasn't until I took it through NJ state inspection for the FIFTH TIME that my '62 Ponitac Starchief was legal. Even then it was a rattletrap. But it only cost me $75.00.
  2. Limited to the first 10 people who want to go in for half each. Buick : Roadmaster:eBay Motors (item 110462170244 end time Dec-02-09 05:42:13 PST)
  3. Don't know if anyone posted on this yet. I don't get as much time on here as I used too. This made me go hmmmmm... Buick : Riviera:eBay Motors (item 220440759747 end time Jul-14-09 09:30:58 PDT)
  4. Final bump! Weather for Saturday Night / Sunday: <span style="font-weight: bold">Saturday Night</span> Mostly clear. Lows in the mid 40s. Northeast winds around 5 mph. <span style="font-weight: bold">Sunday through Monday Night</span> Mostly clear. Highs in the lower 70s. Lows in the lower 50s. If you decide at the last minute to join us, show up! You know where and when! We won't be able to offer the box lunch we will have for everyone else, but we'd still love to see you and your Buick!
  5. One more bump. Here is the current weather forecast for Sunday in Marysville, Ohio. Sunday through Monday Night Partly cloudy. Highs in the lower 70s. Lows around 50. We hope to see you there!
  6. You kids from Pittsburgh and Indianapolis are invited, too!
  7. Hiya, Kids! The Central Ohio Chapter of the BCA would like to invite any and all of you to bring your significant others and your Buicks (for some of us our Buicks ARE our significant others!) to join us for a great tour! Chapter members John Westfall and Bill Griffin have put together an outing for all Buick lovers. Here's da skinny: Meet at the Bob Evans Restaurant at 16421 Square Drive in Marysville, Ohio. Come early for breakfast if you like. We will be heading out for the tour at 9:30 sharp. The tour should take about three hours and will traverse the seven covered bridges in Union County and end up with an optional tour of the Piatt Castles and / or the Ohio Caverns. Piatt Castle info at Piatt Castles Ohio Cavern info at Ohio Caverns Be aware, if you have trouble with going up stairs, there are 65 steps up to exit the Ohio Caverns. Price: $6.00 per person to cover the cost of the boxed lunch. Reservations required for John Westfall to arrange the boxed lunches. RSVP to John Westfall. 10360 State Route 559, North Lewisburg, Ohio 43060. RSVP by September 29th. Just to repeat one point, the tours of the Piatt Castles and Ohio Caverns are not included in the $6.00 We are hoping for a nice turnout. No need to be a member of our BCA chapter, so you kids from Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Marietta, and elsewhere, go gas up your Buicks and join us! Hope to see ya!
  8. Or perhaps a graveyard shift? (i kill me!)
  9. Dan, As always, eBay is a good source for shop manuals. That should give you the info you need to set your linkage. For personal advise, get ahold of Jim Hughes out of the Toledo, Ohio area. He's a member of the Buick Club of America, so if you are a member, you'll be able to find his contact info in the BCA roster. If you aren't a memeber, email me adn I'll send you his contact info.
  10. The '39 Buick that was in Casablanca is reputed to have been in the collection of the late Len Immke of the Immke dealerships in Columbus, Ohio. His collection was broken up several years ago, but I did get stick my head in the '39 that was allegedly in the movie. Now all I have to do is take the 60-mile trip to the north of Columbus to Malabar Farms, where Bogie & Bacall got married. Here's lookin' at you, kid.
  11. Dan, I think I recall some stuff from when I had work done on the Dynaflow on my '51 a few years ago. Your problem MAY just be that the shift linkage on your car is out of adjustment. On your car and mine, the shift detents are in the shift linkage and not in the transmission itself. At some point after my '51 was built, the detents were moved into the transmission. The upshot is that the valve controller on the tranny swings more or less freely and if the shift linkage is even a little out of adjustment, it can cause the tranny to work improperly even if there is nothing at all wrong with it. The shop manual gives specific and detailed instructions on how to adjust the shift linkage. That's what I'd check first. My recollection is a bit fuzzy, so you should have somebody verify my thoughts before you place any bar bets about your transmission. I hope this helps.
  12. Bob, Howyadoon? We met in Flintin'03. I still have my '51. Can you give me a shipping rate to 45242? I might be willing to snag those hubcaps. Got any photos you can forward? John
  13. Here is the link to the auction site: http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auctions_details.php?detail=9&allimages=NO Here is the link to a .pdf of the inventory. 12 pages of items. 14 Buicks. Petroleana and other items, too. http://www.vanderbrinkauctions.com/auction_images/9/documents/Middle%20River%20Car%20list%20without%20Description.pdf
  14. Hey, James! You got a verdict yet?
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