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  1. I put my 1925 Studebaker bus to bed for the winter. I have a few projects I want to accomplish before Spring. I obtained a new distributor drive gear. Anything to consider when replacing the old gear? Will I need to use new shims between the bottom of the distributor shaft housing and the engine block? Any gear lash considerations? This is a Wagner distributor. Thanks!
  2. Does any know where I can get Distributor Drive Gear for my 1925 Model EP Big-6? Thanks!
  3. I finally got my 1925 Studebaker Bus back on the road again - just in time for my daughter's wedding! I realize that I have not driven my bus for awhile but I seem to remember that it use to have a little better response when accelerating. Has anybody found a plug gap/point gap (or dwell)/timing, combination that they are particularly pleased with on their 1924-6 Big 6 engines? Thanks!
  4. Hi GE Dictator 1928 - Did you find / purchase the cross flange adapter or make your own? By chance do you have a picture of your Carter BB-1 installed on your vehicle? Is your carb a model 289? Thanks! Steve (spu)
  5. Thanks stude8. It is interesting that of all of the shop manuals, etc. that I have collected over the years, not one of them have any info on the Carter BB-1. So, I found a BB-1 manual on eBay. Should get here by next week. Steve (spu)
  6. I am cleaning up my Ball & Ball SV-26 for my 1925 Big 6 engine. I am interested in having a 'back-up' carburetor - just in case. I have located a Carter BB-1 updraft. What jet size are you using? Have you made any modifications to the carburetor from stock? I like your cross-flange adapter. I have a suspicion I'll have to make my own. Steve
  7. I want to check the clearances in my clutch on my 1925 Studebaker Big 6. Can anyone tell me about the special clutch tool/gauge C.O. 407? What have others used in lieu of this tool? :confused:
  8. Wow! Thank you Studeq! You'd think after all these years I would have come across this information earlier. I hope that others on the forum enjoy having this information as much as I do! Thank you again, Steve
  9. What is the compression ratio for this engine? Do performance curves for this engine exist? I would like to have a copy. Thanks, Steve
  10. Did the manifold require any repair or was it completely intact? Thanks! Steve
  11. Thanks Tom - I will follow-up with Steve Munts!
  12. A few years back, somebody was offering reproduction Wagner Generator Coupling Bumpers. Are these still being produced and are there still any available? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I have a 1925 Studebaker Big 6 bus. I have manuals, wiring diagrams, some parts, etc. I live in Saratoga Springs. If you are local we can meet up and I can share with you some resources to get you on the road! Welcome to Steve FYI - I purchased a new wiring harness for my Big 6 from a company in Australia. ( http://www.vinwire.com.au/ ) One note - their wiring measurements and diagrams are for RH drive so the horn wire is short. Also note the LH wheels on my bus have LH nuts and the RH wheels have RH nuts. You may have the same arrangement.
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