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  1. RED891


    Sorry forgot to say THANKS for all the help
  2. RED891


    Think I will try the try the silverstars are they 55watt? had the lights adjusted
  3. RED891


    Is there a kit that you can change out the square headlights 6054 to a new and brighter set? That would take the place of the sealed beam and will the wiring handle the brighter bulb? Has anyone done this?
  4. RED891


    What's the going price for an IAC. Looking for the best price.
  5. Thanks I'll have to check the position of key and make sure it's all the way on
  6. Harmonic bal or some call it a dampner
  7. Changed the HB the bracket the mounts in front of it rubs as the HB is wider than the old one. Can you trim the bracket to work or just leave it off? the HB just came apart and made alot of racket.
  8. Ronnie, removing the fuse in the console just shut the engine off as that kills the injectors.just unpluged the fuel pump at tank.
  9. Found it and easy to reach just 7 screws also found fuse to mirrors was blown and mirrors still worked THANKS AGAIN
  10. THANK YOU RONNIE that is what I was looking for
  11. ronnie i just want to know where the fuse for fuel pump is the pump still pumps fuel with the relay unhooked and engine running no fuel if key is just in the run position
  12. no battery is fine.. QUESTION is location of fuel/oil switcho or location of fuel pump fuse NO fuel pumps out with car running no fuel with key in run position
  13. trying to clean fuel rail, unhooked fuel pump relay to stop fuel pump hooked up equipment and started flush fuel still coming from pump,couldnt find oil pressure fuse,owners manual and repair manual said there are 3 fuse panels found 1 right side of console and under hood next to air filter box any help PLEASE SORRY SO LONG with relay unhooked key in on position no fuel start car fuel pumping out of line
  14. RED891


    Thanks again and B552 did show up
  15. RED891


    By reading that page does that mean evertime the battery in unhooked this code will come up? THANKS
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