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  1. According to LZOC judges I have the correct generator. The problem is the pulley is a screw-on with a locking nut. I discovered this the hard way. The nut came off, the pulley came off, hit the fan, bent one blade that cut a deep circle in the radiator that required a new core ($1,005). The '39 parts book does not show a screw-on pulley. What is the correct generator configuration for a late '39?:mad: Don
  2. When and where will the GOF XLV be held in 2013? I have several activities that need to be scheduled for the spring and summer and I very much want to include the GOF. Don
  3. A 1939 LZ limousine sold in 2006 for $50,000. It received top awards in LZOC and was a Senior Grand National AACA.
  4. Do any of you know what happened to Bert Huffman's wonderful collection of Lincolns. I sold him a '39 LZ limousine a few years ago that was in "poor" condition along with a new, complete divider unit. I heard that a museum had been established, but I can not find any thing about it. Don
  5. When and where will the eastern GOF be held in 2008? Has there been any suggestions or conformations for 2009? Don
  6. I have purchased 3 sets of tires from Coker - one for '39 LZ and two for Model A's. Always had good fast service. This is from Tennessee to Virginia. Don't know if Coker has operation in your area. Don
  7. Where can I purchase a set of correct metal valve stem caps for my '39?
  8. I sealed the gas tank about 15 years ago. Do not remember the kind of sealer. It is now starting to flake off. What process should I use to remove the old sealer? <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  9. Jeff: Jerry Emery recommended this company. The address is: 40 S Montgomery St. San Jose, CA 95110 408-293-7424 Don
  10. My '39 sedan had castiron replaced by my brother-in-law back in the '50s. (It has been in my wife's family since 1944.) The car was "restored" in the 1980's but the heads were not changed. I decided to on a re-restoration this year. I put alum heads from Kearney Foundry on, but the car is still in the restoration shop so have no experience with them. Don
  11. I used a optima battery in a Lincoln Zephyr case from Vintage Auto Warehouse. The first one lasted for about three years. The short life was in all probability allowing the battery to discharge. I used a "battery minder" on the second battery and had no problems. I have since sold that car. No spitting and excellent cranking power.
  12. I need a set of 86H aluminum heads for my '39 Lincoln Zephyr. I know there is a "wanted" section, but I am hoping I will get more action on this forum. I am located in Blacksburg, VA. Don
  13. The rubber covering on the running boards of my '39 LZ sedan are beginning to break apart. Where can I find new material for the running boards? I have some new material but it is brown and the ribs are wider than the original. Don
  14. The '39 Zephyr Limousine listed in the LZOC Classified section will be forsale on the W W Motor Car space in the Chocolate Field at Hershey.
  15. Check out the '39 Lincoln Zephyr Limousine in the classified section. Buy now. You will have one of the best if not the Best Lincoln Zephyr of Show at the LZOC GOF in June. Also, it will be the rarest LZ at the show (unless Bob Anderson shows the '39 Lincoln Zephyr/Continental). Don
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